Monday, July 25, 2016


Hello from Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen!

Talking about pretty coffee shop and decent taste of coffee, Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen is something you can not miss. If you ever heard about Sajiva Coffee and Ceramics (click here for review about Sajiva), Lucky Cat seems like another creation of their sisterhood. Something similar was detected between them: the pretty atmosphere, the decoration, the wood, the warmth of a coffee shop.

Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen is located in Pasar Festival area, near Bakrie University in Epicentrum. Location-wise, it was strategic. Sitting beautifully in busy area of Kuningan, Lucky Cat can be your coffee destination 24/7. (Yes, they are open 24/7! No more worries for your caffeine fix!) Lucky Cat is so pretty with its white wooden house that remind me with houses in suburban area overseas. The place is quite spacious, but being there on weekend with every other curious people made me quite hard to find a good corner to chill around. Yes it was so crowded!

Pretty floor. I just loved how they pay attention to details.


They have these 2 kind of beans, Once you ordered coffee they are gonna asked you if you wanted the bold and the mild one. I chose the mild one and it was alright. I knew that actually I could not know the consistency of iced coffee but I was not in the mood for a hot cup.

If you are not a big fan of coffee, they have this quite a wide selections for tea and juices. They also have this 'mild kind' of coffee which is actually a flavored latte with nutella etc. For you who want to satisfy your hunger, they also serve some main courses.


Overall Lucky Cat is one pretty coffee shop with comfy ambiance and quite good coffee. Honestly the coffee was not the best that I ever had, but it was still enjoyable. The pretty building, however, was really something. Lucky Cat can be your another choice for you caffeine fix. Ps: do not forget to take a picture with its beautiful building, so lovely!

Lucky Cat Coffee and Kitchen
Plaza Festival, South Parking, Kuningan
South Jakarta


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