Monday, July 31, 2017


Nowadays, it's so easy to see and judge people's life. You open this one apps, type their name, and boom, the page shows how they picture their life. The picture shows what a beautiful life they have. More over, the numbers on the social media says it all. Pretty pictures and those effort behind it tell the story no more. The story of that people's life, once again, dominated by its numbers. Numbers of followers, numbers of likes, numbers of engagement.

In fact, your life is more than that.

I am a part time food blogger, been playing in this industry for about 3 to 4 years. I am blessed and thankful that my writings been being blessings so I keep got invited until now, even though I could not attend more than half of those events. Once I was told that some people in food industry have a superficial sight about whom to get contacted by its followers. Oh wow. Not a shocking news, huh?
I do understand with this concept though. More followers means more people to see what they post, most people to be influenced with. Yes my dear, you can have that kind of thought when Instagram was such a hit 2 years ago. When followers are not fake and everything is not getting paid. Some say that there are few people who buy those numbers, well, who am I to judge, it's one of their effort right?

But please, appreciate people more than its numbers.
Once I got mocked by this company because I have some 'requirement' after they asked for my terms and conditions. They mentioned my amount of followers and compared with some of my friends'. Dude, why did you contact me and asked for the terms in the first place? I am more than happy to help you to post without getting any payment to help local brands, but please, do not compare my account. You do not know the story behind my page. You do not know my effort to spare some times to take those photos among my working shifts.You do not know the story of my life. So please, appreciate people, more than their numbers.

I really appreciate my fellow bloggers, media, and public relation who keep supporting me after all this time. I really cherish those people who understand that in those time when I could not help them to promote, I also have another thing to do: I save lives.

Numbers are good. It's a good thing to celebrate when you achieve those amount of numbers. But please, stop using the number to value yourself. Your life is more than those numbers. :)

Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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