Saturday, January 10, 2015


Another addition for rows of heaven in Senopati, here it come Amber! As a new comer in Jakarta, especially in the busy area, Amber gives a strong atmosphere, well in a good way of course. A pretty building, decorated with leaves, having this ambiance like a pretty garden. To make it easier to you, they are located right across Cacaote.

So basically Amber has 3 levels in it. Level 1 is for The chocolate and pastry boutique. The second one is for The library, which is a restaurant with library theme. And for the third level, they have sky lounge which present you the view of Senopati area.

Since I just had my lunch at Le Quartier, I simply sit at the first floor and indulged myself with their cakes.

Choices of macaroons (15k each) and pralines (20k).

One word to describe: pretty!


After drooling with those pretty cakes, finally ordered Mango Dulcey (50k).
It was like a surprise at the first bite. It was a combination of mango jelly and chocolate inside. 

The choco lava (45k), on the other hand, was just okay. I was not a big fan of their chocolate cake's texture, which was a bit gooey. The filling was just alright. It did not give the lava surprise as I predicted.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable one. The one which offers the beauty, but the food was just alright. Maybe I'll be back for their pastries!

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Jessica Christy Limanjaya
IG : @jechristy

Jl. Senopati Raya no 61
Jakarta Pusat
021 29044412

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Le Quartier Jakarta

Thinking about Christmas dinner could be challenging. It was something magical, full of warmth, and intimacy.For me, Le Quatier hava it all. Planning to have a Christmas dinner here, unfortunately we could not find the perfect time so we had to delayed it until January. A bit late, but better late than never, I guess.

Elegance and pretty. Those words are the most perfect one for Le Quartier. They are giving this atmosphere which remind me of having a good time at 5-star hotel. Service is great. The sunlight beyond the chandelier just make it even better. I am loving this place since my first step.

Complimentary bread basket. Crusty outside with warm and soft bread inside. Start with something good!

Assorted mushroom risotto (146k)
A plate of risotto consisted of fresh soy peas, preserved lemon rind, light jus, and rocket lettuce. The texture was just alright, but it was not my favorite. The taste was a bit plain for me. 

Croque Madame (146k)
Who could resist toasted sandwich with pork ham, comte cheese, and fried egg? Everything on this plate was great. Generous cheese and ham, delicious fresh salad, with a bonus of egg porn on top! A bite of it was very flavorful. Major love!

White ham and truffle oil pizza (136k)
Another slice of my favorite, this was beyond my expectation. A stone baked pizza with green pea pesto, mushrooms, leaf spinach, pine nuts, poached egg and cheese. The pizza dough was a bit gooey, but the toppings made it forgiven. The toppings were really generous, rich in flavor, and tasty at the same time. A bite of it and I was hooked. One of my favorite pizza for sure!

Overall it was a really great lunch for me. Pretty place, with this glamorous yet relaxing atmosphere. Tasty food, although I found the price was quite high. Le Quartier is something you don't wanna miss for a special occasion. 

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Jessica Christy Limanjaya
IG : @jechristy

Jl. Gunawarman no. 34
Jakarta Pusat
021 71788001

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Liep's Cafe Bandar Lampung

Thing I love about visiting my hometown is catching up with my old mates. Share the talk about the recent life, plans of the next few years, and recollecting about some good old memories and jokes. What they do in their life inspire me much. Time really flies and we are grown up!
 And of course, hometown is not complete without the food. About what we had when we were a kid surely bring back the memories. I am also thrilled to say that they have several comforting cafes here! One of them is the newly opened Liep's Cafe.

Located behind the clinic of drg. Budiono, finding Liep's is like finding a hidden gem. Beautifully seated with modern wooden architecture, probably it is the best one in Bandar Lampung. Huge glasses, unique stairs, open bars, they had me in my first step already.

Okay, let's dig in the food!

Truffle fries
Nicely seasoned with grated cheese on top. I could not taste the truffle though. But who doesn't love fries? :)

Specializing in west and east kind of food, they are serving steak, pasta, and asian food. My experience with alfredo fettuccine (50k) with cuts of vegetable was quite good. The texture of the pasta was okay. The creamy sauce was rich and I could not finish the whole meal by myself. But hey, sharing is caring, right?

 For the Asian menu, I indulge myself with bakmi goreng Malaysia (30k). I really like the hint of sweet taste in it and it was flavorful. It was a generous portion of well-cooked noodle with lotsa prawns and egg inside. They can serve it with kwetiau too!

Pad Thai (36k)
Basically it was stir fried rice noodle and it is common in local eateries at Thailand. Topped with egg, shrimp, and chopped tofu, their Pad Thai was really flavorful. My personal favorite was when I mixed my Pad thai with the chili sauce. Scrumptious!

Liep's chicken 
Nicely grilled chicken, good seasoning, with fries, veggies, and toasted baguette. I need a kick to make it special.
As they're specializing in steak, I ordered their rib eye in BBQ sauce and black pepper sauce. the one with black pepper sauce was quite good, teh sauce was okay. My other one, the one with BBQ sauce was thicker and harder to chew. And for the sauce, I need a kick to make it great. But still, they're quite enjoyable!

Overall. it was such an pleasant place. Great atmosphere, nicely decorated, good and affordable food, not to mention the generous portion. The staffs need improvement here and there, though!

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Liep's Cafe
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No 33, Bandar Lampung 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Hands Full

I am thrilled to visit Bandung. Why? Because in these last few months, the food industry in Bandung was much progressing that it was. Coffee shops, brunch spot, luxury dining, they got it all! And of the them, is Two Hands Full coffee.
Strolling at Sukajadi street, it was quite hard to find Two Hands Full. They've got no big name on it, just a little sign of the cafe located on a brick-walled building. It was quite spacious inside, with a bit dark atmosphere, which was soothing. Rows of window made it even better when they shone through it at the breakfast time.

Oatmeal cookies

Croque Madame (50k)
A generous portion of sandwich with ham, cheese, bechamel sauce, with a bonus of sunny side up at the top of it. It was good, the egg was perfect, and the generous cheese inside made it even better. For my personal taste, I prefer it to be toasted for a little bit longer.

Tender pulled pork (50k)
Another generous portion of barbecued pulled pork on the top of wheat toast. It was fine, good seasoning, but I found the bread was quite hard. I though they would serve it with brioche, but sadly they didn't. :(

Eggs in Hell (50k)
Baked egg with cheese, sausage, peppers, with tomato based sauce and served with toasted bread. I/m not usually a fan of tomato based sauce, but this one was surely an enjoyable one. Everything was tasty, especially when you dipped in the bread and got the sausage as the bonus!

Coffee Mocha 
A cup of decent coffee mocha. Well, it is good thing as long as they have coffee in it!

Overall it was such a pleasing brunch. Generous portion with reasonable price, not to mention the decent meal and great atmosphere. I am such a happy kid!

Two Hands Full
Jl. Sukajadi no 206

8 am to 10 pm on weekdays
8 am to 12 am on weekends