Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Soothing fragrance of coffee in the air would welcome you, like a warm hello. A step inside, and I was hooked. All things were too pretty to be missed. Outdoor area was accompanied by the warmth of afternoon sunlight, which was the best part to take some pictures. Too bad it was not allowed to take some photos inside, they had vintage things which could beautify my shots.

I remembered it was not too hard to find. A sign of Giyanti Coffee Roastery could be seen at the right side of this street. Giyanti Coffee had these 2 area, outdoor and indoor. They offer a cozy one inside, and had this greener feeling outside. Both were quite packed at the moment I visited them.

Coffee latte (37k) and flat white(37k). 
I am not a coffee specialist, but I am into latte. I loved they way it had this milky taste and not-too-strong-coffee. Flat white was such a pleasing cup too, quite similar with latte, but less milky taste. 

Cheese brownies. (30k)
A great plate of cheese brownies. A classic combination of chocolate and cheese. It was not overwhelmingly sweet, which was perfect for me. Oh, and I did order an apple pie, which was not actually a pie, it was more like a pastry with apple filling, which was quite good and pleasing.

I love the way Giyanti introduced themselves with this ambiance. My favorite coffee shop so far. Good coffee, good food, good atmosphere. Those are the things that matter, aren't they? ;)

Ps: I do not know much about coffee, but please do correct me if I did mention something wrong about it. ;)

Giyanti Coffee Roastery
(open on Wed to Sat, 9.30am - 5.30pm)
Jl. Surabaya no 20, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
021 31923698

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