Monday, August 1, 2016


As you guys know I am a big, big, big fan of Australian brunch. I did remember the first time I had my first brunch in Syndey back then in 2011, way back when brunch was not a hype here. I remembered having Bills in Sydney, it was so memorable and hoping that I could get easy access to that kind of food in Jakarta, and voila: many brunch spot was popping up here, but little that won my heart. So when I heard that Maple and Oak by chef Odie Djamil opened its door for public, I was really excited to give it a visit. Moreover I heard some good reviews from my fellow blogger.

Maple and Oak reminded me much of homey brunch spot in Australia: tiny but comfy. It resides on the same building with Por Que No, Menteng area. Place is not spacious, but it somehow welcomes you heartwarming-ly. Staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, an overplus for Maple and Oak. It may get pack at brunch hour at weekend and they do not take any reservation in those days.

Coffee was not bad, quite a kick to start my Sunday. Something I would not complain since it's not a specialty coffee shop.


My favorite so far! I did order this because I am such a sucker for croque monsieur whenever I see it on the menu. Unfortunately is not their suggestion on the first place. I do suggest to you Maple and Oak (of course if you don't mind) to put this to your favorite suggestion because it was SUPER YUMMY! Bread was in perfect thickness, which was using sourdough anyway. Mornay sauce fitted perfectly with beef pastrami, and the mozzarella and red cheddar made it even better! It was like a feast in my mouth and I kept digging it to the last piece!
Ps: Their croque monsieur did bolt to my top rank in Jakarta!


Egg benedict is one dish that can truly give a first impression of one brunch spot. Maple and Oak, however, did a good job on it. Presentation was pretty. I really loved all the plates they were using, anyway. Egg was good and cooked perfectly, Hollandaise sauce was well seasoned. It was something you could not say no to!


Their signature maple truffle butter, served with toasted brioche, combined with maple syrup was something humble yet satisfying. The scrambled egg was creamy and scrumptious, beef bacon was okay. I could not decide which one was my favorite on the plate because everything just enhanced each other well.

Overall it was a satisfying and pleasing brunch. It did cure my longing for Australian brunch a little bit, but Maple and Oak surely gonna be my top list whenever I'm craving for a good brunch spot in Jakarta. Best of luck, Maple and Oak!

Maple and Oak
De Ritz Building, Ground floor
Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto no 91, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat

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