Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nanny's Pavillon : Le Jardin des Fleurs

I know, I know.
This restaurant is well known already.
Maybe this is one of your weekly pancake supplier.
Or your favorite tuna spaghetti is the reason you were here.
But their Le Jardin des Fleurs is way too sweet to be missed!

There was a time their pasta was my favorite.
Sometimes their pancake was my highlight of the day.
But one time their service was way too slow, or the taste of my pasta was a bit bland.
Still, there are some reasons to keep me coming back.

I guess the sweet details in every room is their distinction. The barn, the bathroom, the sewing room. Each place has its own sweetness, such a pleasure for those playful kids, a comfort for those busy mothers, or just an escape for those little chitchats. 

The one in Central Park Mall was expanding and came up with pretty concept. Le Jardin des Fleurs it is. You could call it The Garden of Flowers. It was just pretty. 
Domination of white, bird cages, wooden chairs, and flower vines. Such a diversion on the eyes.

Dad's favorite fries (35k). A plate of stuffing appetizer! The beef and mozarella on top was yummy and quite glutting. This one was my little brother's delight. He could really eat it all!

Hot tuna spaghetti (49k). The pasta was fine and the tuna was quite yummy with a pinch of spicy flavor.

Uncle Harold Steak (59k). Big slices of grilled beef with creamy sauce on it. The beef was a bit chewy but it was good in flavor.

I was not in the mood for pasta these days. Their savory pancake could really save the day. I've tried the mushroom pancakes once and was a fan of it. So I picked hot banana cheesy waffle this time (39k). It really was a joy in my mouth. A combination of warm pancake with sweet banana, a pinchof maple syrup, and melted mozarella on top. It was like having all time favorite breakfast on the plate!

Nanny's cocktail mango (49k).
A savior in the sunny day.

This one could be my favorite Nanny's branch so far. The prettiness was such a pleasant one. I would come back for another savory waffles!

Nanny's Pavillon.
Central Park Mall
(next to the Nanny's Pavillon Terrace)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marugame Udon & Tempura : a bowl of warmth

Hi you!
Sorry for the absence. I've been busy with those exams and thanks God I've passed it.;)
And yes, I was rewarding myself with a bowl of comfort.

Japanese food is always my food of choice whenever I don't have any other preference. Today is not for sushi, I am looking for something more authentic. Something like a reminder of a warmth. Something which is not bore me. 
Udon it is.

Located in the center of hilarity of Taman Anggrek, Marugame Udon is packed all the time. The open kitchen is appealing, and they serve those enticing complement which is so hard to resist.
From the simplest form of mildly flavoured Kake Udon, to uniquely chilled Zaru udon.
Not a fan of Udon? The rice bowl can be a good pleasure, too!

Join the queue, pick your udon or rice of bowl, please yourself with choice of tempura, croquette and inari!

My choice of udon : Niku udon (45k)
Perfect texture of udon, refreshing traditional soup, and tender slices of beef.
Don't forget to sprinkle the crunchy Tanuki on top.
It's such a reminder of a good heart-warming bowl of meal!

I can't forbear to try the all the complements. So I end up choosing beef croquette, inari, and egg tempura. The beef croquette was great, crunchy outside and rich of flavors inside. I just can't stop munching it till the last piece. The inari is just fine, but they are so generous in giving the Japanese rice inside. The egg tempura was my another favorite, the half-cooked yolk is beautiful and give a dominating yummy flavor.

It is surely my new favorite Japanese food. Can't wait for another visit to try their rice bowl! (or another beef croquette and egg tempura!)

Marugame Udon
Mall Taman Anggrek
3rd floor
(next to Pizza Hut)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Luciole Bistro : pretty fireflies

Jakarta boisterousness was supported by those hip places trying to indulge our needs. Some of them hold out their comfort places, some of them have it with cushy meals as their extra points, while sometimes some them offer a pricey one without a decent meal.

While cafes, brasseries, and restaurants was filling every corner of Jakarta, a bistro was trying to serve an affordable and luxury in the same time. Located in the middle of Tribeca Park in Central Park, Luciole Bistro put on a sanity of those green ambiance with fusion Asian and Western food as their specialties. 


Luciole means fireflies in French. They have Ralph and Suzy as their icons, running around to catch those beautiful fireflies.
Such a pretty name, isn't it?

The lighting of the bistro was great in those sunny days, emitting the beauty in every corner of it.

Craving for an-after-work-drink-and-chitchat? Luciole serve beers and cocktails until late, too!

Shanghai moon (39k). Dominated with orange and a touch of soda. A glass to save the sunny day! 

Here comes the appetizer. I was interested to give it a try since the first time I took a look at their menu. Salmon crackers (50k). A big plate of spring roll with salmon and vegetable inside. The salmon was nice and generous. I could find those big chunks inside. The spring roll was served with salad which was a good complement. The thai sauce on the top of it made it even better.

Aglio Olio (55k). A plate of well-cooked spaghetti with mushrooms and herbs on it. Aglio olio supposed to be a spicy one but I did not feel any. So I add a pinch of chili powder and turned out it was a palatable one.

 Carbonara penne (59k). This one surely was my new favorite pasta in town. The texture of penne was  perfect. The sauce was creamy, bold and dominating. Asked for cheese and they would give those big pieces of cheese, which made it more flavorful. 

My favorite spot inside. Table for two next to those pretty greens outside. I spent my whole afternoon in Luciole bistro and this place did not bore me at all.

It was a pleasant afternoon. Good food, good friends, and good service. Too bad I did not try their Asian dishes, but the food I had did not disappoint me at all. Looking forward to try their dessert, too.

Luciole Bistro
Tribeca Park Pavilion #1, Central Park Mall
Jl. Let. Jend S. Parman Kav 28
Jakarta Barat 11470
(021) 2920 0333

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

De luca Plaza Senayan : authentic and tasty Italian

A Thursday afternoon could be a busy one.
Like yoga class and four-hours meeting.
Or it could be a free Thursday, like lingering on comfy bed all day long.
After all those things, all we needed was an enjoyable pretty dinner.

Having an appointment in Senayan could be hard enough in those hours. Traffic jam, full parking lot, crowded restaurant could have been ruining the night. But lucky us, we could find another great place to please our needs.

Located in the center of the basement, De luca could easily attracted people's eyes. It was resided across Monolog, an Australian-style fancy restaurant, and it was one of the busy area in Plaza Senayan.

Their bread compliment was one of my favorite among other restaurants! It was fluffy and sweet. A good opening for the night.

Dory cutlet served with salad and tartar sauce. The sauce was a combination of mayonnaise, chopped pickle, and mustard. Appetizer to save the hungry tummy!

Fettucine with wood-smoked salmon and greens. Al dente pasta, well-cooked aglio olio sauce, tender salmon. A good plate of fettucine indeed! It was my second favorite compared to all dishes.

Homemade ravioli with beef ragu and mascarpone. The pasta was a bit chewy and the tomato sauce was a little too dominating. The beef was just fine. Not a fan of tomato sauce, so it wasn't the winner.

Risotto al funghi. A plate of well-cooked risotto served with thick sauce with pinch of mushroom. Cooking risotto could be a hard one. Some of them just couldn't make it right. De luca's was such a triumph!

Highlight of the night. Beef and spinach cannelloni topped with mozzarella. Basically cannelloni was a cylindrical type of pasta served with filling and sauce. The pasta was al dente and the beef was tender. The mozzarella on top made it even better. The filling and the sauce was a really great combination to my tongue.

If you're looking for an authentic Italian food, this one could be a great satisfaction. I came here twice and I think there would be another visit. I could come back for their cannelloni (and their bread too! )

Un buon cibo vey, anzi!

De luca
Plaza Senayan
Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 A
Jl. Asia Afrika 8 , Senayan
Jakarta 10270, Indonesia