Saturday, January 4, 2014

Paul Patisserrie : a sweet indulgence

Happy new year everyone!
Starting in early 2013, I spared my time to take care my blog and all of sudden it is new year already. Thank you so much for your huge support and I know this year is going to be awesome!
Okay let's start with something sweet, shall we?

A newly opened Paul Patisserie, a well-known chain from Paris was invading Jakarta since the end of last year. I do like the fact that they are located in Pacific Place, Gallery Lafayette to be exact, for a glamorous and luxury ambiance. It was drizzling by the time I reach Paul, and the raindrop on the window made it even prettier!

A set of tea with 3 macarons. I am not into macaron but theirs was not overwhelmingly sweet.

Tartalette Framboise 
Beautiful raspberry pie on a plate. The crust was a bit hard but it tasted great! I really love when the sweetness from the fla met the sweet and sour from the raspberry. Writing this review just made me drool even more.

Vanilla Eclair
Fine eclair with vanilla icing on top and custard filling. The icing on top was really sweet, but the custard in the center was a real kick. It was quite good but I prefer the one with gooey filling.

The bakery selections are great. Enjoying those selection was a joy to the eye. They are serving brunch, too!
Too bad the service need a lot of improvement. Dessert was the only thing I order and it took them 40 minutes until I got mine, it was like they totally forgot my order until I asked them about it.

(Ps: I spent 250 for 2 dessert, 1 tea, and 1 set of tea and macarons, quite a pricey one, huh?)

Paul Patisserrie
Pacific Place, Gallery Lafayette, Ground fl.
021 57993455


  1. Might try and get here tomorrow. Really enjoyed Paul when I was in Paris and I'm hoping this can come close! Please!

  2. Looks good. Will try to visit the shop when in the area.