Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marugame Udon & Tempura : a bowl of warmth

Hi you!
Sorry for the absence. I've been busy with those exams and thanks God I've passed it.;)
And yes, I was rewarding myself with a bowl of comfort.

Japanese food is always my food of choice whenever I don't have any other preference. Today is not for sushi, I am looking for something more authentic. Something like a reminder of a warmth. Something which is not bore me. 
Udon it is.

Located in the center of hilarity of Taman Anggrek, Marugame Udon is packed all the time. The open kitchen is appealing, and they serve those enticing complement which is so hard to resist.
From the simplest form of mildly flavoured Kake Udon, to uniquely chilled Zaru udon.
Not a fan of Udon? The rice bowl can be a good pleasure, too!

Join the queue, pick your udon or rice of bowl, please yourself with choice of tempura, croquette and inari!

My choice of udon : Niku udon (45k)
Perfect texture of udon, refreshing traditional soup, and tender slices of beef.
Don't forget to sprinkle the crunchy Tanuki on top.
It's such a reminder of a good heart-warming bowl of meal!

I can't forbear to try the all the complements. So I end up choosing beef croquette, inari, and egg tempura. The beef croquette was great, crunchy outside and rich of flavors inside. I just can't stop munching it till the last piece. The inari is just fine, but they are so generous in giving the Japanese rice inside. The egg tempura was my another favorite, the half-cooked yolk is beautiful and give a dominating yummy flavor.

It is surely my new favorite Japanese food. Can't wait for another visit to try their rice bowl! (or another beef croquette and egg tempura!)

Marugame Udon
Mall Taman Anggrek
3rd floor
(next to Pizza Hut)

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