Sunday, May 8, 2016


Have you ever sitting in a comfortable corner of coffee shop, sipping the coffee, enjoying the vibes, having your favorite books? For me, SAJIVA COFFEE AND CERAMICS gave me that experience. Located in the kinda secluded area of Lippo Karawaci (well at least for me), I was hoping that a trip to Sajiva worth the miles.

Such an entrance, huh? Loving how the exterior introduces its majestic yet elegant atmosphere. 

Major love: wooden bar, white marble table, pretty spots in every corner. The atmosphere really welcomes you to its comfort coffee shop. Feeling homey indeed. I also really love how the sun gives its natural light, make my tone looks better. 

Lotsa pastries. Mostly affordable. Unique thing: they also sell dimsum. I find it funny because I do not find dimsum, coffee, and pretty coffee shop mix well, but some of my friends their dimsum is quite enjoyable. 

Coffee was nice. Kinda too watery to my liking, but taste was enjoyable. Pastries were nice and palatable, a good companion to my coffee. 

I had my second visit for Sajiva, it's enjoyable as well. Coffee was still too watery, but actually the taste was not bad. Talking about a suggestion for improvement, perhaps? 

Overall I like Sajiva. Homey and elegant atmosphere at the same time. I really wish I could move Sajiva closer to my home.

Ps: they are gonna have ceramic- making class, real soon!

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

Ruko Pinangsia, Excelis B21
Jl. Imam Bonjol, Lippo Karawaci
021 55760682
Ig: @sajivacoffeeandceramics

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