Saturday, January 10, 2015


Another addition for rows of heaven in Senopati, here it come Amber! As a new comer in Jakarta, especially in the busy area, Amber gives a strong atmosphere, well in a good way of course. A pretty building, decorated with leaves, having this ambiance like a pretty garden. To make it easier to you, they are located right across Cacaote.

So basically Amber has 3 levels in it. Level 1 is for The chocolate and pastry boutique. The second one is for The library, which is a restaurant with library theme. And for the third level, they have sky lounge which present you the view of Senopati area.

Since I just had my lunch at Le Quartier, I simply sit at the first floor and indulged myself with their cakes.

Choices of macaroons (15k each) and pralines (20k).

One word to describe: pretty!


After drooling with those pretty cakes, finally ordered Mango Dulcey (50k).
It was like a surprise at the first bite. It was a combination of mango jelly and chocolate inside. 

The choco lava (45k), on the other hand, was just okay. I was not a big fan of their chocolate cake's texture, which was a bit gooey. The filling was just alright. It did not give the lava surprise as I predicted.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable one. The one which offers the beauty, but the food was just alright. Maybe I'll be back for their pastries!

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