Monday, September 14, 2015

Negiya Donburi

Gyutandon, or ox tongue is such a familiar menu in Jakarta lately. Many claimed theirs is the best, the most tender, the tastiest among all. My first gyutandon was my experience in Melbourne, originally located in Menya, the one that boost the ox tongue reputation. And big news to Jakarta people, Melbourne's Menya is having its well-known gyutandon in Negiya Donburi.

Located in the first floor of Sudirman Citywalk, this place is quite uncommon for new restaurant like this. Their concept is like Japanese fast food where you have to order before take a seat. 

So I have menya gyu tan don with extra egg, menya gyutandon with set menu, menya chicken kastu don, and ebi donburi.

Menya gyutandon (79k) basically is a bowl of warm rice with slices of ox tongue and cuts of chili. It tasted good! I am not a big fan of gyu tan don, but this time I could not stop myself from digging into the bowl. The ox tongue itself was quite tender, and I wished they gave more sauce to make it more fragrant. The extra egg on top (add 10k)  was just making it better, giving my palate an extra kick to taste.
They also have one with the set menu. With 110k per set menu, they offer gyutandon with salad and soup. Quite a deal!

I also had their menya chicken katsu and ebi donburi. I found their chicken katsu was quite enjoyable, with warm rice, egg, generous cuts of katsu, and their special sauce. I basically love their sauce to emphasize the taste of this bowl. The portion of the rice was quite generous, too!

Last bowl of mine, the ebi donburi. It was quite an enjoyable dish, with cuts of vegetable with scrambled egg and pieces of ebi on top. Ebi was kinda small actually, and tasted just okay.

So I really had an enjoyable lunch at Negiya donburi. Price was quite high for a Japanese fast food kinda restaurant, but money talks about about quality, too, right?

Negiya Donburi
Citywalk Sudirman 1st floor no 26
KH Mas Mansur Kav 121, Jakarta Pusat


Jessica Christy Limanjaya