Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mokka Coffee Cobana

As a West Jakarta -siders, you know that Lippo Mal Puri has been growing fast. Restaurants and cafes are popping up rapidly and I find it quite hard to catch up with everything. So I spare some time at my weekend to enjoy it here.

Having myself at Mokka Coffee Cobana. One comfy-looking cafe which had caught my eyes since long time ago, but I never had any opportunity to try it. It was comfortable, with rows of sofas and appropriate height, such a corner to work with your laptop. Unfortunately it was quite pack and I did not get that comfy corner. :(

Ordered this coffee latte (35k) because they had this beverage corner and I thought it must be good. Taste was quite okay. Anyway it was quite a turn off when I wanted to order a cup of catpucino (yea, it's cute! I know, right!) and the served said that it took them some time to serve it, and urged me to have something else. Well, you really have to prepare whatever the guest want to order, don't you?

Their spaghetti pesto (50k), was quite a palatable one. It was not my favorite pasta but still alright. The pasta texture was fine, but I wished the pesto sauce was thicker to give it a bolder taste. Portion was quite generous too!

Smoked chicken ciabatta (40k) consisted of ciabatta sandwich with smoked chicken, mushroom, onion, and tomato. The ciabatta was too pale but apparently taste just alright. The onion and mushroom really were the savior of the filling, but it was not that generous. The french fries was just fine,and it was much better to make it less salty.

Overall, they are one cafe that provides affordable food and comfortable ambiance. This one could be my favorite to deal with my workloads and sip their coffee. 

Mokka Coffee Cobana
Lippo Mal Puri, Ground floor
Jakarta Barat
021 29111351

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  1. Ah. I never been told like that, but if the waiter asked me to order something else. Hmmm. I won't order anything. Hehehe