Sunday, October 15, 2017


Good architecture and comfortable space are those things that matter for me. Once I stalked Brood en Broter from their instagram, I know that this place is worth the visit. So I decided to spend my Sunday at Brood en Broter, Kemang.

Turns out that Brood en Broter is one restaurant with kid-friendly concept. Looks like they're quite well known with this concept, because most of their guests are those kind of new family with small kids. This place is quite spacious with pastel colors utensils and big bright window. The ambiance on weekend could be quite noisy because of the kids.

The food was quite dominated with fusion of Indonesian and a little touch of Dutch. I rarely found good cafe with Indonesian food so I could tell I was excited to try their menus (a big fan of Indonesian food here!). They also have breakfast menus which consisted of breads and eggs with quite an affordable price. The center room was filled with lotsa bread (roti jadul) with various fillings and donuts. Interesting!

A kid-friendly room with lots of toys. I bet those kids would be very happy to spend several hours here! The room is located right beside the dining area so most parents could still take care of their children.

For the food, I had  spaghetti ayam sambal matah (IDR 49k), nasi bakar (IDR 59k), and cumi terong balado (IDR 59K). The spaghetti was quite okay, but need a little fix here and there. I need to ask for salt and pepper to make it better. On several last bites of my plate, I did realize that the oil was way too overwhelming. I wish I could have a healthier version of this, please?

The rice menus was quite enjoyable. Nasi bakar had a really good flavor with chicken and mushroom inside, but I found it was too oily. It was accompanied with balado potato crisp and fried egglant. A heartwarming plate indeed. Nasi cumi terong balado was also nicely executed with tempe and tahu as side dishes.

Overall Brood en Boter was one comfy and kid-friendly restaurant in Kemang area. The food was tasty and the price was affordable, too. Mommies, surely you can enjoy this place with your beloved friends while bringing your loved ones with you. The only bad thing I could say was I found the food was too greasy. Surely we don't want to have any occlusion in our arteries right? ;)

Jl. Bangka Raya No. 25, Kemang, Jakarta
021 2188961
Opening hours: 8am-10pm

Best Regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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