Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Fctry Bistro : brunch in the neighborhood

Having brunch in my neighborhood? I was more than excited. I remembered going to Kemang area, allowing my patience beat the traffic, just to have a great satisfying brunch menu to my palate. So when this bistro was opened in Lippo mal St. Moritz, and knowing that they were serving brunch, I just could not wait to try!

The Fctry Bistro was located in one of the newest building in Puri Indah area. It was a futuristic one, with metallic and wooden interior dominating the space. It was not spacious. The lighting were perfect for me to capture my shot, but unfortunately the sunlight was quite striking, and the air conditioner was defeated.

Complimentary bread. A fluffy-fluffy one for sure! Love the buttery fragrant of this one.

Caesar salad (60k). Great appetizer to open the festive. The presentation was so fresh, and everything was pleasing my mouth. The dressing was not overwhelming, well-balanced in every bite. Love the crunchy bacon (well, I know it was not that healthy :p) and grilled chicken on top! 

Crispy pork belly (150k). A plate of beautifully presented crispy pork belly and mashed potato at the bottom. The mashed potato was quite fragrant and tasted nice. And, it was really crunchy! Tender pork with layers of fat and the goodness of the skin? Well, hands down to this one. 

Minute steak. A slice of steak with rosti on the bottom and creamy mushroom sauce on top. Was not a fan of the steak, although it was good, I found the fatty part was quite much. But the rosti was great, never know this combination could be my favorite. And the sauce was a top notch!

Overall it was a satisfying and pleasing one for me. It's on my neighborhood and serve good food. Although I found that the price was not cheap. But I just can't wait to another visit, gonna try their another brunch menu for sure!

The Fctry Bistro
St. Moritz Puri Indah
(Electronic City Building)
West Jakarta


  1. looks great!
    would love to try

  2. Woah, I'm drooling for the crispy pork belly!!
    Unfortunately it's way too far from my place :(
    would love to try it someday!