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MALANG: where to eat, chill, and enjoy the view

Exploring Indonesia is one thing that I've been doing recently. Instead of going to the same place all over again, I prefer to try something new. This time I choose Malang and Batu, cities in East Java which is well known for its beautiful nature, culture, and food. I have such a good companion during the trip and so excited to share my story with you guys. So here it is: Where to Eat, Chill, and Enjoy the view in Malang. (click here to see my next post about my trip in Batu)

Jl.Candi Trowulan no 65, Malang
(0341) 492330
10am-7.30 pm

One of the top recommendation during my Malang trip was this grilled meatballs Trowulan. The meatballs were served with 2 choices of sauce, original and spicy. It was good, chewy, and the sauce was well seasoned kinda sweet peanut sauce. They served it with self service soup and rice vermicelli. The soup was kinda bland, tho.


Jl. Agus Salim no 23, Malang
9am-2pm and 5pm-10pm

Cuimi bakso/27k
Cuimi special(with organs)/25k

This one reminded me of my childhood kind of noodle, which was good. The noodle was thin, savory, and accompanied with tasty dumplings. It was not thick and hard like most noodle that I found in Jakarta. Gloria also served chinese food and all of them really made me drool! They also sold its raw noodle so that we can enjoy this goodness at home!


Jl. Borobudur no 9, Mojolangu, Malang

The title might be appetizing, but I found that the soup was lack of seasoning. Salt and pepper here and there surely gonna made it better. You could have a portion of mix meatballs to try it all. Their fried meatballs was also crunchy and sinfully good. I prefer the fried one this time!


Jl. Zainul Arifin No.62, Sukoharjo, Klojen, Kota Malang

Looks like people in Malang take breakfast seriously. This rawon spot was opened at 8 am and the store was kinda full that early. I did not really into rawon, but theirs surely was pleasing. The broth was well seasoned with tender chunks of beef. You could ask for salted egg to enhance the taste of your meal!

Jl. KH Achmad Dahlan No. 10, Jawa Timur 65118
9am-1.30pm and 5pm-8.30pm

An oldies shop that sell Semarang lumpia. The taste and fragrant was kinda strong for me, but for some people it was bearable tho. They have this famous Fosco here, which was basically chocolate milk with a touch of salty aftertaste, felt like having sea salt on it. Fosco was tasty!

Jl. Citandui 74, Purwantoro, Blimbing, Malang
8am-10pm, closed on Monday

One proper coffee shop in Malang, I should say. Place was wide, bright, and clean. Natural sunlight did really work here. Latte and cappuccino was nice, suitable with my taste. They also had some wide selections of food menu and I decided to have this smoothie bowl for around 35k. It wasn't actually a smoothie bowl, because they were using yoghurt with fresh fruit on top.


Jalan Borobudur 27A, Malang

Vosco delivered dark ambiance with its dim light. The natural light only covered the outdoor area and I was lucky the weather was quite nice that day. Coffee was not bad, not the best one but I had nothing to complain about. I found that coffeeshops in Malang have wide selections of food. I tried their waffles and it was tasty with maple syrup. 


Jl. Greenwood Utara Mansion, Cluster Greenwood, Araya, Malang

Djati Lounge was like a hidden gem, located deep inside an exclusive Araya residence. It was beyond my expectation, to be honest. Djati had its luxurious feeling without leaving its ethnicity. They have swimming pool and golf field, too! Everything here was pretty with nice open air. I really thanked those people who push me to make an effort here!


Near train station, tugu, and sungai Brantas

Well it was actually a village which received a sponsorship so they are painting all the building in multi color. The result was true: tourist and photo hunter was flowing non stop to get this pretty corner in pink and blue. They have many interesting murals too! The good thing was, people in Jodipan was friendly and really such a helpful one to help us finding secret spots for some shoots!

Well, those are my hunting results during my trip in Malang. Overall Malang is really nice and somehow I miss it right now. People are nice, food is good and affordable. I hope my sharing can give you a help during your visit in Malang! 
Anyway, you can click here to see my next post about my trip in Batu!

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