Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wilshire - Eat Jakarta 2015

Hello! Been dealing with exam through the week but Thanks God it's over! Yeay!

My kind of celebration usually is about good food for sure!

Well, Wilshire is one of the well known restaurant in Jakarta, previously located in Lot 8 SCBD. They made changes here and there, and moved to Senopati, ex Yeyo, on top of Colette and Lola. Not much different with the previous location, the decoration is pretty and luxurious as well.

Anyway, the good thing is, they are participating in Eat Jakarta 2015 event a culinary event held by Qraved, which served special set menu during this event. This event is held from May 14th to June 14th 2015.

Before dipping in to their set menu, they served some of their food too! 

Pretty drinks were served!

Waffle with duck confit and egg. On the top of that, the maple syrup to dip in made it even better. The waffle was perfectly crunchy and had its tiny moist layer inside. My definition of perfect waffle indeed!

It was not just pretty, this ox tongue was great too! Thinly sliced ox tongue, which was tender, accompanied with buttery corn (which was good, too!) was really a good match. The soft boiled egg gave more kick on the palate. The garlic udon, also beautifully presented in the hot stone was enjoyable too! The udon was slight dry to my palate but the seasoning was fine. Sexy prawns alert!

This humble dish meant a lot! Willshire's carrot cake was not only lovely to the eye, but scrumptious as well. The crumbs on the top of it gives highlight to complement the moist cake inside. The cream was not overwhelming, too!

 Okay so here comes the set menu of Eat Jakarta 2015 events.

Set Menu A - 215k Nett
Appetizer : Sesame chicken salad
Main course: garlic noodle with prawns or squid ink fried rice
Dessert : earl grey creme brule

Set Menu B - 349k Nett
Appetizer : Sesame chicken salad
Main : Slow Cooked 55 Degree Wagyu Bowl In Hot Stone ( too add foie gras, 456k nett)
Dessert : earl grey creme brule

Sesame chicken salad tasted really good, I am a fond of salad and this one instantly became my one of favorite salad! Fresh and crunch arugula, cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken, and the dressing were really a great match to each other..

Their garlic noodle with prawn was lovely too! The noodle was quite dry for me, but the seasoning pleased me a lot. The prawn was big and fresh and tasty as well. The portion was really generous and too much for me, but I thought that's a good thing for you guys ;)

And the winner dish for me would be the Slow Cooked 55 Degree Wagyu Bowl In Hot Stone! Lovely presentation, tender wagyu, not to mention the generosity, really described the whole bowl. Thumbs up for the dish!

Earl grey creme brule was quite a pleasing choice to end the feast. Theirs was a bit too sweet for me (not a big fan of sweet thing) but you could taste the earl grey hint aftertaste. Quite lovely, huh?

I just can't remember how many lovely and pretty words I used to describe Wilshire. So I don't see why you do not give it a try to this lovely restaurant! Make sure to visit their new store soon!

Thanks to EATJKT by Qraved, Wilshire, and AMG Group for the event. Yup, I got vouchers prizes from them!

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 64, Senopati, Jakarta
021 7228129

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crematology Puri Indah - Penny Royal Coffee PIK

Coffee shop is really one comfort corner you can rely on while you're looking for spaces for doing your work, or just doodling around. Unfortunately these kind of spaces mostly existed in South and Central part of Jakarta. The crazy traffics on weekdays and crowded places on weekend really hold me up to go to those comfy corner. But worry no more, because I've got 2 new buddies for coffee!


Yes, it is that well-known coffee shop in Senopati area! Yeay to me because they have their second branch in PX Pavillon West Jakarta. Much more convenient location for me!

No much difference with their older sibling in Senopati, the dim light was kind of dominating this one. The place was spacious, you can reach it via the front side of PX Pavillon,while their back door was still on progress. It was really comfortable with good ambiance inside. Sofas, wooden chair, pillows and blanket were there. Such my kind of comfortable zone!

Anyway they're having buy 1 get 1 promo for coffee based beverage!
I paired caramel latte and coffee latte with banana bread. All of them was good. The banana bread was kinda hard at the end of the pieces, maybe because of the cold temperature of the store.


This one is one new addition to Pantai Indah Kapuk area. Some of outlets in PIK offered some variation of coffee, but I think this one is the first decent one that exist. Located behind Tekko/Lekko, this one really is a hidden gem. The place itself is not spacious, with 5 tables inside. One of them is set with comfy corner of sofa and piles of magazine.

Tried their flat white, cappucino, and chocolate apple cake. Their coffee had its acidity which was quite dominating. On the other hand, the cake tasted good, but the consistency was quite mushy. They do have banana bread (my all time favorite bread) but unfortunately I was too full to have that.

Anyway, travelling to these places is not problem anymore! Agya, one of the latest car from Toyota really makes it convenient. in much better way! While its size that really fit with the craziness of Jakarta's traffic, the fuel-saving side of this car really help much. Here's a lovely side of Agya!

PX Pavillon, Ground Floor
Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat

Penny Royal Coffee
Ruko Cordoba F29
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Mon to Sat 8AM to 5PM

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Itadakimasu Pantai indah kapuk

Been a while since I have my last post, and this time I'm gonna write about this cutie pie in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. This one, itadakimasu, is not located in the usual food area, they are like a hidden gem in Elang Laut PIK instead. Reaching the restaurant might quite confusing to those who are not familiar to this area, but you can reach it via Kapuk through JORR highway.

This cute starving panda! These 5 starving panda has been invasing my instagram feed these past few days, but looking it at my table did not bore me at all. The presentation was really cute, with generous curry and cuts of carrot accompanying those pandas. The curry was quite runny, I preferred to have a thicker one. The panda rice was too sticky for me, gave me quite a full sensation after having 1 panda.

The cheesy baked unagi was quite good. Unagi was fine, but the mayonnaise was top overwhelming, dominating the baked rice much. The guilt after having those mayonnaise was kinda dominating too!  Lol

Having this gyutandon, which was quite a hit jn jakarta lately. Theirs was just fine, seasoning was enough. The gyu tan was quite generous as well. They have 3 levels of spiciness of it, anyway!

Overall this place really an instagram-worthy one. Price was quite affordable but it was not their food thats gonna keep me coming.

Ruko elang laut blok D no 57
Jl pantai indah selatan, PIK

Monday, May 18, 2015

Gauden Cafe and Bar

Another addition to Puri Indah area, located in the newly opened Lippo Mal Puri. This one could really be my comfort corner. Gauden actually means tasty, but they want to make an ambiance like corner in the garden.
Serving all day breakfast menu, with companion from coffee from Tanamera, and banana nutella cake from La Reia, I just can't help to have it all!
Anyway, the beef burger turned out pretty good. Soft bun with cheese and well seasoned patty worked well. The fries was enjoyable, too! The portion was quite fulfilling as well.

Actually I had croque monsier as my first choice, but turned out it was not ready at that time. Decided to have omelete with grilled tomato at last. The egg tasted just fine, filled with cuts of mushrooms and tomato, but it would be much better to have it in bigger portion. Salad was alright with balsamic dressing.

Overall the place is nice, food was alright. I was quite full so I did not have my dessrt to end the feast. Surely gonna be back to try their home made dessert and La reia cake!

Gauden Cafe and Bar
Lippo Mal Puri at St. Moritz
Jl. Puri Indah Boulevard
Jakarta Barat

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tsurukamedou Ramen

Gonna be another post of Ramen, hope you are not tired of it! :D
Well this one is not a new one, but I'd like to write this since I've never had one before. Tsurukamedou surely had won some people's heart so I am excited to try this one!

Their ramen came in 2 choice of noodle. The straight one and the curly one. The straight one had better consistency which was quite chewy yet the curly one did remind me of ordinary Asian noodle. Soup was thick and tasty, tasted very rich. The perfectly-half boiled egg was seductively greeting. The seaweed made it to the presentation. But the main spotlight, the pork, was so good. Tender-loving one!

A beautiful mess we had: yaki soba, tonkotsu ramen, and chasiu don.
Their chasiu don was the one that won my heart. Warm rice topped with pieces of chasiu with their secret sauce, which tasted real good!

Yaki soba, which was the fried reminded me of my favorite chinese fried noodle. Generous portion with veggies and pork in it, it would be much better if they were making it less oily. 
They also had their experiment by having a tonkotsu ramen served with the salted veggies on the top of the ramen, they suggested to mix it to the broth. I would not mind having this, but the original tonkotsu soup was still my favorite!
And if you catch those 3 sinful cuts of pork bellies on the corner of the photo, their pork belly was sinfully tasty! (well, my friend did really enjoy it!)

And any ramen house won't be complete without gyoza, right?
Their gyoza was consisted of pork, which tasted alright. But it would be better too to make it less oily! (health awareness-alert!)

Jl. Ratu Kemuning Raya no 8a 
Grenville Jakarta Barat
021 56940712