Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Along the Mosel River : 4 Things to do when in Cochem

 Pretty is an understatement to describe Germany.

Last week we have an opportunity to explore some cities along the Mosel River. And let me tell you: it worth the trip. Living in Germany, having this advantage to make a short trip to these beautiful small cities and countryside, when the sky is bluer and the grass is greener. 

This time we visited Cochem and some cities around. We stayed at Haus Daniela, a vacation home direct at Mosel River. It consist of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom,1 complete kitchen and big living/ dining area. Bonus point is, our room is facing the magnificent Reichsburg Castle.

1. The city of Cochem

Cochem itself is a pretty little city. The city center is filled with preserved old buildings. Bakeries, local shops, cafes, restaurants, you name it. It's not a huge area, strolling along the city and a quick hike to the Castle takes one day in Cochem. You can visit the castle too, but unfortunately during the Pandemic it was closed

2. Along the Mosel River

Usually our trip does not contain physical activities. But thanks to our friends, who suggest to rent a bike and strolling along the river, we decided to take part of this cycling trip. And we did not regret at all! It was the best decision we had during this trip. The cycling path is quite wide and goes side to side along the river. We are cycling for 20 km under the blue sky and accompanied with magnificent view.

3. Quick stop, wherever you want!

There's many small cities around Cochem and along the Mosel River. So when you need to take a break, or even if you just want to, you can just stop and chill or make a small picnic by the river. 

4. Dreamy Beilstein

The main destination of our cycling trip is Beilstein. Beilstein is one the prettiest, if not the best, small cities that I've ever been. Small hotels and cafes facing the Mosel, pretty local shops, and of course the friendly resident make that our trip simply unforgettable. We had a dinner at Altes Zollhaus and it was amazing. 

Quick tips: make a reservation at 7 pm to enjoy the sun sinking down with the tasty meal.

This kind of trip is a kind of slow short trip, a refreshment from the bustling big cities. These cities are undoubtedly beautiful and I could see myself going back there next time.

So, where to go next?




Sunday, May 16, 2021

We are moving to Germany!

 We are moving to Germany!

Some of you might wondering why, because it's a surprise even for myself. We (my husband and I) had so many plans mainly for our advanced education for our medical degree, and for sure it's in Indonesia. We planned that on 2020 we are going to apply in one of the state university in Indonesia. Then the pandemic strikes. We waited for several months but there's no application available in that university. Funny thing is, once I said that if there's no application during early of 2020, we have to consider to move to Germany. There are also our dear friends, who live in Germany for 2 years, and was supporting to move there also.

And it happens.

Studying in Germany has been my husband's deepest dream. Before he was busy with his life as a medical student, he learned German in Jakarta for quite a some time. After that, he was drown with all those night shifts and he forgot about it. On the other side, I have always been dreaming of living overseas. I was so ready to bury that dream down, because you know as a doctor, it's kind of impossible of moving around overseas because you have to take long process to acknowledge the medical degree. And that is exactly what we are doing right now.

Getting into this decision was also not easy. I was 28 years old, who's gonna learn new languages to live with, and using this language at work. At first I was afraid. At 28 years, some of my friends got into residency already, pursuing their advanced medical degree. While i have to restart my life in another country and learn a new language like a 3 years old.

But I am excited. Let's see the point of view like this: it's a great opportunity to start over. 

Sometimes it's funny right. I remember that I was whining around and asking to God, why is it so hard for me to apply for our advanced medical degree? Why did our plan got messy?

Well, maybe the answer is, it's not the best opportunity that God will provide to you. Maybe it's not in Indonesia, but here in Germany. Maybe it's His awesome work, that would push me to chase my dreams while on the same time giving me an opportunity to live here overseas.

It won't be easy. There will be tons of steps for us to get to our residency. But I believe, God will provide. God will accompany in every step of the way. We won't really know how our future will gonna be. But for sure, we are gonna be blessed.

Will keep you update!



Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Wedding, September 8th.

A wedding is personal thing.

I remember the day I got married. It was September 9th, a humid Sunday morning. I've been jittery all night (well, 3 nights actually) about the day. I woke up at 3 after my not-so-good-sleep, got ready, and said a little prayer that everything was gonna be alright. Turned out is was. I was relieved. I knew I thought about other people a lot, while I was so nervous inside. And yes, it was one of the happiest day in my life.

Back to few months before the wedding, I am gonna share the preparation for this. It was 10 months before the wedding, that Nico and I set the date (well 2 dates, tbh). I researched that the venue was the first thing we had to deal with, after the date was fixed. Looking for our venue was kinda easy peasy, because we did want a garden ceremony for the blessing, and we know that outdoor venue in Jakarta was not so many in quantity. Ayana Jakarta (@ayanajakarta) is one option we had in mind. We fell in love with the venue at the first visit. The ballroom was decorated with beautiful lamp and in neutral color. The garden beside the ballroom was effortlessly pretty. We wanted in straight away, and thank God Ayana Jakarta was available on one of my date. Ci Christien, who helped us with our wedding preparation, was very helpful, too!

After dealing with the wedding venue, we had to look for another main vendors. Some said it was the make up artist that you should book right away. But I have my own priority. Photography and videography was what I had in mind, and I've been admiring Atipattra's magic work ( after quite some time. I love the color, the tone, the people behind the work (you're gonna love Alvin and Carleen too!) , and of course the results of it. They made it so personal. Atipattra was the second vendor I contacted, and glad I could have them on the date. I also did my preceding photo and video with them, and it was lovely! And yes, all photos here were taken by Atipattra. Aren't they amazing?

I did some researched in picking my make up artist, and I was glad I chose Archangela Chelsea (@archangelachelsea) for my wedding. Before I met her in person I was quite nervous for the makeup, mostly because I know my eyes were not the easiest to deal with. I can assure you, Chelsea is the best. I met her on the makeup test day, and she learned my face like magic. I was also indecisive about what to do with my hair, but she tried some styles that she thought might suit me well. On my wedding day, she made me felt like the prettiest girl indeed. The makeup was flawless, the hair was so lovely. Thank you Chelsea and ka Ocha!

The garden sketch came to life

My choices of vendor after that would be the wedding organizer, the decoration, and the wedding dress. A friend of mine suggested Excellent wedding organiser (@excellent.wo) and we agreed to use their service after meeting ci Rita. She was very detail in preparation, knowing every process well, and helped us to check some deals we had with another vendor. The team also helped a lot on the wedding day, they kept me calm, they were good on timing, and run every details well. Our parents liked the way they worked too!

For the decoration, we had Classy decoration (@classydecor_id) in mind. Amor was great with details, she knew my preferred style after our first meeting. I could say the decoration was beyond my expectation. Everything is pretty and very much like what I had in mind. Almost every part were my favourites, the garden decoration, the photo corner, the ballroom decor. It was very beautiful.

And last but not least, I've been eyeing ko Bramanta (@bramantawijaya) for quite some time, and very glad I got through the wedding preparation with him. He was very supportive, a fairy god mother who worked the magic for the dress. I told him what I liked, and he combined my style with his beautiful work. I love love love the dress. I could not ask for a better designer for my wedding dress.

Those are the choices of main vendor we use for our wedding. Each of them delivered a very delicate work and we are satisfied with the results. On top of that, we are really happy everything went well on our wedding day. It was one of the happiest day of our life. The weather was nice (thank God!), everyone was happy, food was great. It's good to see our families and friends' happy faces. 


Friday, June 21, 2019

A pre-wedding.

A pre-wedding is one special moment that I could not wait to prepare at that time. I remembered seeing those people having their pre-wedding photos overseas, wondering if I will do the same when my time comes. Turned out I was lucky enough to do my pre-wedding photoshoot at my favourite country, Japan.

Never crossed my mind to do an overseas photoshoot. I did thinking about Bali, because Bali is pretty indeed, has many awesome spots, and we could manage the budget like we want. But when Atipattra had their open trip for to Japan, how could we say no to this?

We use Atipattra ( for our wedding and pre-wedding photos and videos, because I really like the moody tone and their creativity. I understand that some people have different preferences when it comes to photography, but I have some suggestions if you have similar preferences like me. They are Kimi and Smith Pictures (@kimiandsmithpictures) , Derai (, Morden (, and Masa Photography (@masakemasa). (yes you can easily find them on instagram)

First thing on my mind, the outfit. But apparently we have to choose the photo spots first before matched it with the outfits and theme. We undoubtedly picked Kawaguchiko as our first spot. We did go there in 2017 but will won't mind to go there once more. We did not have any difficulties to pick spots for our shoots. Japan is surely one beautiful country, where the alleys, ramen shops, and the people made me fall in love and always will. 
Here are some spots on our mind, but we did not have time to visit it all:

Yakizaki park in spring. Wearing Bramanta Wijaya's.

Ohashi Bridge, chasing the sunrise

  • Kawaguchiko area ( search for Ohashi Bridge and Yakizaki Park, its my 2 favorite spots there)
  • Showa Kinen Park (check the flower season first)
  • Zenpukuji Park (if you're into green nature)
  • Coffee shops, such as Onibus coffee, About Life, Fuglen, Little Nap, Blue Bottle (remember that not all cafes allow you to take pictures and videos for pre-wedding stuffs)
  • Sangenjaya area
  • Chidorigafuchi, for Sakura season.

Secondly, after we pick the spots, we choose the outfit. The photographer team usually offered the stying service too. You can discuss the outfit you want, and you can ask some suggestions from the stylist too! Few weeks before we left, the stylist sent me the mood board which helped me to choose the accessories and properties as well. 

Choosing the outfit is not easy, too! I have to say setting the budget is one important thing to do before choosing them. I got 2 dresses from my wedding dress designer, Bramanta Wijaya so I just needed to look for few dresses left. The renting service is not cheap as well (for the quality I wanted). So here are my best finding for pre-wedding outfits:

Fressia Auburn from Songerie Atelier

Wearing From Her Studio
  • Her Rental Studio (@fromherstudio) is one affordable renting service based in Jakarta. Started from 199.000.
  • Sovi (@soviatelier). This is my favorite for sure!
  • Songerie Atelier (@songerie.atelier). They are located in Surabaya, and I cannot try it on first. But mostly the sizes fit to XS-small M.
  • The bride with style (@thebridewithstyle)
  • Le Felle (@le_felle)

Wearing Bramanta Wijaya's

My Sovi Ateliers' matched the sakura season

For shoots in the city, I just brought some coats, sweaters, and jeans. 

This one we had at Urth Cafe, Omotesando.

Pre-wedding is surely one pleasing part of preparing the wedding. I am blessed to experience the overseas pre-wedding and loving every minute of it. I honestly thought that we won't make it because of the extreme weather we had on the first morning, but the team made it bearable. Loving every piece of the results too!

Thank you for reading. Have an awesome wedding preparation!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

A Day in Ubud, Bali

My memory about Ubud is kinda blurry. I remember I was in a car with a local driver few years ago, telling me that Ubud was a place where the culture was still thick. The ambiance was not so crowded and the surrounding was not about the modern coffee like we knew in Seminyak or Kuta area. I happened to visit ubud on August 2018 and found that I knew nothing about this area. The beautiful cafes are everywhere, beautifully blending in Bali local culture. The shops are here and there, not to mention the happening area of Ubud Traditional Market. Wow I am really behind all of this.

One of the places I really wanted to visit was Tegalalang Rice Terrace. I saw the photos through social media and interested to set my feet there. I asked my friend whom happened to visit Tegalalang and said that the best time to visit was around 7-9 am, before the sun was too harshly shine. It was beautiful there, he said.

So I set my alarm in the morning, managed to come early to visit Ubud. I came around 9-10 am, because it was raining that morning. Luckily the sun was still shyly appear, and we got a nice weather after that (but it was kinda slippery!). We tried to climb the terrace for about 40 minutes, and got tired halfway through there. But we got a nice view from that spot.
The entrance was about IDR 20k, and you have to pay for local donation once you arrive at the photo spot. Some people said they have to pay donation for few times, but I only got asked once, so I guess it was okay.

I also got myself into a high swing, overlooking into a lovely rice paddies. Bargaining was important here! We got IDR 200k for 3 people to try the swing for few minutes. The safety belt was there and the people was kinda helpful. It was scary at first, but after few swings I started to enjoy myself with the breeze.

Things you have to remember before going to Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ubud:
  • check the weather forecast
  • make sure to have some breakfast before you start to hike, I was starving in the middle of the hike!
  • it's best to visit before 11 am.
Another place I visited in Ubud was Ubud Traditional Market. I was surprised to see that the road heading to the market was full of cute shops. Too bad I could not pay any visit because I could not find anywhere to park. I really recommend you guys to hire a local driver while you're going to visit the market because the jam was quite crazy. You can go shopping while the driver look for the parking area.

Tha market sells some traditional stuffs like Balinese ratan bag, wooden utensils, loose dresses, and traditional scrubs. The stuffs they sell is kinda the same, so make sure to get the best price. The art of bargaining could be an advantage here, but be ready because the seller was not so friendly.

Overall I found my trip to Ubud was satisfyling. I got the part where I could enjoy the beauty of Ubud nature and the traditional part at the market. My friend also recomment to spend a night in Ubud to chase the sunrise at Tjampuhan Ridge Walk, but I already had a hotel reservation at Seminyak.
Some photos are captured by @pebriansyah

How's your day in Ubud? I'd like to hear your experience!

Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Hello people!
It's been a few months from my last post and I am sorry for that. My life has been so busy working at this new place and writing a blog was not in my mind lately. After few months of adapting, I am free to have some spare time and gonna catch up several new things in town.

So today I am gonna write about this new place called the garden. Based on its name, they really highlight those pretty things and put those flowers in every corner in the room. To my knowledge The Garden is one of the prettiest vibe I know in town. One step inside, it's like entering a whole new world. The Garden is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, but all the ambiance they offer, it feels like having a really good time somewhere else.

Pretty bar with tropical touch

You could see that everything is on point. The menu was so pretty and cute. The variety of the food itself was quite wide, with symbol of flowers to show their recommendation. They also have some selections of cocktails and desserts, which could make them a nice hang out place at night.

To be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I was going to try their food. As we know that some of those pretty places was not accompanied with good food. I've heard some good reviews about them, and I hope they do not disappoint.

Bad Ass Fried Rice-IDR 90k

The title made it clear, they should be a bad ass one. The first thing on my mind was the size was quite small, I could really have it by myself. The fried rice was accompanied with onsen egg (which came like a regular egg) and well done wagyu. It was quite good, but nothing kicked my palate. The fried rice was spicy, which was actually good, but it's nothing more than a regular fried rice. The meat was just alright.

Sunshine Caramelized Pork-IDR 100k

Now this, was on of my favorite. Melt-in-your-mouth-pork, cooked with caramel to make it sweet and a hint of sour. The pork was so good and makes me drool right now. Again, the only thing was about the portion size.

The Wonder Duck Crispy Kecombrang-IDR 220k

This one also one of the highlight. The rice was so fragrant and so tasty when you mixed it with their sambal. I could not stop to dig in this full of carbohydrate meal. The duck was just fine, but I found it was too dry in some parts. Consistency with the duck could make this one awesome! Honestly, this one was the only meal that made us quite full.

Creamy Chicken Truffle Dumpling-IDR 75k

This was my personal favorite. A 4 pieces of chicken dumpling, covered with fragrant creamy sauce. The Truffle was on point and the meat was tasty. However it was so small and I felt like one portion was not enough. The creamy sauce was the winner tho.

Now let's jump to their dessert!
I tried Oops I Dropped My Ice Cream-IDR 55k, which was actually an upside down coconut ice cream with crumbles and yuzu. The crumbles and yuzu was so good, while I could not really taste the coconut. She's Slice of Heaven-IDR60k, also came in such a pretty presentation. It was mille crepe that came with 3 choices of sauces, taro, milk tea, and milo. I wanted to try different flavor so taro it is. The cake was so good and creamy, and the taro sauce was also delicate.

Overall The Garden is one pretty cafe with wide selections of food. The portion itself was not big, a  size to try a little bit of this and that. The price was quite vary and little bit on the higher side. However the place is so pretty, and a good one to spend with your girlfriends (or boyfriend). Don't forget to snap some pictures here!

Rukan Garden House blok B no 28
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya