Monday, August 31, 2015

Sophie Authentique Kemang

Things I envy about Kemang are the ambiance with expats around, the brunch spot, those flower stalls along the street, and Sophie Authentique. Sophie Authentique is a well know French bakery established years ago, and now they are expanding much, having their branches in some spots in South Jakarta. Reaching this pretty place was quite a trip, but I did not mind to have it on weekend.

People say first impression is the most important thing to make a connection. And my first impression to Sophie was "OMG this is so cool!". I loved the ambiance they offered, the pretty corner they had, the cake displays, the wooden tables. Those were only several things I loved about this place.

Here comes my pretty breakfast! Croque madame (70k) with salad on the side. I was pretty I did not want to eat it. The bread was fine and soft, the filling was alright. I was hoping for a thicker toast though. Eggs was pretty, with perfect melted yolk on top. Everything was working so well. But I found this one was quite pricey for a plate of croque madame.

 The melted yolkkkk <3

They also had selection of coffee. And I might say theirs was quite a cup. Taste was just right for a cup of latte. (35k)

And of course having their pastries! I myself had a plate of almond berry tart (45k) and tasted wonderful. Soft and moist with a hint of sour from the berries. The sweetness was not overwhelming.

Overall I really had a good breakfast here. Oh I wished they have one in west area of Jakarta so I no need to drive along to have this goodness.
PS: Don't forget to have their canelle! Really good!

Sophie Authentique
Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 No. 20A, Kemang
South Jakarta
021 7180011
021 7192222

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Food Fighters Melawai

Hello people! Today I'm gonna telling you about this pleasing experience I had while I was visiting this food corner in Melawai area. Been telling you hundreds time that Jakarta's growing madly fast in the term of food industry, and catching up with those foods could be quite challenging sometime. But of course this one is too hard to be missed!

Food fighters is basically a Pasar Santa 2.0. Pasar Santa itself is a well-known market with lots of food tenants in their second floor, which was quite a hype recently. Food fighters is smaller than Pasar Santa, but with nicer ambiance, in my opinion.

Got me reminded of Pixel movie. So cute!

Pretty walls are everywhere. 

Okay lets dig in the food!

One of the tenant is Mie Chino, this one needs no introduction. They are selling chewy noodle with chicken and mushroom topping (35k). I'm not a big fan of chewy noodle, but I did not mind having theirs. The noodle and toppings are well seasoned, and crispy wonton with meatball soup could be a good match of this one. Moreover they are changing the packaging into this cute food box!
PS: They also had bahn mi for sale, but turned out it was not ready when I was there. (Yes, I'm an early riser!;))

Jumbo Burger from Black Jack (45k) was another good food that I had here. Thick sinful juicy patty with egg, cheese, veggies, and mayonnaise sauce. I had quite difficulty to eat all of those goodness in one bite, but I did not mind to get messy at all. They also had black noodle and wraps too! Quite a trend to use charcoal recently, huh?

And this is, my favorite meal of the day : Zucker waffle with chicken and honey mustard (35k). It was finger licking good! The waffle was soft and tasty, just like the way I like good warm waffle. Chicken filling was well seasoned too, and the sauce was a real good match. The portion was a fulfilling one, too! This one instantly won my heart.

And it was not finished without dessert, right? I had Kakigori (35k) from the drink station and it came with an entrance. Jellies and shaved ice on the bottom, with green tea ice cream and caramel popcorn, beautified by huge cotton candy on top. (Yes, it is that huge!) This one could really save you from the sunny day.

Overall I really had a pleasing experience in Food Fighters. The only set back was the open air food corner that could be quite hot. But the food, was really comforting.

Food Fighters
Melawai IV No.7 (near Favehotel Melawai)
10 am to 10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Friday, August 28, 2015

Aree Korean Dessert

Korean dessert is such a hit lately. You can tell by seeing those Korean dessert shop popping out everywhere. Bing soo, their speciality, is basically a bowl of shaved ice with losta syrup and toppings. You can have a joyful ice cream on top to make it complete. While looking at those Korean dessert, I found one that I never heard of before. And the good things is, it's near my home! Yeay!

Located on the second floor of Lippo Mal Puri, Aree Korean dessert might be one of those few shops there. They are settled in the phase 2 building, which is actually the same building with fctry and trattoria. Finding this germ is quite a trip. 

So they recommended me Blueberry cheese bingsoo (65k) and did not take a while to say yes. 

I am not really into dessert, but I found this one suited me well. It was not overly sweet, might be because I had the one with blueberry, which delivered fresh and sour sensation to come along with the sweetness. Vanilla icecream on the top of it was making it even better, and cuts of cheese cake was surely succed to boost the flavor. It did not come with big size, but I believe they had consider the amount of the sweetness and the shaved ice.

I also had rapokki (45k), too! Came with ramen, topokki ( korean rice cake), fish came, and boiled egg. The sauce was not bad, the topokki was a bit too mushy for me, but otherwise it was quite a palatable one. 

The only set back for me is the price. I found it was quite pricey for a bowl of Korean dessert. But overall I have a pleasant meal here. 

Aree Korean Dessert
Lippo mal puri, 2nd floor, phase 2 building
West Jakarta

Friday, August 21, 2015

Honey and Me

Never bored of coffee shops popping up here and there. Right now I'm gonna right about Honey and Me. An adorable coffee shop located in Wijaya street, the heart of South Jakarta. Reaching here was quite a trip for me, as I live in West Jakarta area. Crossing my finger that it will worth the trip!

Location-wise, I love it! Small coffee shop with homey ambiance.Decorated exactly like your favorite corner at home. Sofas and pillows are everywhere. Vintage tables with phones and frames are too lovely on the eye!

Too bad they are not serving brunch menu. I am hoping to pair my coffee with my favorite brunch menu. But fortunately they are serving lunch menu such as pasta and rice bowl.

So I had a cup of latte, a ricebowl and a plate of pasta. My latte came in the ordinary way, it was not disappointing, but did not that great that I would have another one. The ricebowl was paired with chicken and enoki, and for me it just did not work, but somehow still a palatable one. The aglio olio with tuna and lemon was not a champ, but I thought it was the best we had on the table.

So basically it was a nice place to chill. Not a big fan of their coffee and food, but they had one of the most comfortable place I'd ever seen.

Honey and Me
Jl. Wijaya 9 no 4a
Jakarta Selatan

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hajime Ramen House

Ramen house really is something oridinary in Jakarta nowdays. You can easily find it in shopping malls and even in small stalls on the street. But having sizzling steak on the top of ramen, it is kind of extraordinary!

Located strategically in Elang Laut, a growing area at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Some new restaurants are popping here and there along the street. They are the first steak ramen in Indonesia, they said, and they had won several awards in the world of ramen.

Place wise, it was quite spacious and comfortable as well. Dominated with woods which remind you a lot of Japanese house.

Straight to the food!
So we have grilled chicken salad, beef garlic steak, and gyoza for the appetizer. I am a big fan of salad and theirs was just okay and light. Such a good match to open this sinfully meaty dinner. beef garlic steak was not my favorite since I was not into beef, and their chicken gyoza was enjoyable with tasty chicken filling inside.

Their kind of ramen soup was not the thick one like the one I usually had. They had shoyu soup and the original one, both of them were light. You can have it with chicken or beef. The their beef one gave slightly bolder taste, compared to the chicken one. Their homemade ramen was different too! It was not thin but kinda thick and chewy, felt like having a bowl of hard noodle. But so far all of them was quite enjoyable!

And this one is really something new for me : hotplate ramen. Sizzling chicken /beef ramen with meaty fragrant was such an interesting option. Still with their thick ramen, nicely seasoned on the hotplate, with chucks of beef or chicken on top. Did not know why, but their beef ramen had more flavor on it!

Services was kinda slow, might be because of the full house situation. But overall it was one enjoyable dinner! Congratulation for the opening!

Hajime Ramen House
Ruko Elang Laut blok C no 19
Pantai Indah Kapuk

Sunday, August 2, 2015

POCCI Bandung

Strolling around the street Progo, there is this one cute corner, called Pocci, just next to Hardwood, caught my eye with its cuteness. They're still 2 weeks old since their first hello, anyway. Bandung cafe really never cease improving.

It is quite spacious, dominated by red and white, divided into an indoor and outdoor area. The outdoor one offers a comfortable corner with huge puppy painting called Pocci, accompanied by soothing sunlight. Pocci is gonna welcoming you too, on the front door. The indoor one has its own comfort by having big sofas around the corner.

I treated myself with cup of latte and croque monsieur. Their latte (28k), was kinda plain for me. I had a much better one before. More kick was needed to make it a pleasing one. On the other hand, their croque monsieur (55k) was satisfying. A big pack of thick toast with tasty ham and egg on top. A bite of it delivers a very pleasing taste.

I also had a cup of afternoon tea to complete the day. They serve TWG mint tea for 25k in one cup and 50k in a mug. Their cupcakes, came along with the tea, was kinda dry and mushy.

Overall they have this cute little place, with comfortable atmosphere inside. They are still new, improvement here and there gonna make it better! Best of luck!

Jl. Cimanuk 12

Best regards, 
Jessica christy