Sunday, December 28, 2014

Baker Street Bandung

I used to go to Bandung a lot. My family and I loved the trip to Bandung, staying at the apartment and hunting down the local food far before food hunting become too mainstream. But things changed, the children grown up and got busy. Parents got lazy, too. We just did not do it anymore.
So I planned one with my medical school mates and planned to cafe hopping since so many new spots around Bandung.

After randomly trying to pick some coffee shop, this place caught my eye. Big white building with neat atmosphere standing at Cimandiri street, greeting us to stop by. I know I'll love this shop at the first step, with a rolling door outside. It was spacious inside, with high ceiling and big etalase filled with colorful cakes and freshly baked bread.


They are two-storey building, with smoking area on the second floor, which is brighter but simpler in design. I prefer to be on the first floor and they're having a prewedding photoshoot at that time, too bad.

Cozy couch, big pillows, and hanging magazine. Love! <3

It was 10 am in the morning, I was not that hungry at that time. But all the pretty pastries were too good to be missed. After discussing which one was which, a mango puding, kiwi tart, and lemon meringue were the winner. Everything on the table was lovely! What I love the most was the crust pie on the kiwi tart and lemon meringue. It was really buttery, perfectly crunch, and a bit gooey inside. My definition of a perfect crust. The filling of the kiwi tart was great too, sweet vla with fresh kiwi on top to keep it balanced. The meringue was a bit too sweet to me, but it was still good tho. The mango pudding was really enjoyable as well.

Freshly baked bread. Yum!

Overall it was really a great place. Nice ambiance, great dessert. Too bad I did not try their main course. Gonna back here soon!

Baker Street
Jl. Cimandiri no 18

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