Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nanny's Pavillon : Le Jardin des Fleurs

I know, I know.
This restaurant is well known already.
Maybe this is one of your weekly pancake supplier.
Or your favorite tuna spaghetti is the reason you were here.
But their Le Jardin des Fleurs is way too sweet to be missed!

There was a time their pasta was my favorite.
Sometimes their pancake was my highlight of the day.
But one time their service was way too slow, or the taste of my pasta was a bit bland.
Still, there are some reasons to keep me coming back.

I guess the sweet details in every room is their distinction. The barn, the bathroom, the sewing room. Each place has its own sweetness, such a pleasure for those playful kids, a comfort for those busy mothers, or just an escape for those little chitchats. 

The one in Central Park Mall was expanding and came up with pretty concept. Le Jardin des Fleurs it is. You could call it The Garden of Flowers. It was just pretty. 
Domination of white, bird cages, wooden chairs, and flower vines. Such a diversion on the eyes.

Dad's favorite fries (35k). A plate of stuffing appetizer! The beef and mozarella on top was yummy and quite glutting. This one was my little brother's delight. He could really eat it all!

Hot tuna spaghetti (49k). The pasta was fine and the tuna was quite yummy with a pinch of spicy flavor.

Uncle Harold Steak (59k). Big slices of grilled beef with creamy sauce on it. The beef was a bit chewy but it was good in flavor.

I was not in the mood for pasta these days. Their savory pancake could really save the day. I've tried the mushroom pancakes once and was a fan of it. So I picked hot banana cheesy waffle this time (39k). It really was a joy in my mouth. A combination of warm pancake with sweet banana, a pinchof maple syrup, and melted mozarella on top. It was like having all time favorite breakfast on the plate!

Nanny's cocktail mango (49k).
A savior in the sunny day.

This one could be my favorite Nanny's branch so far. The prettiness was such a pleasant one. I would come back for another savory waffles!

Nanny's Pavillon.
Central Park Mall
(next to the Nanny's Pavillon Terrace)

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