Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Along the Mosel River : 4 Things to do when in Cochem

 Pretty is an understatement to describe Germany.

Last week we have an opportunity to explore some cities along the Mosel River. And let me tell you: it worth the trip. Living in Germany, having this advantage to make a short trip to these beautiful small cities and countryside, when the sky is bluer and the grass is greener. 

This time we visited Cochem and some cities around. We stayed at Haus Daniela, a vacation home direct at Mosel River. It consist of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom,1 complete kitchen and big living/ dining area. Bonus point is, our room is facing the magnificent Reichsburg Castle.

1. The city of Cochem

Cochem itself is a pretty little city. The city center is filled with preserved old buildings. Bakeries, local shops, cafes, restaurants, you name it. It's not a huge area, strolling along the city and a quick hike to the Castle takes one day in Cochem. You can visit the castle too, but unfortunately during the Pandemic it was closed

2. Along the Mosel River

Usually our trip does not contain physical activities. But thanks to our friends, who suggest to rent a bike and strolling along the river, we decided to take part of this cycling trip. And we did not regret at all! It was the best decision we had during this trip. The cycling path is quite wide and goes side to side along the river. We are cycling for 20 km under the blue sky and accompanied with magnificent view.

3. Quick stop, wherever you want!

There's many small cities around Cochem and along the Mosel River. So when you need to take a break, or even if you just want to, you can just stop and chill or make a small picnic by the river. 

4. Dreamy Beilstein

The main destination of our cycling trip is Beilstein. Beilstein is one the prettiest, if not the best, small cities that I've ever been. Small hotels and cafes facing the Mosel, pretty local shops, and of course the friendly resident make that our trip simply unforgettable. We had a dinner at Altes Zollhaus and it was amazing. 

Quick tips: make a reservation at 7 pm to enjoy the sun sinking down with the tasty meal.

This kind of trip is a kind of slow short trip, a refreshment from the bustling big cities. These cities are undoubtedly beautiful and I could see myself going back there next time.

So, where to go next?