Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dill Gourmet

Hello again peeps! I felt like years since I wrote my last blog. Like usual things and schedule got packed and blogging was surely the last thing in my mind. But I finished my anesthesiology cycle and moved on to public health, which means flexible schedule for me!

Okay so now I'm reviewing a little gem in the corner of Plaza Indonesia. Dill's gourmet caught my eyes since they opened the door years ago. But I just had the chance to give it a bite. I thought they only served coffee and ready-to-go food, but turned out they were already expanding.

Good ambiance with a domination of wooden interior. Simply comforting.

Chicken confit penne in soto cream (55k)
Well this one was something new for me. A plate of al dente penne with soto sauce, with cuts of tender chicken and cuts of boiled eggs. It was a brave combination for me, but turned out it was a good one! 

Miso gindara with potato puree (95k)
Grilled gindara with bed of potato puree, asparagus, mushroom, and pinch of pesto sauce. Gindara tasted great, moist. and tasty. The potato was a great companion on the plate. Everything on it really complement each other. Such a winner!

Talking about dessert, they have many selection of pies and cakes. I treated myself with banana cream pie and loved it to the bits. The crust was giving me a perfect bite. It was buttery and thick, just like the way I loved it.

 A cup of decent latte with tangerine pie. I love the freshness on the pie, the fact that they served it with orange on top to neutralize the sweetness from the chocolate crust. Love!

Overall Dill Gourmet is really a hidden gem for me. They might be in the small corner, but they served great food and pies! They had pressed juice and wide selections of pastry too! Gonna come back soon for sure.

Dill Gourmet
Plaza Indonesia
Level basement F34
Jl. Mh Thamrin kav 28-39 Jakarta Pusat
021 29924512

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