Monday, May 8, 2017


Dear Mom,
Remember about your favorite restaurant in Jakarta called Penang Bistro?
I remember those good times when you did pay a visit to Jakarta, you craved for good food so badly and we tried Penang Bistro. Then it became your favorite thing to eat ever since.
I still can remember that you never ever bored to eat their tasty roti canai with chicken curry, mango chicken, heart-warming steamed fish with imperial Hongkong style, and your favorite ambula juice.
Oh, what a good time to remember, 
Penang Bistro was such a good remembrance of those lovely moments, right?

And mom, last week I got an invitation from Penang Bistro and Rinku to attend their outlet at Menteng. You know what, their Menteng outlet was so pretty! I was greeted by their friendly staffs (as usual) and good ambiance. Leaves and flowers were everywhere, decoration was just perfect. I bet you'll love it there! Next time our Penang Bistro-date should be in Menteng, okay?

Roti canai with chicken curry

straits crispy squids

Mom, Penang Bistro was so generous to give me all of their recommendation. I did remember we always ordered the exact same thing everytime we were here, but on that day I had the opportunities some of their specialties. You guessed it right mom, everything was delicious!

roti canai with peanut and chocolate

mango chicken

oatmeal softshell crab

malay mee goreng

And sorry mom, I found my new favorite. Their crispy roti canai with crunchy peanut and chodolate inside was so scrumptious! I could not stop munching, literally. Just remind me to order it for you next time we eat here, okay? I also had their oatmeal soft shell crab and sambal ebi prawn (heaven!), mayonnaise shrimp and crispy squids (worth every calories!), fried tofu negeri jiran (delicious, as always!), and their heart-warming fried noodle (make me missing home). We never tried this before mom, but trust me, their crispy beef with special sauce. penang special crispy duck, and black pepper beef was yummy! I also had their veggies and my favorite were golden egg yolk and ebi string bean! Long story short, everything was a top notch!
ps: their teh tarik was a real thirst quencher!

Reading my letter to you make you drool, huh? Penang Bistro had been a sweet one to treat me with all of these goodness, but it was not the same without you, mom. Come visit me in Jakarta soon, I can't wait to have another Penang Bistro-date with you!

Hugs and kisses,

Jl. Kebon Sirih no. 59, Menteng
Central Jakarta

Find another outlet at Grand Indonesia, Central Park, Mal Kelapa Gading, Senayan City, Pacific Place, Kota Kasablanka, Oakwood, and blok M.
Some of the photos are belong to @vinella.s

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