Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cake a boo

Jakarta is such a rapid progressing world in the term of food. I just got back from Semarang and it felt like a lot to catch up! Here they got a new bakery, there they got the newest Korean BBQ, and somewhere they got the Indonesian feast and bazaar.
Okay, let's crawl to the reality. Filling all of this food to my tummy.

One sentence to describe: I am such a happy kid in a happy land! Colorful paintings, bright colors, cake train (yes, that sushi train!) with those pretty cakes marching in the rail. And yes, like any other new hype restaurant, it was full packed when I got there, and sadly, did not get the seat next to the cake train. :(

But no worries, they got the display for the cakes too! One thing that make it even cuter, is the menu book! It was like a children book of story, with animals and colors. Such a reminder to the book of bedtime stories.

Raspunzel (35k)
Raspberry mousse with cuts of pistachio inside. The red ribbon on the top of the cake made me feel so Christmasy! (well, I know that's not even a word :p) . It was a bit sour, which was good, to balance all the sweetness I got here.

Miko's cake (35k)
Quite an enjoyable one. But the chocolate coating was too sweet for me.

Nutella burger (35k)
A burger made of red velvet bun, cuts of strawberry and kiwi, and a 'patty' of crunchy nutella. This burger was quite a hype, but I did not find it fabulous. The bun itself tasted just okay, without any red velvet flavor in it. Actually the crunchy nutella was nutella with rice krispies, quite okay, but not that good. I found the combination of all of these things was not a perfect match.

Overall it was such a fun place. Really pretty, the one that remind you to the fantasy world. And it was better than that! A fantasy world filled with cakes and sweets. I did not find the cakes amazing, but it was quite an enjoyable one.

Cake a Boo
Ruko Garden House, Blok B22
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
021 29032922

Baker Street Bandung

I used to go to Bandung a lot. My family and I loved the trip to Bandung, staying at the apartment and hunting down the local food far before food hunting become too mainstream. But things changed, the children grown up and got busy. Parents got lazy, too. We just did not do it anymore.
So I planned one with my medical school mates and planned to cafe hopping since so many new spots around Bandung.

After randomly trying to pick some coffee shop, this place caught my eye. Big white building with neat atmosphere standing at Cimandiri street, greeting us to stop by. I know I'll love this shop at the first step, with a rolling door outside. It was spacious inside, with high ceiling and big etalase filled with colorful cakes and freshly baked bread.


They are two-storey building, with smoking area on the second floor, which is brighter but simpler in design. I prefer to be on the first floor and they're having a prewedding photoshoot at that time, too bad.

Cozy couch, big pillows, and hanging magazine. Love! <3

It was 10 am in the morning, I was not that hungry at that time. But all the pretty pastries were too good to be missed. After discussing which one was which, a mango puding, kiwi tart, and lemon meringue were the winner. Everything on the table was lovely! What I love the most was the crust pie on the kiwi tart and lemon meringue. It was really buttery, perfectly crunch, and a bit gooey inside. My definition of a perfect crust. The filling of the kiwi tart was great too, sweet vla with fresh kiwi on top to keep it balanced. The meringue was a bit too sweet to me, but it was still good tho. The mango pudding was really enjoyable as well.

Freshly baked bread. Yum!

Overall it was really a great place. Nice ambiance, great dessert. Too bad I did not try their main course. Gonna back here soon!

Baker Street
Jl. Cimandiri no 18

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Cup Rice and Noodle

Talking about Korean fast food, some of them are not unfamiliar for us. But talking about this stylish Korean food might be new. Clean ambiance, the combination of green and white surely freshen the mind. They did well for the decoration to please me.

The Cup Rice and Noodle is a franchise from Korea, which has opened some of their stores in another part of Asia and Europe. Basically their concept is healthy and modern Korean food, which come in a cup. Unfortunately it was not for dining in. I always excited to eat in a cup, though. But they are contributing for better environment, right?

Ordering Bibimbap for judging this basic dish for Korean Restaurant. Their Bibimbab tasted good, well seasoned, tender and generous beef, with fried egg on top. The sauce they served separately was taste good too, a combination of sweet and salty, with a hint of spicy. It was such a fulfilling meal indeed!

And of course, having Tteopokki since I am a big fan of it. It came in a big portion. I love the texture of the Tteopokki itself, with cuts of fish cake and squids. The sauce did very well, but it might be too hot for some people. They served it with generous seafood on top. Tasted good, but I prefer to have it without any toppings.

Overall it was quite a good meal. Pricewise, it was not cheap, ranging from 60k-90k. But I found they are using local syrup for drinks and dessert. Is it a yes or no?

The Cup Rice and Noodle
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah KapukJakarta Utara021 99250250

Monday, December 15, 2014

Shirayuki Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hello, just got back from Semarang for my forensic department. It was only 2 weeks but felt so long. I guess I love Jakarta more, since Semarang is waaay hotter than Jakarta. Even Jakarta was quite hot recently, eh?

Okay then, I guess I have to catch up all the late post because I was really, like really really busy with my medical things. On my last 2 months I did not post any single thing because I was on Neurology and right after that moved to Semarang for Forensic. CSI much? lol

Driving through PIK area, amazed me much. Those new comers were like lining up and waiting to be entered. So I decided to spend a really fine afternoon trying The Cup and Shirayuki. Let's start with Shirayuki first, shall we?

Located next to Rainbow Kitchen, it was not hard to spot Shirayuki. Basically it is a dessert house with soft cream based and cute cotton candies as their specialties. It is not huge, and there are packed all the time. Anyway, they had main courses too! Too bad I had my lunch before I get here.

So I had this Bailey's Kanteen (36k), which come in a set of three plates.One for the jelly, one for the Bailey's, and the other one for the matcha soft cream. The jelly turned out to be really, really soft, which I love. And I do glad I could tasted their Bailey as well. Their soft cream was really good too. The matcha was perfectly fine, without being too strong or too light.

Oops! I guess I took too much time to snap it.

Fried Chocolate Mars Bars Fusion with Chocolate Syrup (39k), and of course, with soft cream. The soft cream was the combination of matcha and chocolate. Their chocolate soft cream was good too, without being too sweet. The mars bar on the bottom was beyond my expectation too! Once I had it way too greasy, but this one was not that sinfully-greasy at all. Crispy outside with gooey-caramel-filling inside.


What I liked about it was everything was quite light and was not overwhelmingly sweet. Too bad I did not try their cotton candy, which means I have to go back here soon, and try their savory dish too. Overall it was a fine, fine afternoon!

Rukan Emerald, Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
021 29704981
Open at 12 am

Friday, October 10, 2014

Ippudo Indonesia : it's finally here!

Ramen is not really my thing. It's not that I don't find them tasty, it surely is, but I do not like the-too-much-I-just-could-not-have-any-other-dessert after having them. I prefer udon, while they are lighter in broth and give me healthier feeling.
But when Ippudo Indonesia opened their first branch in Pacific Place Mal, I just could not resist it. Some fellow foodies uploaded their scrumptious-looking-thick-broth in instagram and all of sudden it went viral. Some loved it, some said no, but I have to try it with my own taste buds, right? ;)

Brief explanation about it, Ippudo is one of the well-known ramen chain in the world. From New York to Singapore and Sydney, they have it all. Their speciality? Hakata tonkotsu broth soup. Hakata broth soup originates from Fukuoka City, offering a rich, milky, with pork bone tonkotsu and thin non curly noodle. Having those stores worldwide are surely a proof that they serve great ramen.

Located in the 5th floor of Pacific Place Mal, next to Kanpai, the queue is patiently waiting during the lunch/ dinner time. Location wise, it was great to have their first store in the middle of business district in Jakarta. It was quite dark inside, with the Japanese touch of wooden seats and open kitchen, which remind me of their store in Singapore. Noisy ambiance is gonna welcome you, like any other ramen house in Jakarta.

Start with this famous Ippudo pork bun (28k), came with 3 options of filling (pork, shrimp, chicken) . It was really plain on the presentation, to be honest. Pork bun with a slice with pork belly, cabbage, and special sauce, cut into two. It was good, soft bun with tasty pork belly (pork belly save the meal!) and sauce to bring up the taste. But for a pork bun with 30k, it have to be crazily good, right?

Seared salmon roll with mentaiko and cod roe (89k)
Champion of the day. Beautifully presented fresh salmon, great taste of burnt mayonnaise, great Japanese rice, it was a perfect match. I loved the way all of the components melted in my mouth, rousing all my taste buds to be happy!

Shiromaru Motoaji (90k) :  Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth with thin noodles, pork belly, spring onions, cabbage, and black fungus. It was good, with lighter-than-usual ramen broth, but I felt like it was not kicking my taste buds. Runny boiled egg was awesome, thick pork belly was great. 

Karaka-Men (90k) : Ippudo's original tonkotsu broth with spicy miso (most favorite in Indonesia, they said), pork, cabbage, garlic oil, cashew nuts and spring onions. This one was thicker and the broth was tastier.  Everything on the bowl was really rich, and I found the portion was big, which could gave us a-way-too-much-ramen after taste. 

Overall it was a pleasant meal to try. It was not my favorite ramen store though, since I found their sushi pleased me more than their ramen. Well, it's all about preference, right? How about you?

Pacific Place Mal, Lt 5
 Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD, Jakarta
021 57973339

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tredici Ristorante : thirteen

Calling out the foodies out there : a new Italian goodness in Senopati.
It was not hard to find this one, once you find Crematology, step aside to your left, and this pretty white building is residing in Suryo street. First step into this restaurant and I was hooked with the ambiance. Everything was so homey, with fireplace and bricks on the wall, Tredici surely succeeded in offering this kind of atmosphere.

Asking what behind the name, the owner patiently explained that Tredici means thirteen, without any specific meaning, just personal favorite, was chosen to be the title of their new baby. Basically their concept was making an Italian restaurant with affordable price without losing its authenticity and ignoring Indonesian's palate.

Going through the building made me love it even more. Behind the homey area, there was this kind of outdoor blue and green were dominating, blue pond was on the corner. Such a refreshment to the eyes. And ice cream to accompany the feeling? It was just a matchy-matchy!

Caprese (68k). 
A colorful starter consisted of tomato, mozarella cheese, black pepper, oregano, and balsamic modena vinegar. I like the freshness of everything on the plate!

Gnocchi Valle D'Aosta (85k)
Potato dumpling with great texture, mixed with tasty shitake mushroom cream sauce, with cuts of fontina cheese on top. I love the way it blended in my mouth, Everything on the plate was flavorful.

Lonza Di Maiale Pizzaiola (96k): fried pork loin with white wine. A little disappointment for the pork, it was a bit chewy and was not suitable for my liking. The sauce was too sour and everything on the plate was too overwhelming. The side dishes were great though, buttered spinach with great seasoning and palatable potato gratin to save the plate.

Champion of the day: Salmone Al Cipollotto (118k). A big chunk of Norwegian salmon with great seasoning, I prefer having this one without the tomato herbs ragout on the bottom of it. It was not bad though, I just could not stand the strong sour taste. Sauteed vegetables and butter vegetable were just okay, anyway.

One word to describe Tredici : it was pretty, and they are preparing the bar area in level 2, It must be great having a place to drink up in this comfortable place. Looking forward for another visit to try their pizza and tiramisu (they said it was really good, too bad I could not give it a try because it was not ready). Services were fine, although I found they were a bit confused about details in menu when I did ask them. Well, they are still new anyway. Can't wait until they're settling everything down!

Tredici Ristorante
Jl. Suryo no 42, Senopati
Jakarta Pusat
021 7204567

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fat Straw : The original honey boba

I am a big fan of bubble drink. I just can't resist the chewiness and sweetness inside it. I used to be a sucker for Chatime and closed for any other bubble drink. But some of them offered much more interesting concept and now I am open to try them!

Fat straw just opened their second branch in Gandaria City, after having one in Kelapa Gading. Good idea of spreading their wings in South area after settling down in North one. And Gandaria City is much closer to me, and it made me excited to try it even more.
I loved their store in Gandaria City, the catchy name, the color, the ambiance, the lighting. Every little aspect of this place was such a good combination to make a great hang-out spot. And of course, a good food and drink. ;)

I rewarded myself with peach green tea with honey boba (17k), milk tea with honey boba (18k), ice milk drink with honey boba (28k), and ice milk drink with honey boba taro pudding (28k). I prefer the milk tea one since their milk drink was too sweet for me, even in less sugar one. The best think about it was their honey boba, perfect consistency of chewiness, oh and have it in large size to make it even cuter with the fat short packaging!

And yes, do order their toast while you're enjoying the drink. Brick toast with matcha cream (28k) was such a perfect companion through this sweet afternoon. Thick toast covered in green tea jam (yes, green tea jam, interesting right?;) ) and green tea ice cream. Beautiful presentation, and I was in love in my first bite. Everything was mixed so well in my taste buds.
I did have fat toast too. Not a bih fan of it, because of the greasy fried toast with peanut butter inside. Tasted great though, if only the could make it less oily.
I intended to be back soon to try another toast of theirs. They did have honey boba toast on the menu and I haven't tried it yet!

Overall this place is really lovable. Great food and drink indeed! ;)

Fat straw

Gandaria City Mall
Level G Unit MG6

Jl. Kelapa Niasa Raya, blok QB 5 no 6
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara
021 4584070

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wake Cup Coffee

Having a tiny coffee shop has been my secret little dream since long time ago, so when a friend of mine told me that he was opening one, I was more than excited. Excited to be happy of my friend's great job and excited to try another new coffee shop in town.

Turned out it was not their first shop, Wake Cup had its sisters in Graha BIP and Wisma 77. I loved how they gave it the name: Wake Cup. Sounds catchy and creative. It was not big, but it was easily found in Metro lower ground. Such a perfect place for daddies to wait for mommies, huh? Expanding their wings to Gandaria City was one big good step!

They're using house blend Aceh gayo and West Java. I just loved to see the coffee drip.

Firstly, excuse my picture because I found it was quite dark and my digital camera was not compatible with the dark ambiance. 
Well, it was the taste that matter,right?
I do not know much about coffee, but I found myself a fan of their Coffee Latte (21k). A smooth one. A kick to start the day.
I did try their green tea latte, tasted good, but it was too sweet for my liking. 

Tuna Salad croissant (24k).
Freshly home-made croissant with tuna and mayonnaise. The croissant itself was crunchy, although my kind of favorite one is the crispy outside-chewy inside-one, it was not bad.

Overall the taste was quite good, although I have not tried another menu of theirs. With affordable price and decent coffee, Wake Cup could be your take-away-wake-up-coffee, or an afternoon kick to keep those eyes wide open.

Wake Cup Coffee 
Gandaria City Mall
LG, inside Metro Depr Store
Jak Sel

Graha BIP
Jl. Gatot Subroto kav 23
Jak Sel