Friday, September 2, 2016


Wondering around Pantai Indah Kapuk in the afternoon sometimes give me quite a decision to pick: too full for a main course yet my mouth still craving for something to munch (or drink). This problem is solved by those coffee shops, which is quite growing in quantities and qualities around PIK area. I have some of my favorites, but another addition would be nice. He Brews coffee corner is one of them. 

He Brews resides in front of Happy Puppy PIK, aligned with starbucks and KAFETIA. Giving a choice to chill in this particularly new area of PIK. 

Proudly present their coffee with Victoria Arduino's white eagle. 

Things to love here: the ambiance of home and the natural sunlight chasing through the big window. The natural light made He Brews looked effortlessly pretty.  The good thing is, they could really an escape through thr heat of PIK ( well you know how hot thks area is) while you could enjoying the good vibe. 

ICE WHITE (with ice cube/2scoops of ice cream)-45k
Coffee was nice, not too acid and not too strong. It was good but I might be think twice to come for their coffee. I also wondered the reason they charged the same price for ice white with and without ice cream. 
They also have some selections for some coffee drinker. I found it thoughtful since non-coffee-drinker sometimes come to coffee shop, too!

Soft and fluffy with a hint of lemon. The sweetness and the sourness somehow blended well and I loved it!

Overall He Brews has its really own good ambiance, homey atmosphere, and quite an enjoyable coffee. Somehow I found their coffee was kinda pricey, though. However it could be a good choice to chill in Pantai Indah Kapuk area. 

He Brews Coffee Corner
Jalan Pantai Indah Utara 2
Ruko Plaza 9AA (aligned with Starbucks PIK)
Opening hours: 8am-9pm
Closed on Tue

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya