Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pasar Ahpoong : Dine in riverside

Being tired of malls made me have an idea to have this trip. A trip headed to Sentul.

Introducing Pasar Ahpoong (Pasar Apung), an innovative food court located on riverbank. Actually it is a well-known food court named Eat and Eat, which you can spot in some malls in Jakarta. A creation of the famous Mr. Bondan Winarno, of course. But a new ambiance is a good thing, huh?
 Too bad it was super sunny when I was arrived, and the heat annoyed me much.

Lotsa stalls with those variety of food. Mostly Indonesian, but I could spot a Japanese Takoyaki in one corner. All of them was really tantalizing. I had some time to decide what to eat. It was pretty crowded on weekend, anyway.

Indonesia's favorite snack. 

My most favorite cakwe so far. A freshly fried cakwe with spicy peanut sauce for the dipping. It was a-crunchy-outside-and-chewy-inside-but-not-so-greasy-kind-of-cakwe! Could not stop munching this one.

After spent some time looking around, my heart fell for this. A stall of  fragrant nasi bakar! 
They provide wide choices for the filling. I had the salted egg one. 

The presentation was really appetizing, I was having a high expectation for this one. It was quite good, but not great. The salted egg was generous and covered with chilly which made it even better. Not bad at all.

It was getting hotter after I had my lunch. And yes, cold beverage and dessert were all that I need. A glass of cold teh tarik from Kopi Oey which was really satisfying and a bowl of crushed ice with jelly. Dessert just could not go wrong!

Spotted a boat with banana seller. I was hoping to see more since it was the definition of Pasar Apung, right?
Overall it was a great trip with good food, the only thing annoyed me was the hot ambiance, and of course the distance. A recommended place if you happen to be in Sentul area, though.

Sentul City, Bogor.
Jawa Barat
Opening hours : 8am to 10pm

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