Sunday, June 1, 2014

D'Marco: martabak with a twist

They are bold enough, I have to say.
Introducing our famous Indonesian pancake or martabak, in a different way. With their tagline "martabak naik kelas" , D'Marco bravely make an innovation of it.

Martabak burger (30k)
Never thought this combination would get along well, turned out they did! Tasty sliced of ham with cheese and good base of martabak.

Martabak mie
A good snack to enjoy with friends. I prefer mine with chilly sauce without any mayo on top. But still, this one was quite good!

Martabak ovomaltine (35k)
The famous martabak ovomaltine was here! Martabak with ovomaltine jam and ovomaltine powder might be overwhelming, but they served it right with this small portion.

Martabak oreo with icecream
This one needed no introduction. Combination of it all made a good ending to my meal. However it was too sweet for me yet sharing is recommended.

Turned out this was their 2nd birthday, wishing you guys a good luck years ahead! Thanks for having me, anyway. ;)

D' Marco
Jl. Sabang 43 A Jakpus 

Kampung Kemang Foodcourt, Jl. Kemang Raya no.18 (around McD Kemang)

Tebet Cool Spot Foodcourt, Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam no. 18 (near Bakul Tukul)

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