Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sicacilla Kitchen : Homemade meets perfection

Hi readers!
Sorry for the absence. I just got home from a quick escape to Hongkong and been preparing for my big exam in January. My life was really stick with exams, eh?
Anyway, this is a one quick post to my newest favorite of tart specialist: Sicacilla.
Sicacilla was joining a bazaar back then in Grand Indonesia and they really caught my eye.
I bought all the flavors left, unfortunately there was only 3 of them. Looks like they were such a superstar on the bazaar!

It was started when the friendly owner finished the pastry school in Melbourne and wanted to start something new. Such a bright idea to start with these cute tarts, right? 6 flavors and I could say, all of them were nudging my curiosity. 

Coconut cream
A great tart shell, buttery scented. The coconut cream was such a brilliant idea. I could taste a hint of grilled coconut with delicious cream, which were dancing perfectly in my mouth!

Peanut butter and Cheesecake
I am a big, big fan of peanut butter and jelly. And yes, they did have it! Tart of peanut butter with layer of raspberry jam on the bottom was such a sweetheart. If only I could taste more raspberry jam, it could be perfect. For the cheesecake, it need no more introduction. The filling was soft and fragrant, reminded me to a famous Japanese cheesecake mini tart.

Overall all of them was really good. I am longing to try another creation of theirs!

15000 per tart

Sicacilla Kitchen

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  1. Got myself tempted, I followed their instagram account immediately after reading this. Nice post :D :D