Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kira-Kira Ginza

Kira-Kira Ginza


Japanese food is identical with its authenticity. Many of us who live in Jakarta know that Blok M is kinda well known as the nest of authentic Japanese food. Even they have the annual Japanese festival in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I've tried some of Japanese restaurants in Blok M area. So far, none of them was disappointing. This time I've tried one Japanese restaurant called Kira-Kira Ginza. The name itself sounds promising to me. Excited to give it a try! 

A little brief about Kira-Kira Ginza. Kira-Kira Ginza has opened since 1985. This authentic Japanese restaurant is still on strong contender among Japanese food scene in Jakarta. After all this time, Kira-Kira Ginza maintains their good quality with their affordable price. Turns out they are in the same group with Daitokyo Sakaba and Sanpachi ramen. 


Stepped inside the restaurant, we were welcomed by the usual Japanese greeting. The warmth of Japanese ambiance was bold. The sound of laughter and small talks filled the room, some of them were locals, some of them were those expats who missed a piece of Japan. I was seated in the room with floor seating. For the atmosphere, I could say I loved it! The scene was perfect for those people who need stress reliever after their long day, accompanied with good food here. The dim light was kinda relaxing, not to mention the comfortable feeling they offer. Felt like home.




We are greeted by this unique appetizer. As a first time, this kind of greeting might surprising. Hiyashi Tomato was actually cuts of cold tomato served with salt and Japanese mayonnaise. The tomato was so fresh, and the hint of salt was kinda waking you up! What a succulent and healthy appetizer! I do recommend you to give it a try!





My favorite thing to eat whenever I visit Japanese restaurants is their sashimi! These assorted sashimi, came in large portion, was a very satisfying one. Those thick cuts of high quality and fresh sushi were so fresh. My favorite of all those sashimi are salmon, tuna, and mackerel! They did not have any smell at all, such a very enjoyable one!


Look at that goodness!




Negitoro maki was actually chopped belly tuna with leek. They were beautifully handmade and the flavor was good as well. The freshness of tuna was just on point, covered with Japanese rice and seaweed. This one might looked simple, but as they said, Japanese food maintains the simplicity in their plate, and surprisingly, the simplicity is one thing that make it great!



(boiled hourensou for IDR 22k, sweet sesame hourensou for IDR 28k, hourensou butter for IDR 42k)


It's a good thing to have veggies in your meal, and yes I love this hourensou of theirs! Hourensou was actually their kind of spinach, having its sweet, crunchy, and fresh flavor in every bite. I personally love how this dishes bridges the freshness I had before this one and the main course after.





Kushiyaki means Japanese skewer, and this time I tried Momo, which means chicken thighs. Major love for their Momo! One of the tastiest yet juiciest I've ever had. These pieces were well seasoned, delivering a very pleasing bite of their tender chicken!




This one was another unique thing I tried at Kira-Kira ginza! One portion of fried chikuwa, covered in seaweed, served with salt. You need to give it a pinch of salt before taking a bite. It was a very tasty experience when the pinch of salt gave a kick of unusual flavor (but in a good way)! I could have it all for myself!



GYOUZA (chicken or pork)-IDR 58k

I could say that this one was one of the juiciest gyozas I've ever had! The skin was not too thick and the filling was delicious and generous! One portion of gyoza was consisted of many, but trust me you will mind to share it!

ps: Do not forget to dip it in the sauce, you can make the sauce by mixing vinegar and soy sauce!




Yes, I am a big fan of curry rice because having curry rice reminds me of my childhood. The curry was very fragrant, delivering a true homemade dish. The texture was just right, not too heavy but quite thick, served with potato, carrot, and beef. The rice itself was also the highlight because their Japanese rice was very fragrant and kinda sticky. Love it!



Overall, Kira-Kira Ginza is one promising Japanese restaurant, proved by their quality since 1985. I personally love their homey ambiance, accompanied with good food, not to mention about their affordable price. Now I have Kira-Kira Ginza as one of my favorite list!



Jl. Melawai 8 no.9

South Jakarta

Opening hours : 11.30am-2.30 pm and 6-11.30pm



Best regards,

Jessica Christy Limanjaya


Thursday, June 15, 2017


Kopi susu, actually is coffee with milk in Indonesian, is one trending hype right now. Almost every week I see new comers are popping up, introducing this kind of coffee to those people. The style is similar, transparent cup with their own branding, covered with affordable price.
I've tried this 3 #KopiSusu and here's the thought!

Cipete Raya/Pasar Santa

As a pioneer of Kopi Susu in Jakarta, they must have been very proud on setting the trend. I did remember on my first sip, this kind of coffee was not a familiar one to my taste bud. I never had a sweet iced coffee before. After a glass, I found myself craving for it though. For me, Kopi Tuku set the standard of Kopi Susu in Jakarta. Hint of palm sugar, mild coffee, ad rocks of ice, those kind of ingredients design a great cup of Kopi Susu!

Jl. Cipete I no. 6a

Few things I love about animo: their cute little cafe in Cipete area (so far away from my neighborhood, tho), creamy Kopi Susu, and freshly baked bakery which was very tasty. The Kopi Susu itself is kind unique, they blend it through the process of making, producing one cup of cream Kopi Susu. On the first sip, it was heavenly! I found myself could not finished the whole cup because the texture was kind heavy and fulfilling. I do recommend to share it with family or friends. Don't forget to try their delicious pastry, too! Everything was so fragrant, tasty, and affordable.

KOPILAH-IDR 21k via gofood, IDR18k if you buy directly at Plaza Indonesia Level 5

Kopilah is one collaboration between my fave coffee shop (Calibrate Coffee) with Eatlah. This portion of Kopi Susu was a perfect size for me. The coffee was not too mild to give you the caffeine boost, with a hint of sweetness that quite dominating (reminded me  of maple syrup, tho). I can really drink this every single day!

I know I haven't try another goodness of Kopi Susu in Jakarta, but well, my busy job forced me to do it one by one.
So, what's next?

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


So many people popped out a question: why did you start becoming a food blogger back then?

Well, you know, food blogger is one quite busy 'job' nowadays. Food tasting here and there, new restaurants are coming out, new menu in every seasons. Food blogging has become one lifestyle here, in Jakarta.

But I started my food blogging activity back in 2011. At that time I did not even know that food blogging could be something 'in' like this. I did poured all my love about food just because I love writing. Writing had became one of my dreams. I wanted the world to know my point of view, a thought from one introvert girl in the world that could not stop talking. I wanted them to know me.

I did keep on writing until I get my first food tasting invitation at one bakery in Jakarta. I was so glad, happy because finally some people read about my thought, appreciate it, and trust me enough to try their creation. It was one magical feeling when you realized that your rows of words meant something to some people. I would not forget that kind of feeling.

After that, I kept on writing. I met some wonderful people that taught me a lot. Some people that inspired me to do bigger things.
Strangers have became friends. Friends have became family. Some people stay. Some people don't. 
And I grateful for every moment of it.

At one point, besides all the good things I got from food blogging, I got this one tiny bad seed on my heart. Sometimes I got envy with people around me, with people who did better than I did, with people who got more exposure than I did. Once I thought about quitting, because this job, this hobby, grew an envious heart in me. But a good friend did push me through all of this, convinced me that I was a blessed one too, and made me realize that things could not be measured with fame and money.

Yes I did realize that those things sometimes did not matter. I did not really care about exposure anymore. I did not really care about how many followers or likes I got in my social media. I got more than that. I found family. I am happy that my writings can reach so many people. I am happy that I can finally learn to socialize with so many kinds of people. Long story short, I learned a lot.
An introvert girl has become an ambivert.

Some said that food blogger is kinda saturated nowadays. Is it true? Well, you decide.
The important things is, this food blogging thing I am doing, is my love for writing. Until now I am still the same person with dreams of reaching so many people with my thoughts. Those fancy cameras and social medias are good companion for my hobby/carrier, but still, my heart at writing is my main reason to be a food blogger.

Best regards,

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Japanese's kind of noodle is kind of trending right now, at least in Jakarta. After those ramen and udon (which was enjoyable to our palate), soba is another thing to highlight. Soba, commonly known as noodle in Japanese, might have the wrong perception. At first I thought that all soba was served cold. Turns out I was wrong! This soba was different with cold soba.

Kabuto Masezoba, is another new comer in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Kabuto means Japanese helmet, while mazesoba means mix. So before enjoying this delightful bowl soba, you have to mix it well. Do you need another addition of spices? Apparently not. Everything is prepared for you as original as they are in the kitchen. So you just have to mix and take a slurp! 

For their mazesoba, you can choose among original, sweet and spicy sauce. A portion of Kabuto Mazesoba worth IDR 138k. Might sounds pricy, but this luxurious bowl of soba contains imported beef and foie gras inside! You can also add some toppings like pork chasiu, chicken chasu, corn, etc.

I tried the original and spicy one, Both are good, but my heart goes to bowl of spicy soba. The taste itself is not overwhelming. It's heartwarmingly humble, a remainder that sometimes comfort food is all you need. Beef was tender and well seasoned. Combination of everything is complementing each other!
I also find their soba was kinda heavy. The noodle was kind springy, reminded me of Jakarta's type of noodle. For me, a bowl was too much in portion. I won't mind to share their generous portion though.

Beside soba, you can also choose for bowl of donburi instead. Their best seller, so called Kabuto Don, is IDR 138k. Another luxurious rice bowl with imported beef, foie gras, and truffle oil. This is another good flavor they have, but I do prefer spending all those calories on soba.

Pork chasiu for IDR 42k. Look at those shiny and glistening pork! Do you need further explanation?

Overall, Kabuto mazesoba offers a heartwarming bowl of soba and rice bowl. Another good addition to Jakarta's food industru. Keep up the good work!

Ruko Crown Gold B no 2 (aligned with Lost and Found shop)
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Things that my close friends know about me: I am such a big fan of healthy lifestyle, or at least a healthy eating lifestyle. I choose my food wisely. I do not drink soda and sugary beverages. I choose tea and coffee over those scrumptious blended drinks. I rarely eat fried food. I include veggies or soup into my daily meal. I do not eat those things half-heartedly. I feel like I am what I choose to eat. I feel energetic after those salad, fruits, and smoothies.

I also choose my vitamin and nutrients source carefully. As a person with medical background, I know that those vitamins and minerals actually could be included in your daily meal, as long as you eat regularly well. The thing is, my busy schedule does not allowed me to eat on that punctual time. Sometimes my fruits and salad left untouched at the end of the day. Sometimes I have to sacrifice those dinner time to examine my patients. But still, I love my job.

Good thing is, I heard about this Xon-Ce Drink. Xon-Ce drink is the first healthy drinks to fulfill your nutrients needs. One bottle I can fulfill the needs of Vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C, so efficient! They also come in tasty and fresh orange flavor, too! Such a paradise during your overheated day!
I like it because they are not overwhelmingly sweet., with 12 grams of sugar per serving, you can save those calories from any other empty sugary drinks! More over, they only use natural sugar cane to sweeten up Xon-Ce drink.

Lactose Intolerant? Worry not, because Xon-Ce drink is tolerable for people with that kind of condition. Anyway, those vitamin C and D also help calcium absorption. By drinking 2 bottles of Xon-Ce drink a days, I can fulfill 80% of my daily vitamin C needs without any hassle. 

I also choose the ingredients of my food well. Do you know that I do not eat those instant food because I know that kind of food contain preservatives? Good thing is, Xon-Ce drink is preservatives free!

During this holy month, Xon-Ce drink also can help to supply your needs! Do not forget to consume it twice a day to keep you fresh!

I personally a fond of this product. Easy to get, tasty and fresh flavor, natural sweetener, and more importantly high in calcium (305 gram), vitamin C (90mg), and vitamin D (400iu)! Such a good kick to start my busy day. So, do not forget to grab your Xon-Ce drink today!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Monday, June 5, 2017


I have a thing with Japanese food. I love the fresh ingredients, light flavors they have, and also the nutritious composition inside those yummy food! Japanese food once was quite hard to find in Jakarta, but recently the Japanese food trend was really growing, especially in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Yes, bringing it to you: Kintaro Sushi.

Kintaro is so playful. Lovely bright colors with vibrant energy is gonna welcome you once you stepped in. Interior was cozy, a big applause to Kintaro for bringing the good vibe!

So basically Kintaro claim themselves as the first custom sushi in Indonesia. Yes, you can custom your own sushi roll and poke bowl (YASH TO THESE BABIES!). Ingredients was fresh and you can choose premium things like salmon mayo, spicy tuna, beef, etc.

So let's dig in the food!



You're gonna be a happy kid for this. They have this gyu kushikatsu, right here in Jakarta. Premium beef cutlet dipped in their special sauce, sizzled in hot pan, and danced in your taste bud. So tasty!


One word to describe it all: fresh! I love love their generosity in giving those thick cuts of salmon, tuna, and egg. Yum!




Bomb roll and Volcano roll was comfort food that won't fail any taste buds. All was tasty, complimented by those yummy sauce and generous filling.


Cutest thing I found here: rows of salmon aburi, salmon belly aburi, tuna aburi, tamago aburi, gyu aburi, and unagi aburi on this cute little bridge. 


Another pretty yet cute thing here: castle shaped bento! Consisted of 3 layers of bento and everything was pretty tasty as well.


Who's not falling in love with tender slices of premium beef in a bed of rice, with perfectly cooked egg on top?


Another pretty presentation was they're using shinkansen to serve this 3 sushi rolls, each consisting 8 pieces. My favorite roll of all was dragon roll! 

Overall Kintaro sushi delivers good selections of Japanese food with fresh ingredients and enjoyable flavor. I tried almost all things above and did not disappointed at all. Good luck Kintaro Sushi!

Ruko Garden House B21, Pantai Indah Kapuk
(next to Cake a Boo)

Best regards,
Jessica Christy L

Monday, May 29, 2017


Japanese food, for me, is identical with something luxurious. I do understand why Japanese restaurant set their price high because maintaining the freshness of the ingredients is one of their important key to serve a good quality of dish. However, a plate of affordable sushi might sounds tempting. I heard about this new sushi house at Pik Avenue from a friend and got quite good review about this. IDR 15k/plate? You've got to be kidding me.

But here's the truth. Sushi Go! has its own interesting concept and visiting their store at Pik Avenue, Dotonburi floor, convince me that an affordable sushi is possible to be enjoyed. Those bright yellow store delivers the vibrant mood of their sushi place, dominated by the sushi bar and sushi belt all around the space. Feels like entering an authentic sushi house, but with young and energetic atmosphere.

The only downside is, we have to wait until those belt deliver what catch our eyes. We can not order from their menu (even though they provide a menu list on the table). At first I feel like the quantity of the sushi is not that much, but as it get crowded, the variation of their sushi on the sushi belt get better.

I try some of their sushi creation. Two pieces of inari, which is good as always. A piece of unagi sushi, fresh and tasty unagi sauce. Two pieces of salmon mentai, which is delicious although the slice is kinda thin. Overall everything I have here is good, but I find that those munchies do not really satisfy me well in matter of portion. It's quite small, but it's IDR 15k, so I won't complain.

Vibrant mood sushi house, good concept, affordable price, and more importantly, fresh and tasty. Sushi Go! could really be your next spot to satisfy your sushi craving!

Pik Avenue Mall, level Dotonburi, 2nd floor unit 2F JT T1A&T1B
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya