Sunday, May 5, 2013

School Food Blooming Mari : from street food to pretty dishes

Korean food in Jakarta is dominated by their grilled menu, I was not a fan of those grilled meat so I was expecting for another kind of Korean food.
I remembered the first time I passed this restaurant, I did not have any interest to give it a try. My friend told me it was quite a hype in Korea.

School Food is a Korean chain restaurant specialized in light Korean food. They have several international branches. and hurray! Jakarta is one of those branches. Basically School Food dishes up the kind of foods which remind you about childhood in Korea.

They claimed this one as their favorite dish. A plateful of original topokki (55k). Actually they had many variants for the sauce, such as cheese topokki (I really wanted to order this one, but usually the original sauce is the best, right?) and carbonara topokki. Topokki or tteobokki is a popular korean dishes made of rice cake served with special sauce. The spicy flavor was dominating the sauce, but it tasted great! I could feel slight of sweetness from the sauce too. Chewing the rice cake with the luscious rich sauce, I was pleased.

 Beautiful presentation of omelet rice with shrimp (70k). I did not give it a try, but the look was quite convincing, right?

Mari was a mini kimbap (korean sushi). They offered wide selections of mari like tuna, spam, omelet, and bulgogi. My choice was their tuna mari (55k). A set of mari contained 14 small bites of it. The mini size made it easy to pop. It was a palatable one, though. I could feel the tuna was dominating.

They offered many variants of rice in the menu, and some of them was appetizing. Beef fried rice (75k) was the choice. It was a balance combination of sweet and salty. The beef was well cooked and tender. The vegetable mixture in rice was a good complement to the flavor. The egg was half cooked and the runny yolk contributed the prettiness of  this delicious dish. Be careful it was hot!

I tried new kind of food, I had new favorite on my list, I had a happy tummy.
A good good afternoon indeed!

School Food Blooming Mari
Central Park
3rd floor #202-203
(021) 29200316


  1. OMG this gets me drooling. I love Korean food. Great pics! :D

    1. hi irene, thanks for dropping by!
      sydney is full of tasty korean food! I am envying you even more. my fave is seoul ria. what's yours? :D

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