Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Fctry Bistro : brunch in the neighborhood

Having brunch in my neighborhood? I was more than excited. I remembered going to Kemang area, allowing my patience beat the traffic, just to have a great satisfying brunch menu to my palate. So when this bistro was opened in Lippo mal St. Moritz, and knowing that they were serving brunch, I just could not wait to try!

The Fctry Bistro was located in one of the newest building in Puri Indah area. It was a futuristic one, with metallic and wooden interior dominating the space. It was not spacious. The lighting were perfect for me to capture my shot, but unfortunately the sunlight was quite striking, and the air conditioner was defeated.

Complimentary bread. A fluffy-fluffy one for sure! Love the buttery fragrant of this one.

Caesar salad (60k). Great appetizer to open the festive. The presentation was so fresh, and everything was pleasing my mouth. The dressing was not overwhelming, well-balanced in every bite. Love the crunchy bacon (well, I know it was not that healthy :p) and grilled chicken on top! 

Crispy pork belly (150k). A plate of beautifully presented crispy pork belly and mashed potato at the bottom. The mashed potato was quite fragrant and tasted nice. And, it was really crunchy! Tender pork with layers of fat and the goodness of the skin? Well, hands down to this one. 

Minute steak. A slice of steak with rosti on the bottom and creamy mushroom sauce on top. Was not a fan of the steak, although it was good, I found the fatty part was quite much. But the rosti was great, never know this combination could be my favorite. And the sauce was a top notch!

Overall it was a satisfying and pleasing one for me. It's on my neighborhood and serve good food. Although I found that the price was not cheap. But I just can't wait to another visit, gonna try their another brunch menu for sure!

The Fctry Bistro
St. Moritz Puri Indah
(Electronic City Building)
West Jakarta

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jean's Chilly Chicken Gandaria City Jakarta

I drove along the road, heading to South. My mind went back to a few years ago, flew away with memories of my dream trip to Sydney. It was not a compulsive one, it was one of my-to-do-list-before-I-die. After months of planning, I had the opportunity to have that one came true!
Surely it was a great great memories. I loved everything about that city. Crowded city, lovely suburbs, pleasant people, with great food. I remembered taking train to reach this famous Korean food. After minutes of trip and few blocks to go through, I finally had my first Jean's chilly chicken experience.

The one that located in Gandaria City is not that famous, I wonder why. It was quite a gloomy ambiance they had, and surprisingly they did not familiarize the way to eat this. I had myself jean's chilly chicken mixed with cheese chilly chicken in regular size (around 80k). I recommend to make an order in reguler size, to have the chicken on a hotplate (they used usual plating for the small size). Do not forget to have their rice ball (25k) which basically was rice with toasted seaweed and sesame and came with plastic gloves and scissor. The fun part was, you could make your own rice bowl. I personally liked mine with big chunks of chilly chicken with thin wrap of rice! Another plate of chilly chicken egg roll was quite pleasing too. Egg roll met chicken and mozzarella cheese was supposed to be good, right?

Calories. Oh well. Life's to short to be on diet! :p

And here was my recent obsession: Tteobokki! (65k)
I loved the consistency, some restaurants made it too rubbery, while some made it a bit too mushy. But theirs was great. With the twist of mozarella, fish cake, and good sweet chilly sauce, I just could not resist this!

The one in Sydney was always be the winner, but this one was enough to bring back the memories.

PS: I am currently eating tteobokki a lot. Any recommendation of a good one? ;)

Jean's Chilly Chicken
Gandaria City Mall
Upper Ground
021 29236374

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Soothing fragrance of coffee in the air would welcome you, like a warm hello. A step inside, and I was hooked. All things were too pretty to be missed. Outdoor area was accompanied by the warmth of afternoon sunlight, which was the best part to take some pictures. Too bad it was not allowed to take some photos inside, they had vintage things which could beautify my shots.

I remembered it was not too hard to find. A sign of Giyanti Coffee Roastery could be seen at the right side of this street. Giyanti Coffee had these 2 area, outdoor and indoor. They offer a cozy one inside, and had this greener feeling outside. Both were quite packed at the moment I visited them.

Coffee latte (37k) and flat white(37k). 
I am not a coffee specialist, but I am into latte. I loved they way it had this milky taste and not-too-strong-coffee. Flat white was such a pleasing cup too, quite similar with latte, but less milky taste. 

Cheese brownies. (30k)
A great plate of cheese brownies. A classic combination of chocolate and cheese. It was not overwhelmingly sweet, which was perfect for me. Oh, and I did order an apple pie, which was not actually a pie, it was more like a pastry with apple filling, which was quite good and pleasing.

I love the way Giyanti introduced themselves with this ambiance. My favorite coffee shop so far. Good coffee, good food, good atmosphere. Those are the things that matter, aren't they? ;)

Ps: I do not know much about coffee, but please do correct me if I did mention something wrong about it. ;)

Giyanti Coffee Roastery
(open on Wed to Sat, 9.30am - 5.30pm)
Jl. Surabaya no 20, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
021 31923698

Sunday, June 1, 2014

D'Marco: martabak with a twist

They are bold enough, I have to say.
Introducing our famous Indonesian pancake or martabak, in a different way. With their tagline "martabak naik kelas" , D'Marco bravely make an innovation of it.

Martabak burger (30k)
Never thought this combination would get along well, turned out they did! Tasty sliced of ham with cheese and good base of martabak.

Martabak mie
A good snack to enjoy with friends. I prefer mine with chilly sauce without any mayo on top. But still, this one was quite good!

Martabak ovomaltine (35k)
The famous martabak ovomaltine was here! Martabak with ovomaltine jam and ovomaltine powder might be overwhelming, but they served it right with this small portion.

Martabak oreo with icecream
This one needed no introduction. Combination of it all made a good ending to my meal. However it was too sweet for me yet sharing is recommended.

Turned out this was their 2nd birthday, wishing you guys a good luck years ahead! Thanks for having me, anyway. ;)

D' Marco
Jl. Sabang 43 A Jakpus 

Kampung Kemang Foodcourt, Jl. Kemang Raya no.18 (around McD Kemang)

Tebet Cool Spot Foodcourt, Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam no. 18 (near Bakul Tukul)