Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bangkok, baby!

3 days, 2 nights, 7 people, it was fun!

Never been on my mind to have a weekend overseas. It was popped in our mind, tickets booked, hotel confirmed, and suddenly it was the time to go!

 A highlight from day 1 was Mango Tango. It was a small corner of dessert house which sells mango and its varieties. Each of us had to order 1 dessert if we wanted to sit inside, so we grabbed 3 items and enjoyed it while we were walking around.

My friend's favorite. Mango pudding. An enjoyable one under the heat of the sunlight. It was a mango pudding poured with fresh mango syrup.

And here was my favorite! A cup of mango sticky rice was the one which won my heart (and tongue). A sticky meal always my preference, anyway.

 Some photos of Siam area

 I spent my Sunday at Chaktucak Market, which is apparently a weekly market in Bangkok. It was very famous and boisterous. It was like, super hot, and all we need was a cold coconut ice cream to save the day!

A crowded ice cream corner

 Thai massage, anyone?

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