Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I'm so into healthy food lately. Living in a city where the main transportation is not your own feet makes you bloated sometimes. I feel like I want to be more active by doing yoga, cardio, or simply use my own energy to take the stairs and avoid the elevator. I also do realize that eating healthy is one main key to cut all the unnecessary calories. 

Introducing MAM Jakarta, where all the fast food packed into one serving of healthy food. Having the background as 5 housewives, I bet they want to serve the best for children and family in healthier way, while still enjoying fast food. They had this one healthy catering, called 3 skinny minnies, and turned out they spread their wings to this fast food chain. And yes, Dian Sastrowardoyo owns this!

So the thing is, they simply use the alternative way to put into the ingredients. Organic composisitions, handmade secret sauces, but still, produce qualified food is their main focus. I could easily said that their price was not cheap for the food, if I did not know their background well. After knowing all the process and ingredients, I thought it would be worth the price.


So some of my blogger friends said that this was the best thing in MAM Jakarta and I should give it a try. I was not into burger, I should say. I was not into big patty with all the sauces and heavy dressings, but I found my exception. This one blew my mind. I love love love everything they put it here. Firstly, the wheat bun. It might looked dry and hard, but it was soft and very enjoyable I just could not stop munching it. The meat was very very tender and thick, without giving any guilty feeling. The sauce was the bomb. I could not explain what it is, but I could say that this was very delicious!


I found that fish burger was sometimes underrated, but I could not even try to turn away from this one. The soft wheat bun, combined with all the fresh veggies, their secret sauce, and the crispy fish was truly a mouth pleaser. Everything was dancing in mouth in beautiful way I did not expect this to be this good!

K-POP BOWL (IDR 86.5k)

This was my third menu here and still I was impressed! So basically K-pop bowl was one rice bowl with their korean sauce with tender meat and egg on top. The sauce might be too heavy for some people, but I should say I love it! One spoonful of white rice, perfectly cooked meat, egg, covered in sauce was very enjoyable meal for me. Major love!
ps: they serve this in brown rice too!


This one actually was K-pop bowl turned into sandwich. This generous portion of sandwich reminded me of Vietnamese bahn me, but in softer bun as usual. Unfortunately I found the beef tongue here was kinda chewy, it was not as tender as I found in the rice bowl. The pickle and coriander was there to elevate the flavor, but I did not find this as enjoyable as the other because I am not a coriander person. It's either you love it or hate it, right?


All the food was served with this rainbow chips, made of sweet potato. Even the chips was so healthy!

Some of the beverages I could find here. They also had cold pressed juice to accompany your healthy junk food!

Overall MAM Jakarta was beyond my expectation. I thought it would be another new restaurant, but after I gave it a try I really think this one deserved a highlight. Good job on their effort to serve fast food in healthier and yummy way. Good luck for you!

Senayan City Mal, LG floor (next to food hall)
Jl Asia Afrika Lot 19
South Jakarta
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya


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