Wednesday, December 23, 2015


As you know I paid a visit to Food Fighters a while ago (click here for the previous review) and loved it! They have so many selections of food and I only had some of them. So I guess this hidden gem worth the second visit.

It is a good thing that I revisit Food Fighters in mid December, the weather is nice and a bit windy. So it is not a problem to enjoy this place, in their open air.

Let's dig into the food!

Shrimp salty egg - 35k
Got myself shrimp salty egg pasta. Basically it is fettucine cooked with creamy sauce, served with a hint of salted egg. Pasta was al dente, seasoned quite well but I'd like to taste richer flavor on this one. Cuts of egg white and prawns were served on top to beautify the dish. It was quite an enjoyable one!

Rice bowl oma (chicken) - 25k
This rice bowl from Sate Bumbu Oma is such heart warming dish. A bowl of tasty and tender chicken satay (you can have it with lamb too) served with their special sauce. You can also choose the sauce in sweet or spicy, special from NTT. I chose the spicy one because my brother is not a fond of spicy thing, it was good, but I think the spicy one would be a better company for the bowl. A heart warming dish indeed!

Black magic noodle - 45k
Now this one is my favorite! Maybe some of you knew it already that I am such a sucker for fried noodle, And I chose it right! This black magic noodle was made of charcoal and really was real gem! Tasty (and a bit spicy) black noodle, well seasoned, with fried egg and flavorful chicken for the sidedish. Such a beautiful flavor, in a humble way.

Kue cubit - 20k
Well I know that I had quite a lotsa food, but I could not say no to this all time favorite kue cubit from Kantin SD. I had it while it was still warm, and they just melted in my mouth, beautifully. I had one with original and one with chocolate flavor, and I should say the chocolate one was the winner. I was such a happy kid! 

Blue Smokigori - 35k
One of their favorite menu is Smokigori, which actually was beverage made of syrups, jelly, served with quite an attraction. Inthe glass they have pinneaple and lemon syrup, accompanied with curracao syrup in the bottle.

Strawberry blast - 30k
Judas Kitchen could be the choice to satisfy the needs in sunny days. They have several menus of smoothies and pressed juices and I just could not decide what to try because they sounds really nice! So I greated myself with berry smoothis, consisted of strawberry, strawberry jam,low fat ice cream, and skim milk. This cup was fresh and enjoyable, without feeling too guilty because they use low fat ingredients in it.

This is the last one, I promise! ;)
Martabak Factory is one of the latest stall in Food Fighters. one of their speciality is martabak with 8 different toppings and looked really nice. Too bad the ingredients were not ready while I was there so I got myself small martabak with 4 toppings. Quite a pleasing one, with peanuts, cheese, oreo, and chocolate on the top of it. Such a palatable closure for the day!

Overall I did have a good time. Nice ambiance with breezy open air and tasty food were the highlights of my second visit. Make sure you try the goodness too!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Food Fighters
Melawai IV No.7 (near Favehotel Melawai)
10 am to 10pm

Sunday, December 13, 2015


Serpong is always one of my favorite spot to go, first because it's far away from the city so the traffic is not as bad as in jakarta and of course the numbers of coffee shop that has been popped up lately. Seriously serpong has a lot of coffeeshops, but my eyes caught on one of the newest that is "Daily Press Coffee". It's not hard to find, the place is near to turning point coffee, so if you've visited turning point, daily press is just a few home next door.

You'll soon realize the place is so nice and cozy with a lot of instagenic corners, well i'm a big fan of interior design eventhough i know nothing about them, it's just so pleasing to the eye. They served a various type of coffees and treats as well, their speciality? Malibu coconut and ice jamaican, i ordered the malibu coconut while my sister and my friend ordered a Flat White and Red Velvet Latte.

The Malibu Coconut has a unique taste where coffee meet coconut, mixed with coconut syrup the coffee blend with it swiftly, not so sweet just the way i liked it. You'll find it kind of tasty and refreshing i would highly recommend it. No wonder they called it their speciality.

The Red Velvet is kind of nice as well but they served it a little to sweet for me, if you're a big fan of sweet taste i'm sure you'll like it. The Flat White is also very tasty with a low acidity in it, you can really taste the espresso with a high quality coffee beans.

Not forgetting the treats i think the chocolate croissant is kick ass, not just for the big size but delicious taste as well, love the crunch and the sweet chocolate in it, surely who wouldn't love to spend the day with coffee and croissant, right right?? The banana cake is not bad as well poured with a lot of caramel sauce and a bit of cinnamon taste in it, can't beat the croissant though but still enjoyable to had.

Despite the numbers of coffee shops that brewing right now "Daily Press Coffee" has it's own uniqueness in both taste,ambiance and place. It is a very nice place to visit and just very relaxing to a enjoy a cup of coffee. The coffees are great and some of it is unique and suprisingly good, served with a lot of delicious treats. It's becoming one of my favorite coffeeshop in town. Keep up the good work, and will surely comeback for more someday.

Daily Press Coffee
Ruko Golden 8, Blok J No. 5,
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara,
Gading Serpong, Serpong Utara
Opening Hour : 10am to 10pm

Best Regards,
Jonathan Christian
IG: Jochristian

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Say Something Coffee

Hello there people,

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Jonathan Christian Limanjaya, the reason for the introduction is because this is the first time that i try to write a review. You see, i usually just help my sister take some photos of the food and then she put it on the blog and yes Jessica is my big sis that eventually ask me to write so here it goes.

I believe that a lot of people is a big fan of coffee but the trend of going and relaxing in a coffee shop was just popping a few years back and now coffee shop has been a really popular place to hangout not just for coffee lovers but hipsters and etc, and not just for the great smell and taste of the coffee but also of the warm and cozy ambiance of the place with various design and itself uniqueness, many coffee shops pops up around South Jakarta and Tangerang lately. One coffee shop find itself to open in West Jakarta, the place is called SAY SOMETHING COFFEE, it's so lovely to have a coffee shop near my home.

When I first come in I really like the dark shady ambiance of the first floor and the warm welcoming of the barista.

We ordered a latte, a flat white and banana cake of course!! We sat in the 2nd floor, it's a really cozy place to relax and a really cool place to take photos

The flat white and latte came in with pretty presentation. I had quite high hopes for the goodness of the coffee but when i taste it they have a high acidity in their coffee and i'm not a big fan with high acidity coffee, some people might like it though. My sister is a big fan of banana cake and whenever and wherever she saw one surely it will end up in her tummy, the banana cake is pretty tasty with a hint of cinnamon and caramel sauce that will surely complete your coffee time. Anyway, It's a really cool and cozy place to relax, the coffee is good but not great but the cake wins my heart, you can bring your family and just have a good relaxing time.

Ruko Grand Aries Niaga, Blok G1 No. 2-0 
Jl Aries Utama, Meruya
Jakarta Barat
Opening hour: 9 am to 8 pm

Best regards.
Jonathan Christian 
IG : @jochristian

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Farm To Table Event at C's Steak and Seafood Grand Hyatt Hotel

Local ingredients sometimes could be underestimated. We, as a customer, usually prefer import ingredients because they are more tender and richer in flavor. The good thing is, Qraved together with C's Steak and Seafood at Grand Hyatt Hotel in FARM TO TABLE event, is here to introduce the goodness of local ingredients. The ingredients come directly from the farm into the hands of the talented chef, to be magically cooked into great dish.

Why using local ingredients?
They are closer with the kitchen, means they are not tightly packed and shipped in long distance. You can enjoy it in their ripest time, which is actually really good, because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are as nutritious as the imported one. The chef also can keep in touch with the local season of the farm product. Moreover, by using local food we are helping the life of Indonesian farmer, whose product is good too!

Indonesian seafood platter

Local momotoro tomato salad

Indonesian blue swimmer crab cake

Shaved vegetable salad

The night was opened with good appetizer. The seafood platter was fresh and tasty. Clams, lobster, prawn, you name it. The local momotoro tomato salad, surprisingly, tasted really good. The tomato was fresh, seasoned well, not to mention the cheese that made it even better. Shaved vegetable salad was a real pure fresh salad, with olive oil for the dressing. Those ingredients is the freshest you can get!

Beef with its condiment

Jumped into the main course, this big plate was such a feast!
The ribs, which was my favorite turned out to be the winner. Very tender, easily separated by fork. Greatly seasoned with flavorful sauce. The sirloin also came it great flavor! The grilled chicken was flavorful and enjoyable too, this was as good as the beef. The main course was accompanied by tasty cream spinach (I could not stop to dig in!) and enjoyable cuts of mushroom. 

Indonesian chocolate trio

A good dinner should be ended with a sweet one. They offered the chocolate trio, which was basically a plate of 3 kinds of chocolate with rich and flavorful taste. The chocolate trio came with pretty presentation, too! They had chocolate chiffon cake, chocolate mousse, and ice cream chocolate. The sweet flavor was not overwhelming, a good ending for the night.

Overall I had a really great dinner. Tasty food with fresh local ingredients by the talented chef, great service by Grand Hyatt Hotel, and an enjoyable night by Qraved. 
Let's support the locals!

Thanks to Grand Hyatt Hotel and Qraved for having me!

C's Steak and Seafood
    Jalan M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
    Grand Hyatt Hotel On the 4th Level of the hotel, Central Jakarta 10350


Say hello to Arraseo! Located in the busy street of Senopati, this Korean restaurant is not a newbie, but the goodness of their meal deserve the review! Was trying some of their new menus there, and surely those were one of my comfort food in Senopati. You know, the thing that comforting much when you are in hunger, they won't go wrong.

Let's jump into the food!

Gyu salad (78k)
Starting my lunch with something tasty yet flavorful. Fresh lettuce with tasty dressing, cuts of tomatoes, and slices of wagyu were such a good combination for a starter. Wagyu were tender with great seasoning.

Giblets shack (35k)
Okay now this is new. Cuts of giblets cooked with style on a sizzling pan. Good seasoning with cuts of chilly to make it richer. Never thought of it before! Suprisingly this one was quite good, especially for those who's a big fan of giblets!

Cheese chicken (85k)
My favorite meal of the day! Cuts of tender chicken, cooked with vegetables, with generous melted mozarella on top. The pouring sauce was very tasty, reminded me of sweet and sour chicken, but even better. I just could not stop myself to dig in the food!

Arasseo steak tartare (150k)
Now they caught me by surprise! This raw beef with egg yolk was such a pleasing plate, combined with their special sauce which made it really really good! The beef just melted in my mouth, like a burst of firework. Everthing on the plate was supporting each other to make a great taste. They came in pretty presentation with generous portion too!

Dream roll (49k)
Simply satisfying egg roll with fish roe, mayonnaise, and cheese filling. Egg roll and cheese won't ever fail, right? This one was pretty tasty. Such a comfort food indeed.

Oh my gyu (80k)
I am such a sucker for gyu tan lately, and I can say this one was pretty good! The gyutan was generous, some of them was chewy, but mostly was good. Seasoning was quite flavorful. I won't mind to have it as my comfort lunch.

Tartare dream (55k)
This one simply enjoyable! Imagine a bowl with warm rice, with cuts of lettuce, fried chicken, and their special tartare sauce. Simple, but this one really hooked my heart because it could deliver a comfort bowl with its simplicity. One of my favorite!

Beef grill with rice ball (125-220k)

I also had their Korean pancake with brown sugar filling, served with vanilla ice cream on top. Such a sweet ending to my enjoyable meal!
Overall I had a lovely afternoon, pleasant food, with good ambiance. Go give it a try!

Jl. Senopati no 16
Jakarta Pusat

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya
IG: @jechristy

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Breakfast at Amber Chocolate Bar

Hello December! It's gonna be my first post in December!
So December is surely a moment of giving and sharing. Exchanging gift is surely of the routines most people have recently. I personally like those feeling to look for gift, more over when it really match the one they need. I used to be the Santa in my family because I always give those gift around Christmas, but everyone's getting busy and recently we just had dinner on Christmas. 

I guess that's the reason we exchange gift among friends, and of course, a dine in pretty place with Christmas ambiance would be really nice.

I read some post about Amber. I had tried their dessert. But when I knew that they're having breakfast menu, I just could not hold it. I have to try it! They have selections of sweet and savoury menu. Besides I know that Amber has its pretty place that would be really nice to dine in. 

PS: Their breakfast menu come with coffee or tea for around 50-100k. Quite affordable, I guess.

Quiche lorraine
I basically liked this one. Heart warming quiche with cuts of beef and mushroom. Texture was nice, seasoning was good, served with salad and baked tomato. Portion wise, it was not overwhelming. This one actually was quite similar with my favorite quiche at local coffee shop.

Croissant french toast
This one was the winner of the day! Fragrant croissant with cuts of apple and strawberries, sprinkled with almond, chantily cream, butterscotch, and vanilla ice cream. Everything really was a feast on my plate. Delightful flavor with pretty presentation. Such a really pleasant dish.

Overall I really had a pretty breakfast at Amber. Christmas ambiance with tasty yet pretty breakfast really was the highlight of this visit. This could be the choice for your Christmas brunch!

Amber Chocolate Bar
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 61

Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta

021 29044412