Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Food Panda : food is only a click away

Life in instance has been part of our life.
Packed schedule, daily routines, meetings, traffic jam, and our recent flood problem invaded our time. Those things sometimes keep us from our daily needs. We have no time to go out for a lunch or dinner, to reach our favorite meals. Things to be grateful for, technology treat us well. Delivery service is just a click away.
Food Panda understands, and ready to provide our needs of food!

Like I told you, it's just a click away. Open Enter the city and location of yours, and it will come up with selections of available restaurant for delivery. (Bali, Bandung, Jabodetabek, and Surabaya)
Click the restaurant, and it is equipped with the menu from the restaurant, too!

What I love about it is the simplicity. Food Panda keeps it simple by providing the exact information that we need. You can also see the additional information, like the estimated time for delivery and minimal delivery order on the screen. Choose your favorites, add the + sign, and your choice of food is available on the cart. 
Proceed to check out, sign in, (or sign up if you are new), and just wait for the ring bell on your doorstep!
(just don't forget to pay it cash! ;) )

You can also find some good deals from the restaurants. Easily find on the web. Glad to hear, you can also download Food Panda application so you can use it whenever you want to (get it from ) It's amazing how easy life can be, huh?

The algorithm of the-easy-way-to-enjoy-your-food. ;)

Food Panda
(021) 5011138

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