Friday, December 6, 2013

JJ Royal Bistro Senayan City : newest addiction

Senayan City just added a new selection of fancy restaurant. Buzzing sound of crowd, colorful light on top, choices of tempting pretty pastry. This restaurant has its sister landed at Lotte Shopping Avenue already. Yes, JJ Royal Bistro is here at Senayan City!

This place somehow has its own futuristic side for me. The transparent chairs was dominating, not to mention the face of Chinese girl everywhere!

JJ Royal Bistro with their addiction of coffee. They served wide choices of coffee, as a product of JJ Royal and Gulaku.

Linguine Aglio Olio (85k)
Al dente linguine with ebi and nuts on top. Somehow the dish was a bit dry, but I had a really good one in JJ Royal Brasserie before. Problem with the consistency of goodness. However the nuts and ebi were really good with the pasta. Big chunks of tenderly cooked shrimp, too!

US BBQ Pork Ribs (185k)
The winner of the day. The super tender BBQ Pork Ribs served with fries and honey BBQ sauce. It was the feeling when the pork was melting in your mouth, literally. I was tempted to eat this one by hand, to enjoy its finger-licking-goodness. The fries was a good companion. The sauce, however, was too sweet for some.

It was so tender I'm gonna die!

The Animal (135k)
Pizza with ham, melted cheese and meatballs on top. The toppings were really generous. Tasted just fine. I was not a fan for the meatballs, though.

Marsmallow sweet potato gratin (40k)
Actually this was one of their selections of side dishes, but turned out it was quite popular for the dessert. Crushed sweet potato on the bottom was sweet enough for me, and the combination with the sweetness from the baked marshmallow on top was quite overwhelming. Sweet! 

Affogato (55k)
A coffee based beverage with shots of espresso on the bottom with a scoop of ice cream on top and chunks of macarons. I liked it when the ice cream was melting to balance the bitterness from the coffee.

Raspberry cronut (35k)
A sweetheart which brought me back few days later only to have a bite of this sweet indulgence. I love the texture, crust on the outside and a bit sticky inside. The vanilla sauce inside was a major yum to combine with the pastry, and the taste of raspberry was balancing all the sweetness. Recommended!

Overall it was such a great time here. Great service with wide selection of food and dessert.Curious about their Indonesian food, some said it was very good. Gonna come back for sure!

JJ Royal Bistro
Senayan City Ground Floor L06 B1
Jl. Asia Afrika Senayan, Jakarta
021 29329262

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