Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Hello people! It's October already and surely it's crazy how time flies! September has been a really great month for me and I'm gonna share with you guys the reason why.

So I just finished my internship program and am gonna be living in Jakarta several months from now. I do mention several months because for me it's still confusing to decide which city to work at, meanwhile my boyfriend is living hundreds kilometer for me. Anyway, I did visit him at Gorontalo at the end of September with my brother. It was such a good feeling to see him after a while. Good thing was, he planned a holiday trip for all of us to Pulo Cinta Eco Resort. (Check out my post on instagram too! @jechristy)

Picture courtesy of @pulocinta

Pulo Cinta Eco Resort is located in Gorontalo, 2-3 hours away from the center of the city. You can ask the Pulo Cinta team to pick you up (additional price if you only stay for one night, free for 2 nights stay) and after that, you will take the boat for 20-30 minutes to the beauty of Pulo Cinta.

It was 12 pm when we're arrived at Pulo Cinta. Unfortunately the weather was kinda gloomy and the sun was so shy to appear. The cloud was quite overwhelming and I was really hoping that the sun would shine because the weather matters to give a beautiful reflection to the sea. It was drizzling for a while so we spend the day at the beautiful room. Chilling and playing board games (we brought monopoly, I do suggest to bring your own board game because they do not have any). I went to snorkel at 3 pm while the drizzle stops. They have the snorkeling goods so we don't have to bring our own. Their lifeguard also have to come with us so that it will be safer for us, they also know where's the good spot to dive in!

The room rate is vary between weekdays and weekends. The room is made for 2 pax (additional 1 pax is allowed, with paying IDR 750k, but you won't get any extra bed), 4 pax, and 6 pax. The price is fixed because they also serve the food for us. If you're staying for 1 night, you will get 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner. Worry not, if you're starving after those snorkeling activity, you will always pick up the phone to ask for instant noodle, bread, coffee, and tea, for free! The food itself was not bad, but it was not that special too. However, I found the service was very good.

They use solar system for their main energy, so hair drying is forbidden at night. They bring the fresh water from the land, so when the weather was bad, the boat with fresh water won't be able to sail. So it's better to use the water wisely! They have a big bucket in every bathroom, so we can have a spare. The wifi speed is okay, but due to bad weather, I could not rely on it.

So they have island hopping activity to offer. We did not take it because we only have one day. Island hopping with additional of 800k/pax including 3 islands with guard. 

Living in Pulo Cinta was such a new experience for me. Everything was so blue and calming. An island life, with all the services. The place itself did not have any air con, but the weather was quite windy yet you won't need any air con. I even need a jacket to keep me warm at night!

Having a good time indeed.

A view from my room, facing a wide blue sea. You see the water is crystal clear with those coral reefs under the sea. You might take photos of it, but you are not allowed to step on it. Coral reefs are protected and those who damage them will be fined. Be kind to earth, will you? ;)

A good place to chill. Sandy feet, salty air, could not be better!

The good thing was we had this clear blue sky on the next day. I went for another snorkeling activity and it was so so good! It was quite different than the one I had the previous day. The happy sun made much differences! The sea was very clear and lotsa fish inside. I was such a happy kid!

Overall, Pulo Cinta could be an escape from the city hustle. The trip was quite a long one to reach here, but everything was worth the wait, especially when the weather is good. The place itself is really suitable for honeymoon couple. One day was enough for me, because actually they do not offer much activities around. I do suggest not to go there at the end of the year because the weather can be so gloomy. If you are able to go on weekdays, it would be nice too, because the rate was cheaper than weekends.

1 Bedroom Villa
Tersedia : (10 unit)
Area Villa    : 92 meter persegi
Harga Villa :
Rp 3,500,000.-/malam/villa (Hari Biasa)
Rp 4,500,000.-/malam/villa (Sabtu & Minggu)
Rp 5,000,000.-/malam/villa (Hari libur)
Harga untuk 2 orang

2 Bedroom Villa
Tersedia : (1 unit)
Area Villa     : 152 meter persegi
Harga Villa :
Rp 7,000,000.-/malam/villa (Hari Biasa)
Rp 9,000,000.-/malam/villa (Sabtu & Minggu)
Rp 10,000,000.-/malam/villa (Hari Libur)
Harga untuk 4 orang

3 Bedroom Villa
Tersedia : (1 unit)
Area Villa    : 212 meter persegi
Harga Villa :
Rp 10,500,000.-/malam/villa (Hari Biasa)
Rp 13,500,000.-/malam/villa (Sabtu & Minggu)
Rp 15,000,000.-/malam/villa (Hari Libur)
Harga untuk 6 orang


Best regards,
Jessica Christy Limanjaya

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