Monday, December 15, 2014

Shirayuki Pantai Indah Kapuk

Hello, just got back from Semarang for my forensic department. It was only 2 weeks but felt so long. I guess I love Jakarta more, since Semarang is waaay hotter than Jakarta. Even Jakarta was quite hot recently, eh?

Okay then, I guess I have to catch up all the late post because I was really, like really really busy with my medical things. On my last 2 months I did not post any single thing because I was on Neurology and right after that moved to Semarang for Forensic. CSI much? lol

Driving through PIK area, amazed me much. Those new comers were like lining up and waiting to be entered. So I decided to spend a really fine afternoon trying The Cup and Shirayuki. Let's start with Shirayuki first, shall we?

Located next to Rainbow Kitchen, it was not hard to spot Shirayuki. Basically it is a dessert house with soft cream based and cute cotton candies as their specialties. It is not huge, and there are packed all the time. Anyway, they had main courses too! Too bad I had my lunch before I get here.

So I had this Bailey's Kanteen (36k), which come in a set of three plates.One for the jelly, one for the Bailey's, and the other one for the matcha soft cream. The jelly turned out to be really, really soft, which I love. And I do glad I could tasted their Bailey as well. Their soft cream was really good too. The matcha was perfectly fine, without being too strong or too light.

Oops! I guess I took too much time to snap it.

Fried Chocolate Mars Bars Fusion with Chocolate Syrup (39k), and of course, with soft cream. The soft cream was the combination of matcha and chocolate. Their chocolate soft cream was good too, without being too sweet. The mars bar on the bottom was beyond my expectation too! Once I had it way too greasy, but this one was not that sinfully-greasy at all. Crispy outside with gooey-caramel-filling inside.


What I liked about it was everything was quite light and was not overwhelmingly sweet. Too bad I did not try their cotton candy, which means I have to go back here soon, and try their savory dish too. Overall it was a fine, fine afternoon!

Rukan Emerald, Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
021 29704981
Open at 12 am

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