Friday, June 21, 2019

A pre-wedding.

A pre-wedding is one special moment that I could not wait to prepare at that time. I remembered seeing those people having their pre-wedding photos overseas, wondering if I will do the same when my time comes. Turned out I was lucky enough to do my pre-wedding photoshoot at my favourite country, Japan.

Never crossed my mind to do an overseas photoshoot. I did thinking about Bali, because Bali is pretty indeed, has many awesome spots, and we could manage the budget like we want. But when Atipattra had their open trip for to Japan, how could we say no to this?

We use Atipattra ( for our wedding and pre-wedding photos and videos, because I really like the moody tone and their creativity. I understand that some people have different preferences when it comes to photography, but I have some suggestions if you have similar preferences like me. They are Kimi and Smith Pictures (@kimiandsmithpictures) , Derai (, Morden (, and Masa Photography (@masakemasa). (yes you can easily find them on instagram)

First thing on my mind, the outfit. But apparently we have to choose the photo spots first before matched it with the outfits and theme. We undoubtedly picked Kawaguchiko as our first spot. We did go there in 2017 but will won't mind to go there once more. We did not have any difficulties to pick spots for our shoots. Japan is surely one beautiful country, where the alleys, ramen shops, and the people made me fall in love and always will. 
Here are some spots on our mind, but we did not have time to visit it all:

Yakizaki park in spring. Wearing Bramanta Wijaya's.

Ohashi Bridge, chasing the sunrise

  • Kawaguchiko area ( search for Ohashi Bridge and Yakizaki Park, its my 2 favorite spots there)
  • Showa Kinen Park (check the flower season first)
  • Zenpukuji Park (if you're into green nature)
  • Coffee shops, such as Onibus coffee, About Life, Fuglen, Little Nap, Blue Bottle (remember that not all cafes allow you to take pictures and videos for pre-wedding stuffs)
  • Sangenjaya area
  • Chidorigafuchi, for Sakura season.

Secondly, after we pick the spots, we choose the outfit. The photographer team usually offered the stying service too. You can discuss the outfit you want, and you can ask some suggestions from the stylist too! Few weeks before we left, the stylist sent me the mood board which helped me to choose the accessories and properties as well. 

Choosing the outfit is not easy, too! I have to say setting the budget is one important thing to do before choosing them. I got 2 dresses from my wedding dress designer, Bramanta Wijaya so I just needed to look for few dresses left. The renting service is not cheap as well (for the quality I wanted). So here are my best finding for pre-wedding outfits:

Fressia Auburn from Songerie Atelier

Wearing From Her Studio
  • Her Rental Studio (@fromherstudio) is one affordable renting service based in Jakarta. Started from 199.000.
  • Sovi (@soviatelier). This is my favorite for sure!
  • Songerie Atelier (@songerie.atelier). They are located in Surabaya, and I cannot try it on first. But mostly the sizes fit to XS-small M.
  • The bride with style (@thebridewithstyle)
  • Le Felle (@le_felle)

Wearing Bramanta Wijaya's

My Sovi Ateliers' matched the sakura season

For shoots in the city, I just brought some coats, sweaters, and jeans. 

This one we had at Urth Cafe, Omotesando.

Pre-wedding is surely one pleasing part of preparing the wedding. I am blessed to experience the overseas pre-wedding and loving every minute of it. I honestly thought that we won't make it because of the extreme weather we had on the first morning, but the team made it bearable. Loving every piece of the results too!

Thank you for reading. Have an awesome wedding preparation!