Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a night at Baharat, Ritz Carlton Pacific Place

Greeting to this Holy Month! Bringing you great news because one of the renowed hotel in Jakarta, Ritz Carlton Pacific Place, is having a pop-up restaurant to indulge your needs through this break-fasting festive. And I, gonna write about it right now!

Baharat means spices, such a highlight in Middle east culinary world. Baharat serves the luxury of Middle East from Chef Mahmoud Al-Tanayeb  Pastry Chef Khaled Rashwan. Trust me, all of their creations deserve two thumbs up! The authenticity of Middle East which we can not get elsewhere. Decoration-wise, they are very pretty. Dominated with red and gold with dim light surely reminds me of the atmosphere of Middle East. Not to mention the music that resembles the ambiance!

They have wide variation of Middle East cuisine. I honestly do not familiar with all of them, but they surely are tasty and palatable! Grilled chicken, lamb, squid, and beef. My favorite is the grilled chicken, which is really good in seasoning and tender as well. I am not a big fan of lamb, but theirs is enjoyable. They also have an Indonesian corner which serves beef rendang, which turns out really tender and delicious! The spices are surely scrumptious!

Jumped into my favorite corner of the day: dessert!
Dessert consist of Baklava, date fruits (which is uberly sweet! and tasty as well), chocolate cake, red velvet cake, es pisang ijo  (banana with mochi skin and shaved ice), and many other tempting sweets. My favorite would be the baklava and chocolate cake, which is very rich and moist.

Overall, Baharat really offers a Middle East experience only with 250++. So indulge your needs of breakfasting at Baharat during this holy month! Available on June 18th until July 16th 2015, from 4.30 pm to 10 pm!

Ritz Carlton Pacific Place
4th floor
 021 2550 1888

Monday, June 1, 2015

Kushiya Monogatari AEON Mal BSD

Ohayo! Today I'm gonna lead you to a trip to AEON mal, a new mal in BSD area, near Prasetya Mulya Business School. It was quite difficult to find it, as the directory the mal was not established yet. 

So this one really is something different : buffet of Japanese skewer? Never had that in my life before! Kushiya Monogatari offers you to have that experience. More over, it is a-do-it-yourself one so we can have more fun!

Specialized in Kushiage ( which means seasoned, skewered meat), Kushiya Monogatari has wide variety of skewers. Taiyaki, takoyaki, chicken, beef, squid, shrimp, veggies you name it. They also has salad bar, soup, curry, and pasta. Soft cream and chocolate fondue is served to cleanse your palate too!

Like I said before, this one is a do-it-yourself-cooking experience so we deep fry it in our own table. They has this cooking method that uses the temperature of 170 degree to make a perfect skewer. They also has explanation on each table about the cooking time of each skewer. The tempura batter and bread crumbs are also served in our table so that we can use it before we fry it. They recommend to fry in maximum capacity of 5 skewers to have the best result.

My favorite one will be the taiyaki skewers! Crunchy outside with red bean inside, such an appetizer to start the feast! The other skewers was quite a pleasant meal too. But make sure to drink much fluid, (preferably mineral water) to wash away all the oily sins! lol

They have several sauces to accompany your fried skewer, but I prefer to have them with chili sauce. Their sauces is giving this sour after taste that I am not a fond of.

I do have a unique dining experience here. So congratulation for the opening of Kushiya Monogatari, thank you for the warm hospitality! 

PS: You can enjoy this buffet for 128k at weekdays and 148k for weekend. Children below 10 years will be charged 98k. 

Kushiya Monogatari 
AEON Mal BSD Unit G no 21