Saturday, November 30, 2013

Union : talk of the town

Established in 2011, and people keep coming back. The lines in front of the reservation table are not gonna lie. Phone reservation is highly recommended, or you will end up joining the line.The place is packed most of the time, either for a pretty lunch or a boisterous dinner. Union at Plaza Senayan, is still one of the most crowded place in town.

The huge window is one of the highlight of the place, I guess. Either it is a bright sunny day or a freezing-cold rainy day, the scenery is still pretty. It is an enjoyable feeling to see the wide screen of nature.

Nachos Con Carne Grande (70k)
A big plate of everyone's favorite. Generous portion of golden yellow crispy nachos with melted cheese on top? Not to mention the jalapeno dipping to dip with. This surely was a good appetizer indeed!

 Escargot in Garlic Butter (95k)
Tempting and delicious portion of escargot in a pan. The seasoning was perfect with those fried garlic allover the plate. The oily thingy under the escargot made it even better. Totally recommended for a perfect starter.

Carbonara with pork bacon.
When in doubt, choose pasta. Al dente fettuccine, with good seasoning of carbonara sauce, and crispy and salty pork bacon on top. The bacon itself was my favorite park, such a perfect combination to be wrapped around the pasta. 

Pan seared barramundi (130k)
Prett plate of barramundi fish with roasted scallop and xo vinaigrette. Good seasoning of fish, tasty scallop, and enjoyable sauce on the bottom. The crispy skin on top was surely a surprise! 

 Whole roasted baby chicken for 2. (120k)
The chicken might be ugly on the eye, but the taste was great. Such a surprise in a good way. The chicken was really tender and the seasoning was just right. The potato wedges was a good companion to be eaten with. A fulfilling dish indeed.

No, you never been to Union if you haven't tasted their scrumptious bakery. It was worth in every bite!
All of their cakes came in big portion. Don't hesitate to share!

 PB & J (70k)
Peanut butter and jelly. It described it much. Layered cake with peanut butter in every slice, with hint of crunchy peanut, and strawberry jam on top. The cake itself was good and moist, like the way it should be. The peanut was such a highlight but I found the strawberry was less dominating 

 Red Velvet (55k)
The famous red velvet cake. It was like a main course here, something you have to try at least once. The moist cake, the yummy cream cheese between the layers, and the peanut on top was really a signature of Union. Such a pleasure in a plate!

The talk of the town.
Union's really own flaky doughnut. Available in cinnamon sugar, chocolate vanilla, and caramel peanut. The texture of their flaky doughnut was great. Crispy outside with layered fluffy texture inside. The sweetness from the cinnamon itself was a bit overwhelming for me, though. On the other hand, the chocolate vanilla was really a pleasant one. Chocolate on top with hint of sweet scented vanilla inside really made my day.

Prettily glazed chocolate vanilla flaky doughnut.

The service was good, the food was great, the dessert was the highlight. Union is surely worth the visit!

Union Brasserie Bakery and Bar
Plaza Senayan Courtyard
Ground Floor (inside Sogo dept store)
021 5790 5861-62

Street Gallery Terrace
Ground Floor
021 2952 9781-82

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