Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I'm so into healthy food lately. Living in a city where the main transportation is not your own feet makes you bloated sometimes. I feel like I want to be more active by doing yoga, cardio, or simply use my own energy to take the stairs and avoid the elevator. I also do realize that eating healthy is one main key to cut all the unnecessary calories. 

Introducing MAM Jakarta, where all the fast food packed into one serving of healthy food. Having the background as 5 housewives, I bet they want to serve the best for children and family in healthier way, while still enjoying fast food. They had this one healthy catering, called 3 skinny minnies, and turned out they spread their wings to this fast food chain. And yes, Dian Sastrowardoyo owns this!

So the thing is, they simply use the alternative way to put into the ingredients. Organic composisitions, handmade secret sauces, but still, produce qualified food is their main focus. I could easily said that their price was not cheap for the food, if I did not know their background well. After knowing all the process and ingredients, I thought it would be worth the price.


So some of my blogger friends said that this was the best thing in MAM Jakarta and I should give it a try. I was not into burger, I should say. I was not into big patty with all the sauces and heavy dressings, but I found my exception. This one blew my mind. I love love love everything they put it here. Firstly, the wheat bun. It might looked dry and hard, but it was soft and very enjoyable I just could not stop munching it. The meat was very very tender and thick, without giving any guilty feeling. The sauce was the bomb. I could not explain what it is, but I could say that this was very delicious!


I found that fish burger was sometimes underrated, but I could not even try to turn away from this one. The soft wheat bun, combined with all the fresh veggies, their secret sauce, and the crispy fish was truly a mouth pleaser. Everything was dancing in mouth in beautiful way I did not expect this to be this good!

K-POP BOWL (IDR 86.5k)

This was my third menu here and still I was impressed! So basically K-pop bowl was one rice bowl with their korean sauce with tender meat and egg on top. The sauce might be too heavy for some people, but I should say I love it! One spoonful of white rice, perfectly cooked meat, egg, covered in sauce was very enjoyable meal for me. Major love!
ps: they serve this in brown rice too!


This one actually was K-pop bowl turned into sandwich. This generous portion of sandwich reminded me of Vietnamese bahn me, but in softer bun as usual. Unfortunately I found the beef tongue here was kinda chewy, it was not as tender as I found in the rice bowl. The pickle and coriander was there to elevate the flavor, but I did not find this as enjoyable as the other because I am not a coriander person. It's either you love it or hate it, right?


All the food was served with this rainbow chips, made of sweet potato. Even the chips was so healthy!

Some of the beverages I could find here. They also had cold pressed juice to accompany your healthy junk food!

Overall MAM Jakarta was beyond my expectation. I thought it would be another new restaurant, but after I gave it a try I really think this one deserved a highlight. Good job on their effort to serve fast food in healthier and yummy way. Good luck for you!

Senayan City Mal, LG floor (next to food hall)
Jl Asia Afrika Lot 19
South Jakarta
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Another new day, another new coffee shop!
Jakarta's coffee shop just never fail to impress me. Each week you can find new one in every corner. Eventho I have my very own favorite coffee shop already, trying these new comers definitely won't kill. Who knows I will be able to find my new favorite?

So this coffee shop, called Twenty Fifth, is one new addition to coffee addict in South Jakarta area. Located next to the hype Leon (haven't tried it tho, gonna try it soon!), this corner had a very comfortable ambiance. The place was quite spacey, with dim light, delivering those home coziness you've been wanting after your long drive. I love the light on their smoking area, with big window and natural light, my sunset hour just so beautiful with the orange sun beam. Unfortunately, the smoking area was kinda crowded and the odor was quite disturbing while I took photos there.

The oh-so-comfy-corner. I can spend my whole day here.

They had quite wide selections of coffee and tea. They also had this main course which I could not take no more because I just had my all you can eat lunch. I loved the cake display because I found them very appetizing. They also sold gelato with several flavors so you can enjoy it on your hot day!

My friends tried the piccolo and they said it was just okay. I just loved how the mood of this coffee shop delivered: dark and moody.

They had this homemade donuts with some flavors. I tried the chocolate one and the consistency of the donuts reminded me of my freshly baked donuts back in my hometown. Having this brought back the memory for myself, so I could say I loved it!

After all, I had to say I loved the ambiance. The dim light and the warmth ambiance was really pleasing me. Eventho their coffee was not my top-to go-list, I still recommend you to give a visit while you're in the neighborhood,

Jl. Wijaya 1, no 25, Dharmawangsa
South Jakarta
Opening hours: 8am-10pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Thursday, March 9, 2017


Another new coffeeshop in my neighborhood, Three Folks! Finding this one might be quite hard. They are located in this cluster of shop around Meruya, near Meruya exit in Kebon Jeruk highway. The signage was not big, too. Big possibility to miss this one. Hint to find them: they are covered with all white paint!

Three Folks was not big, but they have this comfortable Japanese ambiance right away after you walked in. Their gelato was greeting you cheerfully with their quite wide selection of flavors, and the friendly staffs was quite attentive. They had those pretty ceramics and mugs for sale just in case you want to bring them home. 

Zen in my cup.

I had their coffee latte and cappuccino, turned out it was not bad at all. Coffee was not that strong to give me a kick when I had my first sip, but it was tolerable. Texture was fine. I love how they used those pretty mug to deliver the caffeine. Sensing a Japanese coffee shop style here?

I heard about their Chicken nanban from some of my friends and tempted to try theirs. The presentation was drooling enough, with generous portion of rice and fragrant aroma. The chicken was deep fried and well seasoned, and the sauce was quite good. This bowl was not bad, but still, my favorite chicken nanban were those from Arasseo Jakarta and Fujin!
Wondering what Jagaimo cheese was all about, I ordered one. Turned out it was like a 'pancake' consisted of cheese and potato, homely made to give a unique taste of those combination, which could not stop me from keep digging in. Yums!

Good lighting you could find in their comfy corner.

Overall Three Folks offered one comfortable corner which served coffee, bites, and gelato. I did not give their gelato a try tho. Coffee was not bad, and the food was alright. I sensed that they were trying to serve in Japanese style coffee shop. If you happened to be in Meruya area, you can give it a try!

Rukan Aries Niaga, Jl. Taman Aries blok A1-3E
West Jakarta
Opening hours: Mon- Thu: 8am-8pm / Fri-Sun: 9am-9pm

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Bed and breakfast in Bandung is honestly something new for me. My family consisted of 7 people  (it's a big one, I know!) and we did opt for service apartment which had several big rooms while we were on Bandung for weekend. Bandung is one of our destination for weekend getaway because I feel like I can get everything in Bandung. They have cafes, nice coffee shops, night market, and nature beauty in one spot. But sometimes travelling with some friends does not need something big and fancy. Something homey, pretty, and instagrammable is all we need when you're travelling with your lovely mates.

Finding Oliver Hostelry was not hard, although if you reached at night, it might confuse you a bit because they were not on the main street and it was kinda  dark. But after saw the sign of Oliver's, I found the zen in this place. Oliver was not big, but it was pleasing. The staff was really friendly to welcome us in our messy and tired faces.  It was 11 pm and we did have a long trip indeed.

We had a room in second floor and they did have staircases only to reach the second floor. I love the setting of this tiny lobby/cafe they had. Proofing that you don't have to have big spaces to make it enjoyable. The room doors have quotes on it. Ours was something about dreams, and our room theme was about chasing dreams and musical. We had king size bed and honestly it was fitted to 3 people. The room was nice, one step inside and my exhaustion melted away. (Too bad I did not have any photos of it)

The next morning I went around the hotel and found some people did have breakfast outside the cafe. It was a very relaxing morning with nice weather. Such a perfect way to start my Sunday. Turned out the cafe outside the hotel was opened already and it was a nice place with quite wide selections of breakfast.

Best thing we had at Oliver Hostelry was this: breakfast service, right into our room! So they asked us to choose the breakfast set  and we opted for pancakes and egg salad. I did not expect my breakfast would be this pretty. I loved everything on it. The tray, the cutlery, the food, it was a very pleasing treat to start my morning. They also gave milk, tea, and coffee for the beverages. How thoughtful!

Oliver was pretty, especially in the morning while the sunlight was passing through the window and gave this kind of silhouette to accompany your pretty breakfast. Major love! 

To be concluded, I enjoyed my stay at Oliver's Hostelry. It was enjoyable, calming, and they had friendly service as well. I was not a luxurious night we had with great selection of facilities like we had in hotel, but it was one new experience to spend the night in bed and breakfast like Oliver's. I spent around IDR 550k for one night and felt it was affordable enough with everything we got here. I do recommend you to give it a try!

Jl. Panumbang Jaya no 5
Bandung, West Java

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjay