Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Okay, a quick post about this comfortable restaurant in Menteng area. Located next to Anomali Cafe Menteng and in the area of Bunga Rampai, I actually was not that familiar to this area. But somehow the google maps helped a lot.

The place is really comfortable and spacey. Dominated by white, give it a clean atmosphere. Service was quite okay, since they are new. Basically they are serving brunch. From egg benedict, french toast, steak, and pasta. Well I am a sucker for french toast. So I did order this one without any second thought.

Apparently the french toast was not my favorite, but still was palatable. They used wheat toast which had its bitter end taste. The dough was quite hard and did not mix well. Some of the edges got burned, too.

Tried this pasta topped with beef and tomato. Taste was fine. The pasta was too mushy, but the sauce and the minced beef tasted good. Portion was quite generous, but I did think the quality was not pleasing.

Overall it was not my best lunch, but I did hope they make some improvement here and there. Their homey and comfortable place is really a treasure gem!

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro no 50 Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
021 3106188

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