Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forever is not a cliche

Forever is a cliche word. I know that.
We really can neither promise about forever nor believe about it. Those things are only living in fairytale. I don't believe those such things, not until yesterday.
So yesterday I went to my friday youth service, like I always do. I've been there for a year, and that community is like a little family for me. It was a usual praise and worship songs, until a song was played, and brought the memories back from years ago.

Shout to the lord, all the earth let us sing.
Power and majesty, praise to the king.
Mountains bow down, and the seas will roar, 
At the sound of your name.
I sing for joy at the work of your hands, 
Forever I'll love you, 
Forever I'll stand.
Nothing compares to the promise I have in You

A very beautiful song from my sunday school. At that time I was asked to be a part of Christmas play and I said yes. It was a part when we had to dance to welcome Jesus in the barn. And we dance with this song. We rehearsed a lot. To be a part of it was an honour for a seven years old me. That's why the song means a lot to me.

Forever I love You, forever I stand. No kidding, it is true. I'm dancing with it when I was seven, and I'm living in it now, in my twenty. I feel like I could find forever in Him. I've been loving Him since I was born, and surely it will always be. He was The One who stays, through ups and downs, laughs and tears. He is my forever.

I love You, forever, my Jesus. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hello, friend.

I always want to be a writer. I have been in love with books since as long as I could remember. My dad is a book freak, he could spend his day rolling in his couch with book on his hand.
But turns out writing is not as easy as that. I tried it several times, got stuck, and stopped. You just had those hundreds idea in your mind, but didn't know to start, didn't know how to beautify it, and there you are, you just stop trying. And I'm thinking about starting over. Better late than nothing, right?

Well, things happened a lot lately. And this issue just couldn't get out of my mind. Lets start with a question, how do you see yourself as a friend?

I am a conventional-kind-of-friend, I could say. I got stuck with people I'm comfortable with. And I'm not those kind of people who get a new friend easily. It took me months to get people I'm really get along with. Sometimes I wonder how could people easily socialize with each other. I just don't get it. I prefer to be alone in my room, with books or movies to accompany me. I love being in the crowd, but not as a part of them. I don't mind being in the middle of conversation, but I actually don't like to be the one who brings up the topic. Forgive my unsocial way of life, anyway.

But people grow up. Meeting new people is such a unavoidable thing in life. And when my friend got their new acquaintances, I just hate it they would be busy with their new one. Strange, but yes that's me. I prefer to call myself unique.

Unanswered bbms, unread emails, hanged up calls. They're just busy. Trust me, I've been there.

When you're in a situation like that, what will you do? A book I read taught me a really good thing:
"A friend doesn't have to say a lot. A friend does."
When they're busy, I'm tying to show them that I am a friend. No matter how busy they are. I still am.