Wednesday, January 4, 2017


When it comes to Japanese food, I am kinda picky. I don't mind having all those fresh sashimis, high quality grilled meat, but sometimes I just have to have sushi rolls to indulge my palate. As you know, Japanese food in Pantai Indah Kapuk area is getting serious. Sushi Hiro, Sushi Sen, Tajima, they all have those good quality of Japanese food and I am quite pleased with them. One addition to Japanese food at PIK won't hurt though. Here comes Akatama. 

Akatama has ita clean white decoration delivering the luxurious modern ambiance. The atmosphere somehow is too glamorous for PIK avenue, kinda intimidating, telling us that they're serious in this industry. It's quite spacious with bunch of sofas on the corner. The staffs are friendly as well. Good start. 
Welcoming you with miso soup for each person on the table. So thoughful, aren't they?


A fresh start to my palate! Fresh lettuces, cuts of carrot, and fresh salmon sashimi with roasted sesame dressing, if I'm not mistaken. Love the combination of it all. Too bad the portion is way too small for a salad-sucker like me.


I have this grilled mushrooms, chicken wings, beefs, and grilled chicken. Everything is good and tender. I love the sweet seasoning that wraps all the skewers. The chicken and beef are also tender and really enjoyable. I even ask for additional portion of their mushroom.

Tasty bowl with tenderly cooked beef, sprinkled with fried onion on top. Portion is quite generous. This one can be your choice when you want something comforting and play safe.

Eight big chunk of sushi rolls with layers of salmon, tempura and crunchies inside. Love the combination of it all. I also love how they maintain the authenticity by only giving small amount of mayo.


My kind of favorite sushi roll! Fresh and tasty unagi on top, crunchy tempura inside, delicious Japanese rice. Love how the combination of it all meet my palate. Again, they do not give overwhelming sauce on the sushi roll, so that the original flavor is still right on point.

Tasty crunchy ebi, veggies, sweet potatoes dipped in light tempura sauce. I do enjoy it, but I prefer to have more intense sauce of tempura.

Overall Akatama at PIK Avenue is quite enjoyable. Selection of menus are quite vary, delicious sushi, fresh sashimis, and tasty skewers. I love the ambiance so much I can spend hours here. The thing is, the portion is quite small but I do understand they want to keep it affordable. So best of luck for you!

PIK Avenue, Ground Floor unit E5
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Opening Hours : 10am-10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Monday, January 2, 2017


Writing for this one-day-old coffee shop in Puri Indah area, West Jakarta. I am happy to announce that another coffee shop is popping up around my neighborhood: CALIBRATE coffee specialist. 
So I know about Calibrate from my friend who's a fan of coffee, living in my neighborhood too. As you know coffee shop in West Jakarta is limited in quantity: Simetri, Say Something, Crematology, and Koultura. I can't be any happier to give it a try.  Lucky me, today is the first day they open for public.

Among the Jakarta heat, Calibrate offer a very good ambiance with its rustic and grayish atmosphere. I never knew blue and gray could be a good combination until I see theirs. I can say that I love the spacious coffee shop, the friendly barista (turns out I met him once at Turning Point and He Brews), the instagenic wall. They're still improving here and there during this month so to reach a perfect grand opening next month.

Don't you just love the ambiance they have?


Recommended by the barista, I have the Market Lane beans. I have to say I like this cup of latte. The consistency is on point, layers of milk and espresso blend in a really good way, complementing each other. This one may be my favorite cup of latte around my neighborhood at the moment.
I also have their flat white, which is very pleasing too. The mixture of steamed milk and espresso are waking me up, nudging every cells on my brain to be productive.
While their mocha is pretty enjoyable too, coffee and chocolate are very balance, both are there without any domination on one side.

Keep the coffee as your friend.

Overall I am satisfied with everything Calibrate has on their first day. I am looking forward to try their brunch menu, which is gonna be ready around their grand opening week. For now they're just serving croissant on the display. I can see Calibrate can be the next 'it' spot in Puri Indah neighborhood, Best of luck for you!

jl. Puri Kembangan, 9EF, 2nd floor. (aligned with Simetri Coffee Roaster and Mie Aloy Puri)
West Jakarta

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Sunday, December 25, 2016


In the middle of Jakarta coffee industry, you have to be bold among those popping coffee shops here and there. You have to have things to offer because people in Jakarta have too many offerings yet they can judge it even from the first step, the first sip, and the first bite. You can be a coffee shop that has an awesome cup of coffee, an exquisite food, a friendly barista, a comforting corner, whatever it is, you gotta have something you can highlight about it.

Stepping into Coffee Aya, one newcomer in Jakarta's coffee situation, located in the heart of Muara Karang. Surrounded by those crowds in Muara Karang market, the location quite surprised me by being the only modern spot around. It's like finding one zen in the hectic area. 

The story is, the owner has the good eye to build this pretty zen. Dressed in all white and soft wooden creature, Coffee Aya reminds me of the relaxing Japanese house. It's so quiet and suitable for working, to escape from reality in the heat of Muara Karang. I can imagine myself sitting there, hallucinating about the sound of soothing water fountain around. Tranquilizing atmosphere? Check!

Greeting on the door. Fall in love at my first step.

I have my latte, as usual. My cup of latte is way too hot, kinda surprise me while having my first sip, burning my palate. Not to mention the break latte art on top of it. Their latte is dominated by milk, a lot. The coffee is too light, even for my palate. The owner is very kind to change the first cup, but sorry to say, my second cup is hotter than the first one, with better latte art, but still too watery for me and burnt aftertaste.

Loving the ambiance. Everything is seated on point, very pretty.

Finding these cuties from Cotton and Tartlets with several flavours. IDR 10k each. I find these kind of pastry suit Coffee Aya well. Elegant yet beautiful. They also have cookies from Surely Someday Kitchen (thank you Coffee Aya for the cookies!) Everything is good and enjoyable. 

Overall the soothing ambiance really got me on my first sight. Everything is so pretty in white, modern yet elegant. Too bad I did not have any good impression about the coffee, even they serve it way too hot. Coffee Aya is really suitable for you when you need a refugee from this city, and I know that this hidden zen can make a good improvement. Best of luck!

Ruko Niaga, Jl. Muara Karang Z8 no 19
North Jakarta
Opening hours: 8am-7pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Monday, December 19, 2016


Digging deep into Jakarta's food scene, it just never stop. The innovation and creation of something new somehow really awe me, making me curious about the creativity they have. So after scrolling through my social media over and over again, this one little 'creature' drool me much: martabak croissant at Social Affair. Getting excited? Wait until you see the rest of it.

Social Affair, one little humble sister of Cacaote, resides in Pantai Indah Kapuk area, align with Yamatoten Abura Soba, Chir Chir, and Sushi Hiro. Yes. it's another creation from the man behind Cacaote, a pretty well-known dessert cafe in the heart of Senopati. Having Social Affair, much more casual and humble, but still having its charm being a specialty in dessert. Cafe is quite spacious, decorated with the twist of modern cafe and colorful yellow, it deliver quite a pleasant ambiance.

Menu is quite spacious, having dessert, main menu, and brunch selection. At that day I am so into pastries (like I always did, actually lol) so I order some croisants and meat pie instead of their main menu.


Best seller here in Social Affair. Sweet sweet croissant bathed with condensed milk, covered with chocolate, peanut, and cheese on top. The croissant does not have its flaky consistency because of the double-bake cooking technique, but still I love it, a lot. The condensed milk is somehow quite domination, for some people it can be an overwhelming kind of sweetness, but I don't mind having this kind of goodness all by myself! 

My number two favorite of all: cheese croissant. This time, Social Affair ace it by having its flaky croissant with melted cheese filling. Major love for the cheese filling because the flavor is very on point (not to sweet) for my liking. I do recommend to have it reheat before consuming!


Still having its good consistency, both of them are very enjoyable to my palate. Covered in chocolate glaze croissant may be suitable for you who those who's a sucker for sweet tooth while the greentea  filling is more charming with its not to sweet and fragrant green tea filling.

May be sound appetizing, but unfortunately I don't think I can taste the truffle mushroom well. Some of friends tried this before and they loved it. Being unlucky for their lack of consistency, maybe?


Major love for this kind of meat pie. I used to have Australian meat pie for my breakfast every single day while having my 3 weeks holiday in Syndey (yes, almost every single day) and so pleased that Social Affair is being very thoughtful for bringing it here. The meat pie is so fragrant, the meat filling is the bomb, thick and flavorfull pie with tasty flaky skin. Love love!

Craving into savory at the end of those sweetness, bunch of my friends are having this pork belly rice ball and seems like they're enjoying it. The thick and golden colored pork belly is surely drooling, right?


Beautifully presented beef cheek, tender and enjoyable.

So basically I am satisfied with what I've had in Social Affair. Their croissant and pastry selcetions is surely the highlight of my visit, while the rest of it is not bad at all. Best of luck for Social Affair!

Garden House BloK B no17-18A Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta
Opening Hours: Sun – Thur 07.00 – 22.00/ Fri – Sat 07.00 – 24.00

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Thursday, December 15, 2016


You know, some of my friends are travelling-freak who are able to have those trip between their working days. Thing I love about it is I've got to know their favorite place and cool cafes overseas. Sometimes their experience drooled me a lot. Among those coffee, the one that caught my attention was Toby's Estate. I remember one of my friends had this major crush over their coffee and kept saying that Toby's was one of the best they had. So I got my curiosity about Toby's Estate.
Until God heard my prayer: yes, Toby's Estate is coming to Indonesia. Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, to be exact.

Meet Toby Smith, coffee expert behind the genius idea of Toby's estate. He spent years and years learning all about coffee and finally here to share the goodness of Toby's with us. Never in my mind slip that Toby's in Australia is that good. They actually sell over 1000 cups of coffee before 9 am. Yes, 9 am in the morning. I love to hear how those people appreciate and enjoy good coffee, as much as I do. So you can start imagining how good Toby should be, right?

So Toby's located in PIK Avenue, North Jakarta, one new mal in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. I honestly quite surprised about them opening Toby's here. I thought it would be somewhere around South Jakarta. It is surely a good thing, one (more) good coffee shop in North Jakarta.
Location is strategic, you can spot its pretty coffee right from the lobby. the one across the Tsu Zhi building. Ambiance? Post as hell. Rustic and modern twist in spacious spot. Major love! 

As a latte person, I tend to judge the coffee shop by its latte. Good thing that theirs is one of my favorite. Perfect amount of milk and coffee, light but not watery. It's like finding a heaven in a cup. Definitely a kick to my morning. I also have their cold brew, but I feel like I have better one somewhere. The taste is just not there. 

Kale salad

Papardelle pasta

Patty melt burger

Buttermilk fried chicken with on corn fritata and ricotta pancake

brioche french toast

Another thing to love at Toby's: Australian kind of brunch. Yes I'm a major sucker for brunch and having their brunch menu really enlighten me. I have this Kale salad, which is so good, crispy, with light dressing. Homemade Papardelle pasta with generous meat on top is surely a treat for me too. But me favorite would be Buttermilk fried chicken with on corn fritata and ricotta pancake, the chicken is so flavorful, juicy, and tender, the sauce is so yum, the corn fritata is really there to enhance everything to give a little bit crunchiness on every bite. Patty melt burger offer one guilty pleasure with its juicy meat and tasty sauce. Too bad I do not have a chance to grabe their brioche french toast. 
The flavor of everything is really above my expectation, it definitely rocket into one of my favorite brunch list in Jakarta!
PS: price ranging fromIDR 35-155k

So. basically Toby's estate offers one good cup of coffee. I believe that one pretty place that offer comforting coffee and enjoyable meal could be one contender in Jakarta coffee situation. Congrats to you, Toby's Estate!

PIK Avenue Mall GF Floor
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta


Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya