Saturday, October 15, 2016


Things I like about living at Sukabumi: friendly people and pocket-friendly food. Finding food here is no effort, since local food and cafes are popping here and there. I have to admit that some days I just want to have this guilty pleasure by having fried food on my lunch (less guilty than having it for dinner), usually my craving for good fried food happens after one detoxing day with veggies and fruits.

Alam Sunda, is one of local favorite here. Some of my friends really liked it because they're a big fan of local fried food, but for me it's better for not having this as a routines, considering my high blood cholesterol. Yes I might be skinny, you might be too, but I do recommend you to check your blood cholesterol after the age of 20, do it every 5 years (you got this free medical advice here! ;))

So, back to Alam Sunda. They are located in the busiest street of Ahmad Yani, 'chinatown' area of Sukabumi city. Funny that they have two stores here, aligned in the same side of road, separated by around 15 shops in between. I hear that both of the stores have the same quality so both of them are packed enough during lunch or dinner hour.

System here is, you choose what you eat before you sit. Pick some foods, give it to the server, they're gonna fried it for you. Fish, chicken, tempe, tahu, they have it all. Sundanese feast indeed! They also have some local soups like sayur asem, soto, and veggies like urap and kangkung. Price starts from IDR 10k-50k.

Good thing here, raw vegetables with sambal are unlimited and free. They have these two kinds of sambals and this sambal ijo is my favorite! I have to admit the umami flavor is really dominating but that's the thing that keep this palate alive, right!

Fried food feast just get started! Lots of food, with bonus of crunch are their kind of serving style. Everything is tasty, giving it flavor of guilty pleasure. The food is kinda oily to be honest and I can't even finish the whole plate. Don't forget to drink a lot of water after those fried food!

Overall Alam Sunda is not bad at all. Surely one of local favorite. I, don't think I will go back that often due to those fried food, since I am trying to have a healthier lifestyle here. But for you who are a fan of local fried food, Alam Sunda is a place for you to go.
PS: their sambal is a must!

Jl. Raya Ahmand Yani, Kota Sukabumi
West Java

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya
@jechristy @sukabumifoodies 


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