Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cake a boo

Jakarta is such a rapid progressing world in the term of food. I just got back from Semarang and it felt like a lot to catch up! Here they got a new bakery, there they got the newest Korean BBQ, and somewhere they got the Indonesian feast and bazaar.
Okay, let's crawl to the reality. Filling all of this food to my tummy.

One sentence to describe: I am such a happy kid in a happy land! Colorful paintings, bright colors, cake train (yes, that sushi train!) with those pretty cakes marching in the rail. And yes, like any other new hype restaurant, it was full packed when I got there, and sadly, did not get the seat next to the cake train. :(

But no worries, they got the display for the cakes too! One thing that make it even cuter, is the menu book! It was like a children book of story, with animals and colors. Such a reminder to the book of bedtime stories.

Raspunzel (35k)
Raspberry mousse with cuts of pistachio inside. The red ribbon on the top of the cake made me feel so Christmasy! (well, I know that's not even a word :p) . It was a bit sour, which was good, to balance all the sweetness I got here.

Miko's cake (35k)
Quite an enjoyable one. But the chocolate coating was too sweet for me.

Nutella burger (35k)
A burger made of red velvet bun, cuts of strawberry and kiwi, and a 'patty' of crunchy nutella. This burger was quite a hype, but I did not find it fabulous. The bun itself tasted just okay, without any red velvet flavor in it. Actually the crunchy nutella was nutella with rice krispies, quite okay, but not that good. I found the combination of all of these things was not a perfect match.

Overall it was such a fun place. Really pretty, the one that remind you to the fantasy world. And it was better than that! A fantasy world filled with cakes and sweets. I did not find the cakes amazing, but it was quite an enjoyable one.

Cake a Boo
Ruko Garden House, Blok B22
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
021 29032922

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