Tuesday, June 13, 2017


So many people popped out a question: why did you start becoming a food blogger back then?

Well, you know, food blogger is one quite busy 'job' nowadays. Food tasting here and there, new restaurants are coming out, new menu in every seasons. Food blogging has become one lifestyle here, in Jakarta.

But I started my food blogging activity back in 2011. At that time I did not even know that food blogging could be something 'in' like this. I did poured all my love about food just because I love writing. Writing had became one of my dreams. I wanted the world to know my point of view, a thought from one introvert girl in the world that could not stop talking. I wanted them to know me.

I did keep on writing until I get my first food tasting invitation at one bakery in Jakarta. I was so glad, happy because finally some people read about my thought, appreciate it, and trust me enough to try their creation. It was one magical feeling when you realized that your rows of words meant something to some people. I would not forget that kind of feeling.

After that, I kept on writing. I met some wonderful people that taught me a lot. Some people that inspired me to do bigger things.
Strangers have became friends. Friends have became family. Some people stay. Some people don't. 
And I grateful for every moment of it.

At one point, besides all the good things I got from food blogging, I got this one tiny bad seed on my heart. Sometimes I got envy with people around me, with people who did better than I did, with people who got more exposure than I did. Once I thought about quitting, because this job, this hobby, grew an envious heart in me. But a good friend did push me through all of this, convinced me that I was a blessed one too, and made me realize that things could not be measured with fame and money.

Yes I did realize that those things sometimes did not matter. I did not really care about exposure anymore. I did not really care about how many followers or likes I got in my social media. I got more than that. I found family. I am happy that my writings can reach so many people. I am happy that I can finally learn to socialize with so many kinds of people. Long story short, I learned a lot.
An introvert girl has become an ambivert.

Some said that food blogger is kinda saturated nowadays. Is it true? Well, you decide.
The important things is, this food blogging thing I am doing, is my love for writing. Until now I am still the same person with dreams of reaching so many people with my thoughts. Those fancy cameras and social medias are good companion for my hobby/carrier, but still, my heart at writing is my main reason to be a food blogger.

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