Sunday, May 29, 2016


Hello there!
So excited to talk about this one because by the time I wrote this, they are only 1 week old, which means I can spoil earlier you the goodness of their place!

Finding Mister Sunday is not hard, they are located in the busy street of Cikajang, in the same row with Sophie Authentique, next to Cut the Crab. It looks like an unfinished building from the outside, rustic feeling and finding parking lot might be an issue here.

Mister Sunday is located on the second floor of the building. Entering via the metal stair, giving the strong industrial ambiance of this place. Big window with natural light might be the winner for capturing the beauty here. Simply said: I love it.

Basically Mister Sunday is a cafe that served Australian kinda brunch. They have several menus and I did confuse at first because I wanted to try it all! (God, I love brunch!) Finally I decided to have some of their favorites.

Loving the natural light.

with sambal matah, coriander yoghurt, tomato cherries & mesclun lettuce. I personally did have my high hopes on this one. Brioche is one of my favorite kind of bread and hearing that they were pairing it with pork belly just excited me. Honestly it was good. Brioche was fine, pork belly was undoubtedly tasty, but the winner was sambal matah, gave it a kick on the flavor.

I love french toast and I did have french toast favorite list of mine. Theirs was actually just okay. Stacked bread with cheese and pork bacon, not to mention the maple syrup on it was yummy. But I felt like I need a kick on this one. Good enough, but was not the best I've ever had.

It did bother me at first because when I ordered this the waitress did mention that the cake was 45k for that day. Is it mean the price for the cake change every other day? Because I read some of my friends' reviews and the price was kinda different. Well anyway this one was good! Super light and moist, but still have that strong chocolate flavor to complete your brunch.

This one was my favorite. So dense, so sticky, and tasted soo sooo good. Caramel touch on top made it perfect. However I found it was so dense I wouldn't be able to have it by myself. So I recommend you to share to feel less guilty about it.

So basically I did have good time. Good place, enjoyable meal, good companion. Mister Sunday could be your option to have brunch in Jakarta!

Mister Sunday
Jalan Cikajang no 30 (next to Cut the Crab)
South Jakarta
+628111776185 / +6281286873131

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Saturday, May 21, 2016

SKYE JAKARTA : new lunch menu

Hello people! I am currently having my spare time and I guess I will see you often through my blog. I am waiting for my internship schedule on August and having this 3 months holiday. I think I will explore more about my city.

SKYE, one of the well-known restaurant in Jakarta, invited me to try their latest lunch menu. Lately chef Hamish Lindsay from New Zealand did join them as their executive chef. I was so excited because as an Ismaya fan, SKYE amazed me a lot with its beauty from the top of Jakarta. So I was so thrilled to try their goodness this time!

Lunch with a view.

I saw the menu description and found that basically their lunch menu consisted a lot of meat. As you know I was actually not a really meaty person, but that's a good thing because it means I reviewed this menu as objective as I could. Beef, lamb, chicken, tuna, you got it all here!

Poke Cones
Marinated diced tuna, wasabi cream fraiche, avocado sorbet, and jalapeno. 
Started with this pretty appetizer, they served us fresh tuna with style! I was actually quite a big fan of fresh raw food, especially when it came with tuna or salmon. This one had its unique taste and quite strong wasabi on top. Some of you might find it had uncommon taste, but I am sure some people might actually love it!

Beef Tataki
Crispy tortila, teriyaki aioli, roasted chili, and rocket
Another fresh raw food, and this is MY FAVORITE THING AMONG ALL. I am not a beef person, lamb and beef are meats I usually avoid from, but this one was killing it! The teriyaki aioli played big role as it gave its tasty sauce feeling above the tortilla layer. Recommended one!

Crispy chicken slider
Black buns, crispy chicken southern, spicy harissa, coriander yoghurt
I knew some of you wanted to play safe when it came to lunch. Something that you knew it must be good. This crispy chicken slider might be the choice for you! Unique black bun to make it special, well seasoned fried chicken, vegetables, you got it all! This dishes won my heart, after the tataki of course!

Beef short ribs
Green pea mash, yokshire pudding, mint gremolata
I could not believe this, but I honestly quite a fan of this one! The ribs was so tender I could cut it with my fork, well seasoned as well. Green pea mash made my plate prettier, but I wished it was more salty to make it better. The yokshire pudding was really good! I would love to eat it together with all the component of this dish. One beautiful dish!

Massaman lamb shank
Thai braised lamb shank, baby potatoes, peanuts, coconut cream, and thai basil.
Lam was good, not a big fan of lamb, but theirs was tender. Sauce was great! They used combination of some herbs to deliver its strong flavors they had.

Fettucine nero al vongole
squid ink fettucine, batik clams, baby shrimp, bottarga, lemon mollica.
I really really liked how the squid ink sauce did not make my teeth dirty! I tried some of squid ink pasta and it was kinda handful to clean my mouth every single time I bite it, but SKYE's was so thoughtful they did not leave any marks on my teeth. Flavor was undoubtedly good, with fresh seafood on the top of it.

Spicy grilled chicken
Sriracha chilli caramel, fried eggplant salad, thai basil, crispy shallots
The sauce was my favorite! Spicy, salty, and the eggplant salad madeit even better. This tender chicken was also a choice when you wanted to play it safe.

Overall I did enjoy my lunch here at SKYE. I did recommend you some of my favorites through my writings, I'd like to hear your opinion when you tried it.

Thanks for having me SKYE!

Menara BCA level 56
Jl. MH Thamrin no 56
Central Jakarta

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Coffee hopping is one of my Sunday routines with my brother. We are not an expert in coffee, but we enjoy it much. We usually head to South Jakarta area or Tangerang area to try out the new places, but this time we are exploring Kemanggisan area to fing the hidden gems. We tried to google it first and decided to visit Kedai Lante Satu and All Good Coffee.


This thing caught me at hello. Monocrhomatic store with its minimalist and modern design caught my eye right when I had them. It was spacious, homey, and delivering its humble ambiance. I loved the atmosphere.

All in black and white.

They had some selections of coffees, teas, pastries, and main courses. I was kinda hungry when I got there so I had their rosti and sausages, which was not bad at all. It was humble and reminded me of my home cooking back at my childhood. I did not know why, but I felt that the coffee was too strong for me and I did not finish my cup. Oh I need an expert to go with me next time! Lemon pies was enjoyable, had its balance in sweet and sour with tasty buttery crust on the side. I am a big fan of buttery crust!

I am happy to find this. Will I come back? May be yes, I loved the atmosphere, the food, and the monochromatic feeling. One of my suggestion if you are around Kemanggisan area!


I did hear about All Good! coffee once in Wijaya street, South Jakarta, which has its tiny store when I pass the street. The one in Kemanggisan area is their second store, with convenient store on yhe first floor, and coffee shop behind it and the second floor.

The place was quite spacious, had its moody feeling from the dim light. The only source of light is a window, and I actually kinda liked it. They had a perfect atmosphere when you need your time to immerse in your good book, work, or whenever you need to be alone.

Big breakfast : sausage, egg and pancake. I did not expect any goodness from it, since the presentation is not that appetizing. But apparently, everything is tasty! Loving the pancake, even without its maple syrup or honey, I did enjoy it. However, their latte was a bit watery, kinda turned me off.

overall All good! is a good place to work, while Kedai Lante Satu may be your choice to spending time with friends. 

Kedai Lante Satu
Jl. Kemanggisan Raya no b4/D
West Jakarta

All Good! Coffee
Jl. Kemanggisan Raya no 1b West Jakarta
Jl. Wijaya 1 no 5c South Jakarta

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya


Hello to you Hello Kitty lovers! You are no longer need to go overseas to visit this uber cute cafe because they are settling down in JAKARTA! YEAY!

I know maybe some of you think that this is the old Hello Kitty Cafe located in PIK near Happy Puppy area, but it is not! This is the original Hello Kitty Cafe Japan! Everything on the store is very cute and girly and perfect for your quality time with your girls. (Sorry boys!)

Well honestly I did not expect it to be this impressive, but they sure did! The decoration, the presentation, the ambiance really deliver the Hello Kitty atmosphere like I imagined before. EVERYTHING IS SO INSTAGENIC! ❤️ 

Lets dig in the food!

Mushroom soup is okay, good texture with quite strong mushroom taste. The pink bread on the top make it even cuter. Much love!

Kitty's slider - 55k
Bun is very pretty, with Kitty's face all around the buns. It is quite fluffy, meat is quite good too. They have 3 sauces in it: Aioli sauce, regular, and cheese.  Enjoyable one indeed. 

Hot dog-75k
Bun is okay, this one is using pork sausage though.

Nasi goreng gila-65k
I did not expect it to be good, but this is one of my favorite dish here! Seasoned well, generous topping, not to mention the Kitty shape of the rice. 

Very very pink! Pink kitty bread with egg salad in it. 

Bacon bits fries - 48k
I love love the presentation of using Kitty's face on the packaging, very girly! They come with bits of spam and mayonnaise sauce too. Good appetizer. 

I also love how the presentation is : Kitty's face, with wooden props for the maple syrup, very very pretty. They come in two variation: banana maple and chocolate. Their waffle is kinda crunch type, I prefer to have a fluffy one. 
Oh they also have the savory waffle with fried chicken and mozarella cheese!

Kitty Zilla-98k
Kitty zilla is a HUGE glass of banana shakes. Well, I love banana and I find it not to sweet and enjoyable. It is not overwhelming, well, except the size! Sharing for 4-5 people is perfect for this, though.

Brick toast-88k
Lovely-looking brick toast. Very girly with pink soft serve on top.

Cupcakes-35k per piece and cakes-68k per piece
Cakes and cupcakes come from Sugabites patisserie, cake is moist, a bit to sweet for me, but taste is yummy!

Overall I am quite impressed with the food. I thought it would be just cute and pretty, but turns out it is enjoyable and palatable as well! I might be back with my girls for afternoon tea, gossip, and I think you girls are gonna love it, a lot! 

Well good luck to you, Hello Kitty Cafe! Thanks for having me!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Hello Kitty Cafe
Rukan Crown Golf blok D no 29-30
Bukit Gold Mediterania, PIK
North Jakarta
Opening hour: 11am - 10pm