Sunday, January 26, 2014

Master Wok : Quickie Chinese

Say good bye to-junk-food-as-an-excuse-for-your-quick-lunch!
Say hello to healthier-way-of-Chinese-food!

Yap, it's another creation of  Boga Group. After succeed their formerly known restaurants such as Paradise Dynasty, Ten Ten, Bakerzin, Pepper Lunch, and many more, they are keep innovating to please our taste bud. Trying to provide the needs for busy lifestyle of Jakarta people, Master Wok can easily find in food court. For now they are having their stall in Senayan City, Lotte Shopping Avenue, and MKG 3.

Little time for lunch? No worries. Pick some and in seconds you can enjoy the meal. Choices of good looking and fragrant Chinese dishes on display and everything looks so good. They have some packages to offer, and I found it quite affordable.

Meal Package 1 : Rice + choice of meat + veggie (25.454)
Meal Package 2 : Rice +  choices of meat + 2 veggie (25.454)
Meal Package 3 : Rice + 2 choices of meat + 1 veggie (25.454)

Caipo french bean and fragrant chicken.
Crunchy (I just love it to hear the crunch!) and well seasoned french bean. My most favorite veggie in Master Wok so far. The fragrant chicken was also great, tender chicken, with a pinch of sweet and spicy taste.

Beijing chicken with tofu.
Tasty with delicate sauce covering the chicken, an enjoyable one indeed. I am not really into tofu, but I can tell this is a good one, with tasty sauce too!

Mixed veggie with sweet and sour fish
The fish was quite good. Tender and did not smell fishy at all. I hope the sauce was bolder but still I was enjoying it much. What I love from them is they provide wide choice of veggies. Sometimes I found it hard to find some veggies, especially in malls, and theirs surely are a healthier option for me!

Overall it was an enjoyable lunch. They're gonna expanding to Lippo Karawaci soon!

PS : Thanks for having me, Master Wok! ;)

Master Wok

Mal Kelapa Gading 3, level 3
021 45848975

Lotte Shopping Mal, level 4
021 29889449

Senayan City, level 5
021 72782250

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pasar Ahpoong : Dine in riverside

Being tired of malls made me have an idea to have this trip. A trip headed to Sentul.

Introducing Pasar Ahpoong (Pasar Apung), an innovative food court located on riverbank. Actually it is a well-known food court named Eat and Eat, which you can spot in some malls in Jakarta. A creation of the famous Mr. Bondan Winarno, of course. But a new ambiance is a good thing, huh?
 Too bad it was super sunny when I was arrived, and the heat annoyed me much.

Lotsa stalls with those variety of food. Mostly Indonesian, but I could spot a Japanese Takoyaki in one corner. All of them was really tantalizing. I had some time to decide what to eat. It was pretty crowded on weekend, anyway.

Indonesia's favorite snack. 

My most favorite cakwe so far. A freshly fried cakwe with spicy peanut sauce for the dipping. It was a-crunchy-outside-and-chewy-inside-but-not-so-greasy-kind-of-cakwe! Could not stop munching this one.

After spent some time looking around, my heart fell for this. A stall of  fragrant nasi bakar! 
They provide wide choices for the filling. I had the salted egg one. 

The presentation was really appetizing, I was having a high expectation for this one. It was quite good, but not great. The salted egg was generous and covered with chilly which made it even better. Not bad at all.

It was getting hotter after I had my lunch. And yes, cold beverage and dessert were all that I need. A glass of cold teh tarik from Kopi Oey which was really satisfying and a bowl of crushed ice with jelly. Dessert just could not go wrong!

Spotted a boat with banana seller. I was hoping to see more since it was the definition of Pasar Apung, right?
Overall it was a great trip with good food, the only thing annoyed me was the hot ambiance, and of course the distance. A recommended place if you happen to be in Sentul area, though.

Sentul City, Bogor.
Jawa Barat
Opening hours : 8am to 10pm

Sunday, January 19, 2014

SumoBoo : the bomb!

It's good to be back.
I do apologize for my absence since new year, it was 3 weeks of preparation for my big big exam ahead. My medical exam should have been on 22nd and due to the flood, it's gonna be on 29th. I am so tired with all these pile of books and I think a post won't hurt, right? ;)

Another sweetness on a bowl. Introducing SumoBoo! A newly opened oriental dessert in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Yes, PIK is surely a heaven for dessert-in-a-bowl-lover! This one is surely the cutest dessert house ever! Dominated with yellow, cute pillow, and comfy ambiance, who could resist?

SumoBoo's dessert 
A bowl of boba, big boba, taro ball, egg pudding, smashed taro, and matcha ice cream. This one was quite good, came with colorful presentation too! What a simple thing could really make me happy. I personally did like the smashed taro, the other thing was just okay.

This one won my heart.A big bowl with 5 nutella bomb and chocolate crushed ice which was really good. The nutella bomb was mochi with nutella filling. It was like the mochi popped with a huge surprise inside your mouth. The almond on top made it even better, too!

It was a comfy dessert house, affordable, with cuteness overload. Gonna back to Sumoboo for sure!

Rukan Crown Golf Mediterania
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara
(021) 9662 8677

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paul Patisserrie : a sweet indulgence

Happy new year everyone!
Starting in early 2013, I spared my time to take care my blog and all of sudden it is new year already. Thank you so much for your huge support and I know this year is going to be awesome!
Okay let's start with something sweet, shall we?

A newly opened Paul Patisserie, a well-known chain from Paris was invading Jakarta since the end of last year. I do like the fact that they are located in Pacific Place, Gallery Lafayette to be exact, for a glamorous and luxury ambiance. It was drizzling by the time I reach Paul, and the raindrop on the window made it even prettier!

A set of tea with 3 macarons. I am not into macaron but theirs was not overwhelmingly sweet.

Tartalette Framboise 
Beautiful raspberry pie on a plate. The crust was a bit hard but it tasted great! I really love when the sweetness from the fla met the sweet and sour from the raspberry. Writing this review just made me drool even more.

Vanilla Eclair
Fine eclair with vanilla icing on top and custard filling. The icing on top was really sweet, but the custard in the center was a real kick. It was quite good but I prefer the one with gooey filling.

The bakery selections are great. Enjoying those selection was a joy to the eye. They are serving brunch, too!
Too bad the service need a lot of improvement. Dessert was the only thing I order and it took them 40 minutes until I got mine, it was like they totally forgot my order until I asked them about it.

(Ps: I spent 250 for 2 dessert, 1 tea, and 1 set of tea and macarons, quite a pricey one, huh?)

Paul Patisserrie
Pacific Place, Gallery Lafayette, Ground fl.
021 57993455