Friday, January 2, 2015

Two Hands Full

I am thrilled to visit Bandung. Why? Because in these last few months, the food industry in Bandung was much progressing that it was. Coffee shops, brunch spot, luxury dining, they got it all! And of the them, is Two Hands Full coffee.
Strolling at Sukajadi street, it was quite hard to find Two Hands Full. They've got no big name on it, just a little sign of the cafe located on a brick-walled building. It was quite spacious inside, with a bit dark atmosphere, which was soothing. Rows of window made it even better when they shone through it at the breakfast time.

Oatmeal cookies

Croque Madame (50k)
A generous portion of sandwich with ham, cheese, bechamel sauce, with a bonus of sunny side up at the top of it. It was good, the egg was perfect, and the generous cheese inside made it even better. For my personal taste, I prefer it to be toasted for a little bit longer.

Tender pulled pork (50k)
Another generous portion of barbecued pulled pork on the top of wheat toast. It was fine, good seasoning, but I found the bread was quite hard. I though they would serve it with brioche, but sadly they didn't. :(

Eggs in Hell (50k)
Baked egg with cheese, sausage, peppers, with tomato based sauce and served with toasted bread. I/m not usually a fan of tomato based sauce, but this one was surely an enjoyable one. Everything was tasty, especially when you dipped in the bread and got the sausage as the bonus!

Coffee Mocha 
A cup of decent coffee mocha. Well, it is good thing as long as they have coffee in it!

Overall it was such a pleasing brunch. Generous portion with reasonable price, not to mention the decent meal and great atmosphere. I am such a happy kid!

Two Hands Full
Jl. Sukajadi no 206

8 am to 10 pm on weekdays
8 am to 12 am on weekends

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