Tuesday, August 22, 2017


As some of my closest people know that I am a big fan of bread. I know I know what you're thinking about. It's not healthy, it's full of butter and flour and sugar, it's the type of carbohydrate you might wanna avoid. But hey, I love it! I can stand having bread for my meal all day long. I remember once that I had a very heavy packed schedule on the hospital and all I got was this 4 slices of plain bread. I had it one for breakfast, one for lunch, and two for dinner. But yeah, I love breads that much!

So when this friend of mine offered me to try their homemade bakery, I am more than happy. Turns out the bakery is Bake a Boo. A well known bakery since long ago, and to be honest, I've ever stalked their creation back then in facebook or BBM era! Yes it's a good sign that they're one consistent good bakery!

Okay let's dig in the main story here. I am surprised by their generosity to send me this much, but overall I've gave them a try. They send me 'donat jadul' and some of their breads with chicken meat filling and choco cheese. First of all, I love love love the softness of the bread. I am the type of person who love soft bread, better than hard kind of bread. The texture is soft and buttery, without giving any overwhelming flavor. I also love the minute I open the box and my kitchen is spontaneusly filled with wonderful aroma! The donut itself is my another favorite thing, such a reminder to my childhood kind of donut. My favorite one? Surely the nougat topping on top!

They also have this selections of es kopi to accompany those delicious breads. Es kopi, es cokelat, and es matcha, are freshly made and yummy as well. I personally like the texture of their es kopi, smooth, and in good amounth of sweetness. 

Overall Bake a Boo is one promising and trusted bakery. I really enjoyed every bite of their product and do recommend you guys to give it a try! 

Bake a Boo
WA: 081932426451
Available on GoFood
Muara Karang
Opening Hours: 7.30 am-6.30 pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya